Wednesday Quiz. Can You Score 80% in This Trivia Test?

Wednesday Quiz shows how well you know Netflix’s Addams Family hit. Only true fans beat this challenging Wednesday trivia test.

Wednesday Quiz Trivia

How Well Do You Know Netflix’s Wednesday?

With 20 trivia questions, the Wednesday Quiz measures your fandom knowledge. It determines if you’re a Nevermore candid or a normie.

Wednesday is a 2022 Netflix comedy horror about the title character, Wednesday, the teenage daughter of the Addams Family.

The current test asks twenty questions about the show’s characters, plots, and facts, ranking you based on your correct answers.

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The Hardest Trivia Questions for True Wednesday Fans

One thing about the Wednesday Quiz is that it gets harder as you progress. And the last few questions are almost impossible to get right—unless you’re a diehard fan.

The following are three examples of what you might face.

Wednesday Trivia Question Difficulty
Who plays Enid Sinclair in Wednesday? Easy
How old was Xavier when he first met Wednesday? Normal
When was Nevermore Academy established? Hard


Your Score Determines Your Clique—But There’s a Catch!

Each correct answer in the Wednesday Quiz grants you a point. So, to beat the test, you need 20 points.

But your total score can also sort you into a clique. (And no, it’s not going to be one of the four Nevermore cliques.)

Here’s how to interpret your test results.

0-5 Pints: Neophyte Clique.

Five points or less is a red flag. It means you have no supernatural powers and are a Wednesday newbie. In other words, your chances of entering Nevermore Academy are thin.

6-10 Points: Prosaic Clique.

Finishing the Wednesday Quiz with six to ten points is not that bad. But it’s not enough to get you sorted into elite groups.

11-15 Points: Maestro Clique.

Having eleven to fifteen correct answers means you’re a hardcore Wednesday fan. (Less than 40% of the participants get the same score.)

16-20 Points: Demiurge Clique.

The most prestigious title goes to Wednesday fans with 16 or more points. They know so much about the show that the Nightshade Society would like to recruit them.

We Dare You to Beat This Wednesday Quiz

You are now ready for the challenge.

The Wednesday Quiz is a trivia quest only a few can beat. And we dare you to give it a try.

Let’s see how many questions you can answer correctly. (Don’t get your hopes high, though. It’s a tough quiz.)


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