Quiz: Which Vocaloid Are You? 1 of 6 Accurate Match

Hey, which Vocaloid are you? This personality quiz has 20 questions to match you with one of the popular VOC characters. Are you Miku, Rina, Meiko, or else?

Which Vocaloid Are You

Hold on, What the Freak Is a Vocaloid?

Vocaloid is basically software that allows sound generation. It is meant to be used by music producers to create vocals for their songs. BUT there is a catch. Vocaloid voicebanks have fictional characters of their own.

The voices and personas are so popular that it has a whole fandom around it. And people legitly want to know which Vocaloid character they are. That is where our quiz comes into play.

And What Exactly Is a Vocaloid Quiz?

It is a set of twenty personality questions to find your VOC character match. We analyze your persona, comparing it to our virtual singers’ database to discover who you resemble. But there are currently over 100 singers available. So, the accuracy of the results depends on your honest responses.

Find out which Vocaloid you are.

Miku Hatsune, Rin and Len Kagamine, Luka, Meiko, and Kaito. These are only a few names on the list that you can match. The results include all the top singers’ profiles. So, you will most definitely find your virtual soulmate.

Get a free personality analysis.

The cool thing about the Vocaloid Quiz is that it offers a comprehensive character breakdown. There is little information about the VOC characters on the internet. And most of them have vague or fan-made descriptions. However, the results include a detailed analysis of YOUR persona. The goal is to explain why you are similar to a particular singer and what it implies.

How to Know Which Vocaloid You Are without a Test?

Taking the VOC Character Quiz is the easiest way to find out which singer is similar to you. But here is another alternative. Read the following personality description and decide which one you are.

Of course, this is not an accurate method. So, we recommend you take the test instead.

Vocaloid Age
Hatsune Miku 16
Kagamine Rin 14
Kagamine Len 14
Megurine Luka 20
Meiko Middle-aged
Kaito Middle-aged


#1: Miku Hatsune

She is a cheerful and sweet girl. Just like most anime characters, her childish side is sometimes pretty active. However, Miku always works hard to keep her fans happy. She is an optimistic person who can cheer up people around her as well.

Those who match Miku Hatsune in the Vocaloid Quiz are compassionate and determined.

#2: Rin Kagamine

Being one of the most famous VOC girls, Rin has two distinct sides: Kawaii or sad. Listening to her songs is like a roller-coaster of emotion. Despite being 14, she has deep lyrics and thought-awakening tracks fans cannot get enough of.

If you ask fandom members, “Which Vocaloid are you?” many would say, “I’m Rin.” That is because she is both cute and playful at the same time.

#3: Len Kagamine

He is an energetic and acrobatic Vocaloid. Len also has an undeniable rebellious nature, making him a naughty, disobedient boy. If you ask male VOC fans which character they are, many will choose Len. That is because he is fun, enthusiastic, and cool. But note that he is only 14. So, you should expect some immature and silly behaviors when he is around.

#4: Meiko

She is usually illustrated as a drunk in the fandom. But that is not Meiko’s real persona. She is actually an older sister who likes to protect her younger siblings or friends. That might also make her an irritating person as she can become overprotective. But overall, she is a talkative, helpful, and mature character—especially compared to other Vocaloid personas.

#5: Kaito

Among all the VOC virtual singers, Kaito is probably the only fatherly figure. He might seem like a goofy person now and then. But it is pretty easy for him to show his serious side when necessary. Mature fans would like to say I’m Kaito when asked, “Which Vocaloid are you?” However, many think that he does not receive the attention he deserves.

People who match him in the quiz are those who put others’ needs before their own.

#6: Or else

The VOC universe has lots of virtual characters. So, the possibilities are kind of endless when it comes to finding your perfect match. The boys and girls described here are only a couple of top singers you might be similar to. The only way to find your perfect match or soulmate is by taking the actual quiz.

Why do VOC Fans want to Know Which Vocaloid They Are?

According to Statista, “The retail value of Vocaloid products within the Japanese otaku market amounted to about 9.8 billion Japanese yen in the fiscal year 2020.” That is over 80 million dollars per year! Anime lovers care about these virtual characters, and they want to relate to them. One way to do so is by finding their match in the synthesized singers’ universe.

Regular people may find it weird that fans ask things like, “Which Vocaloid am I?” But the truth is that such questions are part of any fandom, not just VOC. Knowing the character who is similar to you makes the whole universe more relatable and engaging.


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