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Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match

Which Undertale Character Are You

Which Undertale character are you? Don’t you want to know which soul matches yours? This simple & Accurate quiz is going to reveal it by 20 questions.

An Odd to Undertale

Undertale is an RPG video game released in 2015. But the game is so amazing that it created a cult-like community around its characters and universe. You can find few indie games that could come close to Toby Fox’s fictional universe’s success.

Fans love this game so much that they filled the internet with fan-made content about it. “Which Undertale Character Are You?” is a type of quiz that roots in the desire of fans to relate to the characters and the story even more.

According to Steamspy, around 50 Undertale-related YouTube videos are uploaded each day! That is while the game released in 2015 without any major update or DLC to follow up.

We are talking about a Kickstarter project that took over the world in less than a year. And no one should ignore the beauty and magnificence of this tiny little world of monsters and humans.

Now, let’s see which of the memorable Undertale characters you are through a fun quiz that celebrates this masterpiece one more time.

Here Is an Undertale Character Quiz That Still Works in 2021

Fans won’t stop asking, “which Undertale character are you?” That is why you see so many online persona and soul quizzes relating to the underworld all over the internet. But the thing about most of them is that they are outdated. While the original game was published six years ago, the additional fan-made content never stopped popping up. And that is why our quiz is updated for 2021.

How Does It Work?

We wanted to create a Which Undertale Character Are You test that is fun to take. But the game is hard to compete with as it has so many cool features. So, we decided to make it a three-part Undertale quiz. The first part gives you some alternate encounters. The second part includes challenging decisions. And the last section analyzes your playstyle.

Alternate Encounters

During the gameplay of Undertale, you encounter many monsters (aka NPCs). Your character, Frisk, can engage in conversations with these souls and decide how to interact with them. You should do the same thing here on the Which Undertale Character Are You quiz.

We will create alternate scenarios and encounters, giving you multiple options to complete the dialogue.

Difficult Choices

You will never find the answer to “which Undertale character are you?” if you don’t make tough decisions. So, the second part of our quiz forces you to step out of your comfort zone. The choices vary from “would you rather” type of stuff to “fight or mercy” kind of options.


Undertale fans know that your playstyle affects the ending of the game. Depending on your choices, you might follow a pacifist, neutral, or no mercy path. So, our Undertale character quiz’s third part analyzes how you did or would play the game. It will help us discover your monster or human soulmate more accurately.

Which Undertale Character Are You After Finishing the Game?

Spoiler Alert: As soon as you finish the Undertale game with a pacifist attitude, you get an option to reset everything. The idea is that you can go back and do the opposite of everything you did in your first walkthrough. So, you could try killing monsters instead of giving them a chance to live. And that is when your actual character is exposed!

Our Which Undertale Character Are You quiz gives you the same option. We will be inspecting your choices throughout the test. So, even if you avoided the “No Mercy” path in the actual game, here you will face such a challenge again. And we believe that is the best way to find out your true Undertale character.

Here are some honorable mentions of the Undertale characters included in our quiz.

Frisk. Your soul might end up matching the protagonist of the story. But that is not necessarily a piece of good news! Frisk is an F-ed-up personality who can be brutal and kind at the same time.

Alphys. It would make many fans happy to know their Undertale character is Alphys. She is a shy, kind, and socially awkward monster that steals your heart right away.

Sans. If you match this guy, you are a popular person. Sans is probably the most beloved character of Undertale main story and Alternate Universes such as Underfell, Underswap, and Horrortale.

Flowey. Well, people who have the Flowey’s soul believe in the idea of “kill or be killed.” That makes them a bit of an aggressive and cruel person now and then.

Undyne. If this warrior girl monster is your Undertale character, you are a lucky person. Undyne is portrayed as a strong, passionate, and determined personality that even her body cannot resist her determination level—and that is why she melts before she dies (Oops! Sorry for the spoiler).

Asgore. You are neither a hero nor an antagonist. People whose soul matches Asgore are miserable good guys who have no idea how to deal with their past mistakes.

Or?… The Which Undertale Character Are You quiz includes more souls. So, you have the chance to end up with a surprise match at the end of the test.

The Results of the Undertale Quiz Include Shipping!

We have seen the fans asking, “Which Undertale character would kiss you?” That is why our quiz results include an answer to such questions to feed your curiosity. Shipping the video game characters has been one of the fanbase’s main interests since the very first day. And now you have the chance to see who would have a crush on you if you were living in the underworld of monsters.


Topy Fox and the publishing company of the Undertale video game own the rights to all the images used on this quiz.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    You are walking around the Home city. Suddenly, you see a crying monster. What do you say to it?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 1
    • “Hey, what’s wrong?”

    • “Um, are you okay?”

    • “Welcome to the underworld, my friend!”

    • “Stop crying. Now.”

    • “Maybe we should both cry, my friend.”

    • “Only the stupid monsters cry”

  • 2
    You encounter a new monster you have never seen before. What do you say first?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 2
    • “Nice to meet you”

    • “Are you lost?”

    • “Looking for a VIP hotel?”

    • “What are you doing here?”

    • “What is your name, my child?”

    • “Welcome to hell.”

  • 3
    Alphys says, “I’m just a useless monster.” What do you tell her in response? Why would you say that?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 3
    • Why would you say that?

    • I feel the same way

    • No, you’re just a crybaby

    • No, you’re just weak

    • All monsters are useless, anyway

    • Ahaha! Glad you finally realized that

  • 4
    Monsters are talking about humans. They wonder how it feels to be one. How do you explain it to them?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 4
    • It’s not different from being a monster

    • Humans are usually kind

    • Even humans don’t have the answer to that

    • Why would you even care about humans?

    • Being human is challenging and sad

    • Being human is like pretending you are smart

  • 5
    Asgore wants to give a speech. But he doesn’t know how to start. What kind of tagline would you suggest?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 5
    • “I need to talk to you, monsters.”

    • “You don’t want to miss this speech, my children.”

    • “Well, F it. I’m going to come out. LOL”

    • “Our world is in a critical situation. And we need to talk!”

    • “I failed you, my friends. But I’m here to make it up to you.”

    • “Screw all of you”

  • 6
    Alphys and Undyne had a fight. And now they are not talking to each other. What do you do?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 6
    • I talk them into solving their problem

    • I let them have their time

    • I make jokes to break the ice

    • It is none of my business

    • I give them some relationship advice

    • I make fun of them while I have the chance

  • 7
    Asgore is so depressed that he’s about to commit suicide. What do you say to stop him?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 7
    • Your people need you

    • We love you, Asgore

    • It’s not going to stop your pain, sir

    • It’s cowardly to kill yourself

    • You deserve a second chance

    • Just kill yourself already, duh

  • 8
    Toriel believes humans and monsters are no different. What do you say?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 8
    • Of course, I agree

    • I wish it was true

    • That’s only a fairytale

    • I don’t think so

    • I’m not sure

    • Yes, both deserve nothing but death

  • 9
    Monsters of the underworld are sacred of humans. How do you calm them down?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 9
    • I show them there is nothing to be afraid

    • I’m scared, too. I cannot help.

    • I tell them about the stupid history of human beings

    • I remind them of their strength and power

    • I tell them they are not different from monsters

    • I let them remain in fear

  • 10
    Who would be your secret crush in the Undertale universe?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 10
    • Sans

    • Undyne

    • Frisk

    • Alphys

    • Toriel

    • No one

  • 11
    What is the worst thing to say to a monster to break its heart?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 11
    • You are a filthy creature

    • You have no heart

    • No one cares about you

    • You are a coward

    • You are going to die alone

    • You are a useless piece of crap

  • 12
    Which of the following characters would you kill to achieve your goal?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 12
    • Flowey

    • Asgore

    • Undyne

    • Frisk

    • Alphys

    • Sans

  • 13
    What is your favorite playstyle?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 13
    • Saving as many souls as possible

    • Avoiding fights

    • Having fun while playing casually

    • Winning every battle of mine

    • Making decisions cautiously

    • Killing everyone I meet

  • 14
    Undyne believes that loyalty is the most important thing in the world. What do you say?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 14
    • I agree

    • Maybe?

    • Hmm, sometimes.

    • Loyalty and honesty

    • No, nothing is that important in life

    • That sounds ridiculous

  • 15
    What is your priority while playing Undertale?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 15
    • Enjoying the beauty of the game

    • Interacting with cute characters

    • Laughing at the fun dialogues

    • Beating the challenging levels

    • Going through a self-discovery process

    • Killing freaky monsters

  • 16
    Which of the following buttons do you use (or used) the most while playing Undertale?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 16
    • Mercy

    • ACT

    • Save

    • Fight

    • Item

    • Reload

  • 17
    Which of the following Undertale locations is your favorite?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 17
    • Toriel’s Home

    • Lab

    • Art Club Room

    • Undyne’s House

    • Barrier

    • Mysterious Door

  • 18
    What is your favorite Undertale ending?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 18
    • Neutral Route

    • True Pacifist

    • None of them

    • Hard Mode

    • I don’t know

    • Genocide

  • 19
    What is your favorite Undertale weapon?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 19
    • Empty gun

    • Toy knife

    • Burnt pan

    • Worn dagger

    • Tough glove

    • Real knife

  • 20
    Final question, what would be your first thing to do when reaching the surface?
    Which Undertale Character Are You? 100% Accurate Match 20
    • Visit my family

    • Make new friends

    • Have a drink

    • Listen to some music

    • Honor my lost friends

    • Find a way to ruin it

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