Quiz: Which Tim Burton Character Are You? +All 2024 Movies

If you are a real fan of Tim Burton’s Movies, this quiz is eight for you. It will reveal your true character. Are you Wednesday, Edward, Beetlejuice, or else?

Which Tim Burton Character Are You

About Tim Burton’s Movies & Characters

With a knack for the eerie and peculiar, Burton has carved a niche for himself in Hollywood as an innovative storyteller. His extraordinary ability to blend horror, comedy, and fairy tales into his films has given us a new dimension to explore.

Tim Burton’s characters, oh boy, are as zany as they are loveable. Imagine walking into a party where every guest is a uniquely fashioned individual, each with their quirks and eccentricities – that’s what it feels like to watch a Burton movie. His creations span from the melancholy Edward Scissorhands to the spirited Lydia Deetz and the timid Victor Van Dort to the boisterous Beetlejuice. Suppose you’ve ever yearned for a journey through a topsy-turvy landscape brimming with fantasy and creativity. In that case, Burton’s filmography is your ticket.

The Famous Characters and Their Personalities

Jack Skellington

Ah, who could forget the “Pumpkin King” of Halloween Town? Jack Skellington from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is a charismatic leader, yearning for something beyond his usual routine. His adventurous spirit and desire for change highlight his ENTP personality type.

Edward Scissorhands

Edward, the protagonist of ‘Edward Scissorhands,’ is heart-touching. Although his outwardly frightful appearance may be off-putting, he’s a gentle, artistic, and misunderstood soul – a classic INFJ personality type.


This mischievous ‘bio-exorcist’ from the self-titled ‘Beetlejuice’ movie is about fun, chaos, and unpredictability. Beetlejuice’s outrageousness, energy, and humor align him with the ESTP personality type.

Lydia Deetz

The gothic teenager from ‘Beetlejuice’ is more than meets the eye. Lydia Deetz’s fascination with the supernatural and her empathetic and introspective nature make her a clear INFP.

Victor Van Dort

Victor, from ‘Corpse Bride,’ is a shy, sensitive, and talented pianist. His kind-hearted and introverted characteristics make him an ISFJ personality type.

Wednesday Addams

Last but not least, we have the darkly delightful Wednesday Addams, portrayed by Jenna Ortega in the 2022 series. As a textbook INTJ, she’s a fiercely independent thinker with a no-nonsense view of the world. Known for her quick wit and rationality, Wednesday easily sees through deception. Although she may seem like a lone wolf, she values deep, meaningful connections, forming strong bonds with fellow outsiders. If you are a real fan of this series, we suggest this Wednseday character quiz, to find your match!

Some Amazing Facts About Tim

Tim Burton was Heavily Inspired by His Childhood

Did you know Burton’s eccentric movie themes are heavily inspired by his childhood experiences? Being raised in Burbank, California, he found solace in watching horror movies and drawing cartoons, leading him to the distinctive style we know and love today.

The Character of Edward Scissorhands was a Reflection of Tim Burton’s Loneliness

This one might tug at your heartstrings. The character of Edward Scissorhands was conceived as a reflection of Burton’s feelings of isolation and being misunderstood while growing up. It truly is art imitating life.

Lydia Deetz was Almost Played by a Different Actress

Here’s a fun fact for ya! Winona Ryder wasn’t the first choice for Lydia Deetz in ‘Beetlejuice.’ The part was initially offered to Juliette Lewis, but she turned it down.

Many of Burton’s Characters are Based on Classic Horror Movies

Burton’s love for classic horror movies is reflected in his characters. For instance, Beetlejuice’s character design was inspired by the classic Universal monsters, while Edward Scissorhands’ design drew influences from ‘Frankenstein.’

Let’s Find Out Which Tim Burton Character You Are

Now that we’ve delved into the whimsical world of Burton and his unforgettable characters, wouldn’t you like to find out which one matches your personality? Are you more like the adventure-seeking Jack, the misunderstood Edward, the chaotic Beetlejuice, the introspective Lydia, or the kind-hearted Victor? Well, there’s only one way to find out!

Please hop on over to our quiz and discover your Burtonian alter ego. And hey, while you’re at it, why not check out our celebrity crush and celebrity look-alike quizzes too? You never know what you might discover!


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