Quiz: Which MLB Hall of Famer Are You? Class of 2024

This personality MLB quiz reveals which MLB hall of famer you are. We have picked the baseball legends from those introduced to the MLB hall of fame in 2022.

Which MLB Hall of Famer Are You

MLB Quiz

Baseball is the third most popular sport in the US, being the favorite sport of 9% of Americans. Furthermore, it is the 8th most popular sports discipline in the world, with over 500 million viewers and enthusiasts.

Therefore the MLB quiz aims to reach out to half a billion baseball fans and show them which MLB hall of famer they are. So, please share the link to this quiz with all your baseball buddies.


Baseball hall of fame – which MLB hall of famer are you

MLB hall of fame celebrates the epic players throughout the game’s history. If you’re a true baseball fan, you already know that the hall of fame has a museum in Cooperstown, New York. In addition, the association publishes a bi-monthly magazine called Memories and Dreams and hosts different events.

However, we are most interested in the players enlisted in their hall of fame, class of 2022. There are seven people listed in the class of 2022 of the MLB’s hall of fame:

  • Bud Fowler: executive
    Fowler was a barnstorming player because of the contemporary oppression against African America baseball players at the time.
  • Gil Hodges: 1st baseman
    one of the most successful players and coaches during his 27 seasons in the baseball league
  • Jim Kaat: pitcher
    The left-handed player has been in the game for four decades and has set records in many aspects of his professional career.
  • Minnie Minoso: left fielder
    The Chicago White Sox star was the first Latin American player to become a baseball superstar. Minoso has been a great inspiration to many players and fans in Major League Baseball.
  • Tony Oliva: right fielder
    The originally Cuban player was a phenomenally magnificent hitter in the league. His golf-like swings were one of his signatures among the fans.
  • Buck O’Neil: executive
    Buck dedicated his entire life to baseball as a player, coach, scout, and executive. He was a paragon of inspiration among the society, especially to Kansas City Monarchs.
  • David Ortiz: designated hitter
    The Red Sox legend was accountable single-handedly for many of the titles they won. He is one of the best designated hitters in the sport’s history.



MLB quiz results and interpretations

We have picked four of the players and executives from the class of 2022, including Bud Fowler, Gil Hodges, Jim Kaat, and Minnie Minoso. To answer which MLB hall of famer you are, we will ask questions related to your preferences and personality. Therefore, the results might surprise you because the aim is not to show you who you like the most.

After you answer the Major League Baseball Quiz questionnaire, we will illustrate the highlights of the superstar.


Bud Fowler

Congratulation! You’re like Bud Fowler, the legendary player, and manager. Bud Fowler, John W. Jackson, was born in March 1858. His father was a barber who moved to Cooperstown when John was a kid.

Bod Fowler got his nickname in his teens because of calling other players “bud” during the game. When he moved to Keokuk, Iowa, he became the most popular player for Keokuk Hawkeyes, a recently established professional team.

He was the first African-American baseball player who played for many seasons. He was a revolutionary figure as a player and a coach. Unfortunately, he passed away in poverty.

Gil Hodges

Fantastic! You’re like Gil Hodges. He was born in April 1924 in Princeton, Indiana. Gilbert Ray Hodge was a magnificent first baseman and manager in the MLB. He held the record for most home runs during his career from 1960 to 1963.

The apex of his career was in Brooklyn, mainly when he contributed to their win against the Yankees in the 1949 series. From 1949 to 1955, he became an All-Star eight times. He also played for New York Mets from 1962 to 1963.

Then, he became the Washington Senators’ manager till 1968. Afterward, he went to New York Mets. Without a doubt, Gil was one of the best MLB players in the 50s.

Jim Kaat

Congratulations! You are the three-time All-Star pitcher, Jim Kaat. He was born in November 1938. The left-handed player has played for Washington Senators / Minnesota Twins, Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Yankees, and St. Louis Cardinals.

In 1982, he became the World Series Champion. He also had 16 Gold Glove Awards during his career. Kaat was celebrated as a Minnesota Twins Hall of Famer, too. Kaat is also an author; he’s written a best-seller called Still Pitching. He’s also been on TV for three decades as a sports commentator and showman.

Minnie Miñoso

Awesome! You’re the Cuban Rocket, Minnie Miñoso. He was born in November 1925 in Cuba. He started his professional career in the Negro leagues but moved on to the MLB in 1949.

He is one of the critical figures in White Sox’s history, with nine All-Star awards in the MLB. Some of his other achievements include:

  • Two times NgL All-Star
  • Negro World Series Champion in 1947
  • Three times Gold Glove Award winner
  • Three times AL stolen base leader

Sox fans honor Miñoso as their glorified number 9. In 2011 the Chicago Baseball Museum gave him the Jerome Holtzman Award.

Now that you’ve seen the results let’s jump into the quiz and swing at the questions.

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