Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match

Which SpongeBob Character Are You

This personality quiz reveals which SpongeBob character you are based on your silly behaviors. Are you Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, SpongeBob himself, or else?

A Ridiculously Fun SpongeBob Character Quiz

Take this hilarious test to find out which Bikini Bottom personality you represent in real life. It’s the most funnily accurate quiz you’d ever find online, and it includes all the main characters (Even from the spin-offs).

Unlike the SpongeBob trivia quiz, you’ll not face any right-or-wrong questions. And it’s going to be all about your characteristics and silliness level.

Find out which Bottomite you represent in real life.

SpongeBob SquarePants’ characters are unlike mature-ish and dark kids in the South Park series or controversial adults in Family Guys. They’re goofy, loveable, and childishly innocent.

But we believe that there’s a Bikini Bottom character living inside each and every one of you. And the test’s goal is to expose that.

So, we have created a database of all the foolish personas in the show to match you with the most similar one.

Get to know the most absurd aspects of your character.

You’re about to participate in the most unusual SpongeBob quiz ever. It’s different from all other alternatives in that it reveals the most embarrassing parts of your character.

We highly recommend you avoid taking it if your tolerance for humor is low because the results are brutal. But we also dare you to take it and share the results with your friends if you have a good sense of humor.

Have a Laugh at Your Own Personality with this Brand-New SpongeBob Quiz

The problem with other SpongeBob character tests is that they ditch the fun, turning it into a boring MBTI-like questionnaire. But that’s not how things work here.

You have 20 entertaining questions with multiple silly options to discover your Bikini Bottom match.

Plus, you’ll learn more about amusing aspects of your own persona along the way—something that no other quiz offers.

So, if you need a questionnaire that’s at least as fun as the SpongeBob SquarePants show, don’t look any further because you’ve already got it.

How to Know Which Bikini Bottom Character You Are

The official SpongeBob Fandom has a brief personality description for each character. So, one way is to read all these breakdowns and decide which one you relate to. But beware that it’s quite time-consuming.

The following descriptions might come in handy if you want to find your SpongeBob match on your own.

#1. SpongeBob SquarePants

Personality-wise, he is fun-loving and happy-go-lucky. SpongeBob might seem to be clueless at times. But he’s actually intelligent, clever, and rather righteous.

He is the go-to option of most fans when they’re asked, “Which SpongeBob character are you?”

#2. Patrick Star

Patrick’s personality can be described as childish, rude, and airheaded. Like most of his family members, he has no idea of common sense and often seems ignorant.

Still, fans love Patrick so much that he’s actually one of the most popular results in our SpongeBob quiz. People adore his sheer cluelessness and dumb moves. And they’ll be happy to have him as their Bikini Bottom counterpart.

#3. Squidward Tentacles

Although the grumpiest Bottomite, Squidward is actually a likable guy who just wants to be left alone. His personality seems to be stubborn, arrogant, and rather impolite. But he actually has a heart of gold behind his sarcastic persona. And he genuinely cares about his friends: Patrick and SpongeBob.

#4. Sandy Cheeks

She starts off as a crazy character that does unbelievably dangerous stuff. But over time, her personality develops into a kind and caring individual who’s always there for her friends.

Sandy is also bold, courageous, and competitive. We see her aiming for ambitious goals throughout her adventures in the Bikini Bottom universe without hesitating to take risks when necessary.

But despite all that, most levelheaded SpongeBob fans end up matching Sandy because of her overall mature persona.

Character Attribute
SpongeBob Fun-loving
Patrick Lazy
Squidward Stubborn
Krabs Greedy
Sandy Kind
Plankton Egotistical
Pearl High-spirited


Other personalities.

Bikini Bottom is full of interesting characters. And it might be challenging for you to learn more about their personalities because there are just so many of them. So, we’d recommend you to take the quiz instead. It’s the fastest and most convenient way of determining your perfect match with unexpectedly high accuracy.

The Good News: SpongeBob Spin-Off Characters Are Included, too

We told you: it’s not an average quiz. It has all the beloved sea creatures from The Patrick Star Show and Kamp Koral. So, you might end up matching other lovely characters such as Squidina, younger Mrs. Puff, or even GrandPat Star.

Ready to Meet Your Bottomite Soulmate?

You’re a couple of questions away from meeting your one and only SpongeBob counterpart. So, don’t hesitate to tap the start button and roll into your journey into the Bikini Bottom universe. We promise that the ride will be enjoyable, surprising, and satisfying.

Devoted SpongeBobians created the test. And they’ve ensured it rocks harder than Rock Bottom creatures. So, give it a try. You won’t regret it.


QuizExpo does not own any of the images used in the SpongeBob character quiz. Nickelodeon and Netflix own the rights to the said pictures, and no copyright infringement is intended.

Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    A senior Bikini Bottom citizen is planning to throw a huge party. What do you think about that?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 1
    • It sounds super-fun. I’m in.

    • I’d love to go and meet some senior citizens.

    • I’d only go if my besties wanted to go.

    • I’d only go if the food is free.

    • I hate grumpy senior Bottomites. So, I’d never go.

    • Meh, sounds like a boring party anyways.

  • Question 2

    Rumors have that Squidward has a crush on you. How do you feel about that?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 2
    • I’m flattered.

    • I feel like he’s out of his mind.

    • Awesome. Now, I can mess with him and have fun.

    • Cool. So I can manipulate him and ask for favors.

    • It irritates me, and I might flip out.

    • Meh, I don’t even give a fu**.

  • Question 3

    It’s a national holiday in Bikini Bottom. How do you spend your free time?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 3
    • I hang out with my squad and enjoy my time.

    • I’d read my favorite book, drink coffee, and relax.

    • I being-watch a show and eat a ton of fast food.

    • I schedule my week and get any postponed tasks done.

    • I party like an animal and get wasted—or super-high.

    • I probably sleep through the whole day and do nothing.

  • Question 4

    You find out that Patrick has been talking sh** about you lately. How do you react to that?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 4
    • I forgive him because he doesn’t mean it.

    • I probably confront him and ask why he did that.

    • I do the same thing and talk behind his back.

    • I make him pay me some money in compensation.

    • I’d duct tape him to a tree and leave him there for 24 hours.

    • I’d gather enough evidence so that I could sue him.

  • Question 5

    Sandy wants to go on a date with you. What do you say?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 5
    • Oh, I’d love to date her. Sure.

    • I’d like to know why she likes me before saying anything.

    • Dates are boring. I’m not sure what to say.

    • I’d go if she’s the one that’s paying for the night.

    • I’ve never liked Sandy. So, it’s a straight no for me.

    • It depends on how she asks me out. I don’t like silly invitations.

  • Question 6

    Pearl is nervous about her first date and wants you to go with her. What do you think about that?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 6
    • Sure, I’ll always be there for my friend.

    • I’m too busy to be a third-wheel.

    • I’d go if they took me to somewhere fun like an amusement park.

    • If they paid for my food, drink, and other expenses, I'd go.

    • I hate Pearl, and I’ll probably hate her date, too. So, no.

    • It’s disrespectful that she’s asking me to be her third wheel. NO.

  • Question 7

    Patrick and SpongeBob live next door to you, and you hear them make weird noises all night long. How do you feel about that?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 7
    • I’m jealous of them. They’re probably having fun.

    • I feel irritated because their noises would interrupt my sleep.

    • I’d just go join them and do whatever it is that they’re doing.

    • I’d sue them and force them to pay me money in compensation.

    • I’d go ask them to STFU because I need to sleep.

    • I’d call the cops on them.

  • Question 8

    If Sandy and SpongeBob had a baby, what would it look like?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 8
    • IDK, but it’d look cute.

    • It’d be a half-sponge, half- squirrel.

    • It’d definitely look dumb AF.

    • It’d be a rare creature that’s worth millions of dollars.

    • I don’t even give a fu**.

    • Oh, it’d look disgusting. That’s for sure.

  • Question 9

    What would be your priority if you lived in Bikini Bottom?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 9
    • Making more friends and having fun.

    • Becoming a famous scientist and helping the city.

    • Hitchhiking across the world and visiting every part of it.

    • Becoming a famous businessperson and running my own business.

    • Creating my own gang and taking over the city.

    • Minding my own business and staying away from weird sea creatures.

  • Question 10

    Sandy is planning a mission to the moon. AGAIN. And she wants you to join her. Any thoughts on that?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 10
    • I’m in. It sounds like an awesome adventure.

    • She’s out of her mind. I’d never join her.

    • She’s a mean person. I don’t like to hang out with her.

    • It depends on what’s in it for me. Is she paying me or what?

    • I’d never join her. I’d also ensure her mission fails.

    • She’d never invite me to that mission if she knew me in person.

  • Question 11

    You’re asked to judge Bottomites’ performance in an upcoming talent show. What kind of judge would you be?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 11
    • Kind and positive. I’d be as supportive as possible.

    • Professional and focused. I’d ensure it’s a fair competition.

    • Goofy and fun. I’d ensure everyone’s having a good time.

    • Sarcastic but also analytical. I’d ensure no one’s cheating.

    • Aggressive and frank. I’d put down those silly MFs with no hesitation.

    • I’d never accept to be a judge in a stupid underwater show.

  • Question 12

    Imagine you’re running for president in Bikini Bottom. What’s your strategy to get people to vote for you?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 12
    • I’d be nice and explain my plans to people.

    • I’d create a detailed 4-year plan to solve all problems.

    • I’d try to be funny and make people laugh, so they like me.

    • I’d pay them to vote for me.

    • I’d threaten and blackmail them into voting for me.

    • I’d never run for president. I’m not stupid.

  • Question 13

    How would you feel if you had to attend Bikini Bottom High School with SpongeBob and Patrick?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 13
    • That’d be a dream come true.

    • I’d feel bored because they’re too dumb.

    • I’d still not want to go to school because it sucks.

    • I’d use their help to sell illegal snacks in school and get rich.

    • I’d feel disappointed and irritated.

    • Going to that freaky school is like mental torture.

  • Question 14

    How would you describe Mrs. Puff?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 14
    • She’s a gorgeous person.

    • She’s not a good teacher, but definitely a good person.

    • She’s kind and caring, just like my mom.

    • I don’t like her. But I’d never let her notice that.

    • I dislike her so much that I can’t stand her.

    • Meh, she’s another miserable sea creature like others.

  • Question 15

    Plankton wants to be your best friend. And he’s serious about it. What do you say?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 15
    • Sure, why not. I’d love to be friends with him.

    • He’s a malevolent person. I wouldn’t trust him.

    • He seems like a cool guy. So, why not?

    • Maybe. I could ask him for some favors.

    • I’d never befriend that stupid, arrogant creature.

    • He’s obviously up to something. But no, thanks. IDGF.

  • Question 16

    Your Bikini Bottom date pissed you off so bad and dumped you. How could they win you back?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 16
    • They should buy me a nice gift.

    • I’d need a sincere apology.

    • They should take me on another date and treat me better.

    • They should buy a super-expensive gift.

    • There’s nothing they can do. I’m already planning my revenge.

    • The best thing they can do is to GTFO of my life.

  • Question 17

    What do you think of Rock Bottomites? (Creatures that live in Rock Bottom).

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 17
    • They’re scary.

    • They look scary, but they’re pretty dumb creatures.

    • I like them. They look cool.

    • You could get rich by selling them fresh water.

    • I don’t like them. They irritate me.

    • Meh, I don’t even know who you’re talking about.

  • Question 18

    Which of these pets would you like to have in your Bikini Bottom house?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 18
    • Catfish (because it looks cute).

    • Dolphin (because it’s smart).

    • Clownfish (because it’s dumb).

    • Starfish (because it’s easy to maintain).

    • White shark (because it looks badass).

    • Blobfish (because it doesn’t move that much).

  • Question 19

    Here’s a completely random question: What color is SpongeBob’s poop?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 19
    • Definitely yellow

    • It’s transparent because he absorbs water.

    • It’s brown for sure.

    • It could be green.

    • It’s probably rainbow-like

    • That’s the most stupid question ever.

  • Question 20

    You have the opportunity to reincarnate as a SpongeBob character. How old do you want to be in your new life?

    Quiz: Which SpongeBob Character Are You? 100% Fun Match 20
    • I want to start as a newborn baby

    • I’d like to be 18.

    • I’d like to be at least 10 years old.

    • I’d like to be 30-40 years old.

    • I’d like to be as old as possible.

    • I don’t care; I’m fine with whatever age they give me.

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