Quiz: Which Spice Girl Are You? 2024 Personality Updated

If you wonder which Spice Girl are you, this 90s-inspired quiz reveals if you are Victoria, Mel B, Melanie C, Emma, or Geri. Plus, it exposes your SPICE type!

Which Spice Girl Are You

The Spice Girls Quiz to Expose Your Character

The test is a set of twenty personality questions. And the goal is to find out which Spice Girls member you resemble in real life.

The premise is similar to that of the Black Pink Character Quiz. We created detailed profiles of all the singers in the band. The questions allow us to accurately match you with one of them, revealing your perfect counterpart.

Here’s everything you learn by taking the test.

Discover which Spice Girl you are.

The girl band was created in 1994 with five members. The Spice Girl Quiz promises to find the most similar member to you in real life. It’s designed to answer questions like, “Which Spice Girl am I?”

Find out what Spice girl you are.

The girls in the band had nicknames to show their spice type. For example, Victoria is Posh—you can tell that by her current career in fashion. Our personality test analyzes your traits and behaviors to reveal your type as well as your perfect match. Here are the possibilities:

  • Scary

Melanie Brown is also known as the Scary Spice. The nickname comes from the fact that she’s determined and ambitious.

  • Sporty

Melanie Chisholm is called Sporty Spice due to her active lifestyle. She still has the body of a 20-year-old in her 40s. So, the moniker really suites her.

  • Baby

Emma Bunton was the Baby Spice of the band. She got the name due to being sweet, cute, and childlike. (Her personality and role in the group were similar to that of a Maknae is a K-pop band).

  • Ginger

Geri Halliwell got Ginger Spice’s nickname because of her fiery-red hair and confident personality.

  • Posh

Victoria Beckham has always been a fashionista. No surprise that she was the Posh Spice of the band.

Get a free Spice Girl personality analysis.

The goal of the quiz is to reveal which Spice Girl you are. However, we included a detailed character breakdown to help you understand why you matched a particular member.

How to Know Which Spice Girl You Are? (No Test Needed)

What if you don’t like to take a Spice Girls personality quiz? It’s totally fine. You can read the following descriptions of each member to decide which one you resemble on your own.

#1. Victoria Beckham

She’s a fashion diva who’s also pretty practical and visionary. As the Posh Spice, Victoria cares about her style no matter what. But that doesn’t make her a sassy, arrogant woman. Contrarily, she’s down-to-earth, kind, and motherly. Victoria is also one of the most feminine members of the band.

Those who match her in the Spice Girl Quiz have fighter personas. Such people don’t like to give up. And they somehow manage to be a warrior while staying clear of conflicts.

#2. Mel B

Despite her nickname, Melanie Brown is a loyal friend. She’s a natural entrepreneur. The fact that she’s a goal-oriented and disciplined person might make her look like a scary lady. But that’s not true at all. Those who know her closely are blessed with her kindness and generosity.

If you ask black girls, “Which Spice Girl are you?” they’d most likely say, “I’m Mel B.” That’s because the Scary Spice has been an icon in the black community since the 90s.

#3. Melanie C

Chisholm was the sporty girl in the band. But she didn’t like to be known as an aggressive person. Despite her Spice Girl persona, Mel C is a calm person. Yes, she loves sports, but that’s not what her personality is all about. Her close ones know how sweet, humble, and peaceful she is.

#4. Geri Halliwell

She’s a natural leader. Geri’s confidence and wisdom helped all other girls keep up with their sudden fame and added responsibilities. As the Ginger Spice, she’s also highly energetic (almost hyperactive) and one the go.

If you ask an assertive person, “Which Spice Girl are you?” they’d most likely pick Geri. She gives off a vibe of confidence and optimism.

#5. Emma Bunton

The Baby Spice was one of the most beloved girls in the band. She had a sweet, loveable, and cute persona that fans enjoyed. But Emma carries most of the same characteristics in real life, too. So, if you take the Spice Girl personality test and match her, you’re most likely a lively, adorable person.

Spice Girl Birthdate
Geri Halliwell 1972
Victoria Beckham 1974
Melanie C 1974
Mel B 1975
Emma Bunton 1976


Still in Doubt? Take the Quiz for Accurate Results

Do you still wonder which Spice Girl you are? If yes, taking the test is your best bet. Our editors worked hard to finetune all the results to deliver 100% reliable results. You’ll be surprised by the preciseness of the matches and learn more about your personality along the way. It’s worth it.


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