Which She-Ra Character Are You? 100% Fun Match Quiz

Which She-Ra character are you? This fun quiz reveals if you are a princess, an inhabitant, a villain, or the She-Ra herself. Let’s find out.

Which She-Ra Character Are You

The Ultimate She-Ra Quiz Fans Need in 2021 (and beyond)

Lots of fans are like, “Which She-Ra character am I?” And you are probably one of them as well. That is why we create the internet’s most accurate personality quiz to match your persona with the show’s main cast.

We included all the species of Etheria, Krytis, and Unnamed Planet. So, you might even end up matching one of the villains, such as Hordak.

About the Show

For those unfamiliar, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is a reboot of the original 1984 show with a similar title. It is an animated fantasy web television series produced by DreamWorks. And used to run on Netflix from 2018 up until 2020, having 5 seasons in total.

The story is about an orphan girl named Adora who finds out she has special powers. She leaves her home planet and allies to fight the dark forces who raised as a child. But that is only the beginning. And Adora faces countless obstacles throughout her journey.

The quiz on this page matches your personality to one of the show’s several main protagonists and antagonists.

What Does the Test Tell You?

We wanted to create a fun She-Ra quiz that does more than character matching stuff. So, you are going to receive three additional pieces of information about your persona by taking the test. Here is everything you need to know about the results.

· Your She-Ra and The Princesses of Power Character

The first thing that the test reveals is your counterpart or soulmate. The algorithms analyze your traits through psychological questions to determine which show’s heroes, princesses, or villains resemble you.

· Your Superpowers and Abilities

Almost all main characters of the series have their unique special powers and skills. For instance, Adora can transform into She-Ra. And Glimmer can teleport. So, the quiz result will also tell you what type of abilities and powers you would have as an animated persona.

· Your Team

The Rebellions, The Horde, The Princess Alliance, and star Siblings are a few examples of teams in the She-Ra and The Princesses of Power timeline. By taking the test, you provide us with enough info to reveal which of the said groups would accept you as a member.

· Personality Analysis

Your responses expose the dark side of your nature as well as the bright parts. We use the information to create a comprehensive persona analysis that describes who you are in detail.

She-Ra Characters’ Profile

The show has fourteen princesses and many other supportive characters, such as Heroes and Kings. The She-Ra and The Princesses Power quiz relies on the main personalities’ profiles to find your perfect match.

Below you see an example of some of the said profiles.

1. Adora

Being the protagonist of the show, Adora is brave, competitive, intelligent, and rule-oriented. She is a natural leader and tends to obey regulations no matter what. Most fans who ask, “Which She-Ra character am I?” would love to match her as she is the star of the show.

Adora’s dark side makes her a rather selfish person. But she usually manages to make the right choice and remain loyal to her beliefs.

2. Catra

She is Adora’s love interest. However, the two are very different. Catra seems to dislike laws and restrictions. And she often acts carelessly and ignorantly. Despite her uncaring character, Catra loves her best friend so much that she is willing to sacrifice her life for Adora.

If Catra is your She-Ra character, you are an impulsive person who enjoys the moment. But inside, you struggle with insecurity, stress, and probably some attachment issues.

The funny thing about Catra is that she has cat-like behaviors and skills. For instance, she has an incredible balance, and she has claws that could be used as a weapon.

3. Glimmer

Being a member of a royal family, Glimmer is a kind and supportive person. However, she is short-tempered and might act impulsively now and then. But her most iconic feature is being rebellious. She refuses to follow her mom’s orders. And tries to be independent by any means.

Glimmer’s counterparts in real life are loyal friends who do their best to protect their loved ones. But they might also become overprotective due to their impulsivity.

4. Bow

He is one of the few male characters in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Bow is known as a kind, lovely, passionate, and rational boy. And he tends to be the voice of reason in most situations. His friends rely on his wise opinions as well as optimism and cheerfulness.

Bow also becomes Glimmer’s love interest during the last couple of seasons. And the two build a strong romantic relationship.

If your personality is similar to Bow’s, you are a responsible, cautious, and nice person who enjoys helping others.

5. Entrapta

Every animated series needs a cute and fun character. And Entrapta fulfills the need in She Ra and the Princesses of Power. She is a bubbly, lively, and highly geeky person who is also very oblivious. Entrapta is hyperactive, and she tends to forget about the situation she is in when something grabs her attention.

If the She-Ra quiz matched you with Entrapta, you are a technology enthusiast. But it also means that you have a positive and easygoing attitude towards life.

Character Species
Adora First One
Catra Unknown Feline Species
Glimmer Etherian
Angela Angelic Being
Bow Etherian
Entrapta Etherian
FROSTA Etherian
Shadow Weaver Etherian
Scorpia Scorpioni
Swift Wind Alicorn
Hordak Clone


Note: Take the test to find the answer to the big question, “Which She-Ra character are you?” and get additional information about your persona.


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