Which Death Note Character Are You? 99% Accurate Match

This quiz has an answer for this question, “Which Death Note character are you?” Are you Kira, an intelligent detective, or just a lovely high school student?

Which Death Note character are you

The Only Quiz You Need to Reveal Your Death Note Character

Have you ever wondered which Death Note (デスノ一ト) character you are? If yes, you are on the right page. Our test helps you discover your anime counterpart in the Shinigami universe. Answering the following 20 questions lets us find out your DN persona in no time.

Disclaimer: All the said questions are about provoking topics such as murder, loss of life, revenge, etc. Please, do not mention your real name throughout the test. QuizExpo is not responsible for sudden heart attacks after participating in the test. (Okay, just kidding. Have fun).

What Do You Learn by Taking the Test?

The primary purpose of the test is to answer, “Which Death Note character are you?” However, completing the questionary grants additional information such as your IQ level, intentions, and persona. More on this below.

Most Similar Character

Most fans take the Death Note quiz to find their soulmate. They want to know which of the main characters has a similar personality to them. So, that is the first thing you get after answering all the questions. We will let you know who you would be if you lived in the mysterious world of Shinigami, Kira, and detectives.

Your IQ Level

The ‘Which Death Character Are You?’ quiz is not an IQ test. But the persona you match offers some hints on how smart you are—at least, as an anime fan. Below you can see a table that shows what each DN personality’s IQ is.

Death Note Character Estimated IQ
L Lawliet 230
Light 200
Near 195
Teru Mikami 185
Mello 175
Watari 172
Naomi Misora 165
Hal Linder 159
Stephen Gevanni 157
Anthony Rester 155
Kiyomi Takada 154
Soichiro Yagami 128
Misa Amane 127
Kanzo Mogi 125
Hideki Ide 119
Shuichi Aizawa 120
Touta Matsuda 110


Your Death Note Persona

What would you do with a black notebook that gives you God-like powers? Would you use it to make the world a better place? Or would you write all your haters’ names in it so you can get rid of them? The Death Note quiz on this page can determine what your intentions could be in an anime universe.

A Guide to Death Note’s Characters

By the end of the test, you will have the answer to ‘What Death Note Character Are You?’ But here is a little help for you to figure out what your match reveals about your persona.

#1: Light

The Kira. He is the young guy behind every major event in the show. Light is portrayed as a hardworking, talented, and overall genius student. People who match him have a strong sense of justice and are good at planning strategic moves.

#2: L

“I am L” is the coolest answer you can give to a question like, “Which Death Note character are you?” He is known as one of the smartest anime characters ever. One of his iconic traits is being super-secretive about his life. L is also an intelligent detective who never misses a clue. People who match him are goal-centric and detail-oriented people who might have some kind of OCD as well.

#3: Near

Near is a teenager with low social knowledge and skills. He is a highly sensitive individual, and that makes him prone to having loose relationships. Near is a distant person in general. And that might be because of his strange background—as he was raised to become a world-class detective. Participants who get Near as a result of their test are introverted and shy individuals with high IQ levels.

#4: Misa

Not many people would like to Misa as a result of the ‘Which Death Note character are you?’ quiz. That is because she is a childish and impulsive person—at least, for most of the time. Although Misa is a beloved persona, her unconditional love and trust for Light made many fans judge her. Those who see Misa as their counterpart in the test are usually outgoing and hyperactive personalities.

How to Answer “Which Death Note Character You Are?” Without a Quiz

You can find out which DN character you are by answering the following three questions. These dilemmas expose your inner Death Note persona in no time.

First Question: What Is Your Take on Justice?

During the 37 episodes of the anime show, we see Light and other characters fighting for what they believe to be justice. Who do you side with? On the one hand, the FBI agents and detectives are working hard to stop Kira. On the other, the Death Note possessors do their best to remove the world from the bad guys.

Second Question: Who Should be in Charge of Social Justice?

Kira claims to have pure and innocent intentions. He only wants to kill off the villains of the world. But is that something you would back in real life? Should a person have the power to decide who gets to live and vice versa?

Final Question: Can the Ends Justify the Means?

Light believes that it is okay to use the notebook to kill people. He suggests that his good and moralistic goals are enough to allow him to do so. Do you agree or disagree? Are the ends able to justify the means?

Note: Use the following table to find out which Death Note character you are based on your answers.

Character Responses
L First question: I side with L

Second question: Humans should not make God-like decisions

Final question: No

Light First question: I side with Light

Second question: Humans CAN make God-like decisions

Final question: Yes

Misa First question: I side with Light

Second question: Some humans be God-like

Final question: Yes

Near First question: I side with no one

Second question: Humans are not smart enough to make God-like decisions

Final question: No

The Most Searched-for Death Note Characters in 2021

Although the anime series ended in 2007, fans are still showing love more than a decade ago. According to a recent study, the most-searched-for characters in 2021 are as follows:

  1. L Lawliet
  2. Light
  3. Yumi
  4. Shuichi
  5. Eriko
  6. Ryuk

Are You the Kira? Take the Test to Find Out

We would still love to know the answer to “Which Death Note character are you?” And you seem to be ready for the big test. Press the green button on top of the page and dive into the challenging questions of the Shinigami universe. Again, do not forget to hide your real name throughout the quiz—or Kira will jot it down before you get the results.


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