This 100% Fun Quiz Will Reveal Which Pizza Topping You Are!

Pizza lovers, don’t you wonder which pizza topping you are? Take this funnily accurate personality quiz to find out.

Which Pizza Topping Are You

Pizza Topping Personality Quiz Explained

The Pizza Topping Quiz is a food personality test that matches your persona to one of the most liked or hated toppings for pizza in the US.

In case you wonder, there’s actually a psychological correlation between your personality and what you eat. So, despite being an entertaining quiz, the Pizza Topping Test may actually reveal some specific aspects of your character—just saying.

Pizza Topping Personality
Pepperoni Charismatic
Mushroom Laidback
Extra Cheese Fun-loving
Broccoli Cautious
Pineapple Bold


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Your Personality Reveals the Pizza Topping You Are

In many cultures, foods are symbols of human features. Think vegetables. They’ve always been associated with health and, in some cases, even wisdom. So, with a little bit of back-engineering, your personality can expose the pizza topping you are.

Previously, we asked people love questions and revealed how romantic they are based on the fruits they like. And it worked. But this time, we’ll ask you psychological questions to discover the topping you are.

How to Know What Pizza Topping You Are

One easy way to find your pizza-topping persona is by personification. What characteristics would pepperoni have if it was a human? What about mushrooms? These are the type of questions that expose your inner topping.

·       Pepperoni

Currently the most popular pizza topping in the US, Pepperoni represents a well-liked, cool, and relatable personality. People who match this topping are charismatic, sociable, and—obviously—hot.

·       Mushroom

The third most-liked pizza topping among Americans, the mushroom is a symbol of easygoingness and a laid-back lifestyle. Those with a mushroom persona live in the moment, value peace of mind, and give off positive vibes.

·       Extra Cheese

Although a combination of too unpopular terms, extra and cheese, this topping tops most Americans’ favorite list. Personality-wise, however, extra cheesy people are spontaneous, fun-loving, and loud.

Are You a Popular or Unpopular Pizza Topping?

The good news is that the Pizza Topping Personality Quiz has amusingly accurate results. But the bad news is that it includes some of the most hated toppings, like anchovies and pineapple.

So, the big question is, are you a beloved or despised pizza topping?

If you’re lucky, the quiz might also expose your pizza style and crust. So, there’s a possibility you match a perfect pizza pie—or turn it into an unwanted order.

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