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What makes Good Omens a good show?
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    Tension or plots twists

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    Mythological and religious references

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    It’s not that of a good show


Question 1: What makes Good Omens a good show?

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Answer the questions on this page to see which Good Omens character you are. Are you Aziraphale, Crowley, Adam, or else?

This Quiz Knows Your Good Omens Character

The Good Omens Character Quiz is a set of 15 questions that reveal which human, witch, angel, or demon from Prime Video’s titular series you are. It’s a personality test that compares your light and dark core with that of the show’s stars to determine your possible doppelganger.

For the newcomers, Good Omens is a satirical fantasy based on Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s coauthored novel. The story revolves around the contentious relationship of an angel named Aziraphale with a demon called Crowley.

Some say Prime Video’s Good Omens gives off Supernatural vibes. But the show is much more lighthearted and playful when it comes to portraying mythological and religious stuff.

Find Your Good Omens Match Based on MBTI

If you wonder which Good Omens character you resemble based on your MBTI, take a look at the following table. It lists the personality types of the cast to help you find your perfect match faster.

But note that our personality quiz is already based on MBTI types. So, if you want an actual 100% accurate match, consider taking the test instead. (Just saying.)

Good Omens Character MBTI
Aziraphale ISFJ
Crowley ENTP
Newton INTP
Maggie INFP
Beelzebub ISTJ
Gabriel ESTJ


For those who’re not a fan of MBTI, here’s a quick description of some Good Omens characters. See which one you relate to based on their primary traits to discover your counterpart.


As an outcast angel, Aziraphale is gentle and sensitive. But he’s also quite passionate, empathetic, and kind-hearted.


Despite being a playful and cunning demon, Crowley in Good Omens is a well-meaning character. Although he enjoys some darker aspects of life and has his own guilty pleasures, Crowley would always go the extra mile to save his loved ones—and humanity.

Adam (Antichrist)

An intelligent and gifted young man, Adam is a curious, adventurous, and creative person. But he’s also slightly bossy and stubborn with his loved ones.


Although naïve and innocent, Newton is a quick-thinking and open-minded character. He’s often the voice of reason in the group, reminding everyone to see the bigger picture.

Good News: Good Omens S2 Characters Are Included!

Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Good Omens Season 3, especially after the controversial finale of Season 2 in July. While waiting for the new episodes, why not take a quiz inspired by Season 2 that will help you bond with the latest characters introduced?

Our Good Omens Test matches you to one of the protagonists or antagonists of the first two seasons of the show with the highest accuracy possible. Give it a shot; you won’t regret it.

Are You an Angel or a Demon? Aziraphale Vs. Crowley

For the most part, Good Omens is the struggle between good and bad, truth and lie, and hell and heaven. But have you ever wondered which side you would be on? This quiz will let you know.

By the end of the Good Omens Character Quiz, not only will you meet your doppelganger, but you will also find out if you’re a good or bad person. (Doesn’t that sound intriguing?)

Unravel Your Armageddon Love Story with This Personality Test

You are now ready to find out which Good Omens (2023) character you are. The following questions take you on a self-discovery journey that will expose your hate values and uncover who you really are—a demon or an angel.

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Now, let’s see if you’re Aziraphale, Crowley, or some other character. 👼🏻👿


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