Which Fallout Character Are you? 2024 Movie Version

Looking to find your match in Prime Video’s Fallout? Take this Appalachia-inspired personality quiz that exposes dwellers, ghouls, or mutants.

Which Fallout Character Are you

💡 What to Expect: Find out which character from Prime Video’s Fallout series you are based on your survival instincts—and characteristics!

🎥 Fallout Summary: Prime Video’s Fallout brings to life the iconic video game series by Bethesda in a thrilling live-action adaptation. The story centers around Lucy, a carefree dweller in a secure Vault, whose world is turned upside down when her father is kidnapped. Forced to venture into the dangerous wasteland outside, she encounters all manner of radioactive creatures bent on obstructing her quest.

If you’ve ever played any of the Fallout games, Prime Video’s adaptation is right up your alley. It’s one of those rare instances where a video game adaptation doesn’t leave you itching to hurl your remote at the screen—it’s actually a good show. But you know what’s even cooler? A dedicated personality quiz that can unravel which Fallout character resonates with you the most.

For this quiz, I’ve opted to set aside all the quirky and amusing NPCs from the video game series and focus solely on the personalities from the TV adaptation. (But if you’d like a Fallout video game quiz, just give us a shout—we’ll whip one up in no time!)

Whether it’s one of the MacLeans or any of the intriguing mutated characters, rest assured, your match is bound to be spot-on. But here’s a fair warning: the Fallout Personality Quiz is going to be tough, much like navigating the unforgiving post-Great War landscape of Appalachia. In other words, if you’re not as cheery and optimistic as Lucy, you might find yourself paired with a less-than-popular character.

Not a gamer? Don’t worry. I’ve crafted the Fallout Quiz to be a beginner-friendly test that anyone can enjoy. If you’ve caught the first season of Prime Video’s Fallout, you’re basically all set. Though you might want to suit up in your Power Armor because things are about to get as radioactive as they get.


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