Quiz: Should I Wear Gold or Silver? Based on 2024 Tips

Would like to have a stylist ask, “Should I wear gold or silver?” This expert-level dressing quiz identifies which jewelry and metal suits your skin tone in no time.

Should I Wear Gold or Silver

Should You Wear Gold or Silver?

You need to decide if you should wear gold or silver based on your skin tone. If you have a cool skin undertone, you should wear silver. But gold jewelry is a better choice if your undertone is warm. Neutral skins can wear both metals, though.

Cool Skin Tone Should Wear Silver
Warm Skin Tone Should Wear Gold
Neutral Skin Tone Can Wear Both


Different Ways of Deciding What Color Jewelry to Wear

Picking the right jewelry could be pretty confusing—especially when you cannot decide what you should wear today. But there are several methods or techniques, if you will, that can assist you in choosing the perfect accessory for your outfit. (See below).

Choosing it based on your skin tone.

If you’d ask a professional stylist, “Should I wear gold or silver?” they’d definitely want to know your skin undertone in advance. It’s because most fashion gurus believe that you should choose colors that match your natural hues. So, if you already know if you’re a cool, warm, or neutral person, it’s easy to select the proper jewelry pieces.

Considering your aesthetic and style.

You may want to ask yourself, “What’s my aesthetic?” before thinking about the accessories to wear. A smart way of deciding between silver and gold is by analyzing your outfits and overall preferences. If your garderobe consists of mostly warm tones, you are probably off without silver-ish or steel-ish jewelry. But if the opposite is true and you have many cool-colored pieces, then gold might not be your thing. AND if you own a collection of all tones, you may enjoy both metals equally.

Going with the trends.

Is gold or silver more popular in 2022? Looking into the trends, gold seems to be preferred by more stylists and fashion bloggers. But silver has always been a precious metal in fashion regardless of the vogues.

Those who ask themselves, “Should I wear gold or silver?” can make up their mind by looking up the current trends. It might not lead to a choice that fully matches your skin and style. But it can definitely keep you in the game and help you seem trendy.

Thinking about the healing properties.

An uncommon way of deciding between gold or silver jewelry is by considering their so-called healing powers. Some believe that gold can cure several skin problems and lend a hand opening your chakras—if you’re into such stuff. Plus, silver has proved to be an excellent antibacterial metal, and many suggest that it can accelerate the recovery of your wounds.

Take an Online Quiz to Find the Perfect Jewelry

We have created a fashionista-level quiz for anyone who asks, “should I wear gold or silver?” It’s a unisex test that can help all genders discover what jewelry pieces match their skin and style. All you need to do is answer 20 simple questions about yourself. You’re guaranteed to receive 100% accurate results instantly.

How to Know if You Have Gold or Silver Skin Tone?

Okay, you already know that the best way of picking the right accessory is by matching it to your undertone. But what if you don’t know if you’re warm, cool, or neutral? No need to panic. It’s pretty simple to discover your tone. Here are two efficient methods to doing so.

Method #1: Whiteness Test

Under sunlight, hold a piece of white paper next to your skin and observe the tone difference. If your skin is nearly as white as the paper, you have a cool skin tone. You have a warm undertone if your skin looks yellowish or red-ish compared to the paper. If none is true about your hue, you’re neutral and don’t even need to worry about wearing gold or silver—because both suit you.

Method #2: Vein Test

Next time someone asks, “Should I wear gold or silver?” look at their wrist veins. If you see greenish veins, offer them to wear gold because their undertone is warm. However, if their veins are pinkish or blue, they might wear silver because their tone is cooler. And if none of the said colors matched the person’s veins, they’re neutral and can wear almost any metal.

It Shouldn’t Be All About Gold and Silver.

It’s not the smartest way of picking yourself the right pieces of jewelry by asking questions like, “should I wear gold or silver?” You can find so many other options, such as rose gold and stainless steel, out there. Base metal, platinum, and even titanium are proper choices for a fashionista like you.

The good thing about our quiz is that it considers all top metals to achieve accurate results. So, if the options you have sound confusing, sit back and let us do the hard work for you. We can determine which one suits you by analyzing your skin, style, and physical features, as well as your preferences.

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