What Should I Do with My Life? 100% Honest & Accurate Quiz

What Should I Do with My Life is a quiz to end all the puzzlement you have. Answering the following questions gives you an idea of what you want to do with your days.

What Should I Do with My Life

Can a Test Tell Me What Should I Do with My Life?

Yes and no. It is a fact that no one—but you—can define your purpose(s). However, what should I do with my life quiz could help you get your head around your desires. It is a fun way to arrange your thoughts and see the bigger picture.

The quiz you are about to take does not tell you what to do precisely. That is because we do not have a simple answer (no one does). But it will show you what you need to find your path.

The results are based on the analysis of your personality. Unlike other questionaries that offer a job to you, this one allows you to choose. Your answers will reveal what you lack to get on the right footpath in your time.

3 Tools That Help You Stop Asking “What Should I Do with My Life?”

You have so many ways to figure things out. However, these three tools are best to ask for some help.

The Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow created a hierarchy of needs in 1943. He believed that human beings should fulfill four basic desires to achieve peace of mind. His idea is not necessarily an answer to “what should I do with my life?” However, it offers some insight into how and, more importantly, when to ask such questions.

According to Maslow, you should fulfill your physical needs in advance. Then you have to find a safe place to reside. After that, you want to find love and feel loved. And then, you require to do something that gives you more esteem.

Fulfilling these four needs results in self-actualization. This is when you stop suffering from constant worries and confusion about your existence.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs points out that you cannot jump into the last level—which is thinking about the purpose of life. Before such questions, you have four main requirements to take care of.

Self-Determination Theory

Edward Deci was a psychologist that came up with the SDT in 1985. According to his hypothesis, an ideal purpose, passion, or career has three main characteristics, autonomy, competence, and relatedness.

  • Autonomy is the level of your control over your time and action(s).
  • Competence is the feeling of being good at what you are doing.
  • And relatedness is the need to feel loved and appreciated by others.

So, based on the SDT, you should find a goal that matches these three qualities. For instance, you need a job that allows you to remain in charge of your time. Plus, it makes you feel like an expert while being respected by others doing the same job.

Self-Determination Theory could help those who constantly ask what should I do with my life? That is because it offers you an evaluation formula. Whatever purpose or choice that matches this principle is try-worthy and vice versa.

Life Purpose Quiz

Sometimes, you need a tool to put your thoughts together. Most people prefer to talk to a close one to do so. However, that does not always work. A What Should I Do with My Life Quiz is a reliable way to bring your ideas together—without being judged by anyone. It might not give you the ultimate answer. However, it offers some valuable insight into the best approach for someone like you to find the right path.

Things That Stop You from Finding the Purpose of Your Life

Many people answered, “what should I do with my life?” years ago. But they are still wondering how to move towards their goals. Something is stopping them from starting their engines. Here are some of the most common reasons you have a purpose for your life, but you do not move towards it.

Unrealistic Views

You should take a moment to ask yourself, “Is my goal realistic?” Being optimistic and ambitious is fine. But not if it stops you from thinking rationally. Many people feel depressed because their desires are too far away ever to achieve. That is usually the number one reason for someone to avoid trying. Unrealistic views might hype you at the beginning. But they soon turn into a solid reason for you to quit.

Keep things real. If you have an ambitious goal, divide it into small, achievable ones. Do not set generalized goals, like, “I want to be a millionaire.” Instead, go for specific purposes, and define steps.

Your Inner Doubt

It is the voice in your head trying to convince you to quit. Your inner doubt is a powerful creature who is usually against you. Its goal is to show you everything is doubtful, risky, and unworthy of trying. One of the reasons you do not know what to do with your life might be having a super-active inner doubt.

Of course, you need this voice to see the downsides of your choices. However, letting it decide for you is a huge mistake. It will never stop pointing out the bad stuff unless you quit. So, keep it in its cage—and do not make it your boss. Otherwise, you will always ask the same question, “what should I do with my life?”

Not Knowing What You Want

T. Harv Eker says, “The number one reason people do not get what they want is that they do not know what they want.” That is the harsh truth you should be aware of. You might know what makes you feel good. But that does not mean you know what you “desire.” If you feel like you do not move towards your goals, you probably do not have any.

Stop overthinking your performance for a while. Take your time to see if you know what you wish for in your life.

Lack of Patience

Remember Maslow’s hierarchy? It implies that everything takes place in order. And it takes time to create such an arrangement. Do not hurry because it is not helpful. Constantly asking what should I do with my life does more harm than good. So instead, think about current challenges around you. Is it better to focus on your education for now? Should you change you find a way to change your career? Are you ready for the next big step?

Some Advice on What to Do with Your Life

No guru could give you the answer. But this is a situation every human faces sooner or later. So, here are some of the most precious pieces of advice from people who have been through this struggle.

Pursue the Interests You Have Now

Who would have thought that those who started coding 10-15 years ago will have the most in-demand jobs? Who could have guessed that Youtubers are going to make millions of dollars? That is why you should follow the interests you currently have. It might seem like something unreliable for now. But that means nothing. If you do it better than others, you will benefit from it more than anyone else.

Stop Looking for a Divine Answer

It is not a simple question to ask. So, do not expect a straightforward and concrete answer. Life is constantly changing, so as you and your thoughts. Even if you could find a solid answer, it would not last for long. So, if you want to undergo less stress and distress, stop looking for something that does not exist.

Do Not Fear Failures

Life is not a lottery. You do not have limited chances to build what you want or achieve what you need. Your path towards a better living will always be full of failures. Do not fear disappointments. You would not find your way without them. Instead, embrace them. And let those hard moments teach you about the ultimate goal in your existence.

3 Reasons Why This Is the Right Quiz for You

1- It Helps You Think the Right Way

The What Should I Do with My Life test is a set of enlightening questions about you and your thoughts. It is one of the best tools for those with unorganized minds. Answering the questions hints you on what to focus on and what to think about.

2- It Gives You a Chance to Think Out of the Box

There are several things to consider when it comes to finding the purpose of life. Do you know all of them? Of course, not. The quiz on this page offers some ideas that you probably missed while thinking about the right way to live your life. It is an excellent tool to think out of the box for a couple of minutes.

3- It Keeps You in Charge of Your Future

Unlike most other meaning of life quizzes, this one does not provide you with career suggestions. It allows you to define who you want to be by choosing the most relatable options. The results only show you what you lack to discover the best route to follow.

Read This Part—Even If You Will Not Take the Test

Taking a What Should I Do with My Life Quiz might sound crazy to many people. But we do understand how complicated things could get—especially for the young. So, it is okay for you to seek any form of help.

It is neither weird nor pointless for you to take a quiz. It might offer you the missed piece of the puzzle you have been looking for the whole time; who knows?

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