Quiz: What Pie Should I Make? 2024 New Ideas

This quiz will help you find out what pie you should make in the new year. Take this baking quiz to find your dream pie.

What Pie Should I Make

What Pie Should You Make?

You should make the pie that you have the ingredients for. The four essentials are flour, fat, salt, and hydrator. But the filling and topping can determine what you should make.

Here are five ideas for choosing a pie to make.

·       Make a Celebrity Pie.

If you don’t know what to bake, look up celebrity pie recipes.

Martha Stewart, Michelle Obama, Michael Simon, and Gordan Ramsey—along with a ton of other celebrities—have their own pie recipes. And they taste Hollywoodly good.

·       Make a USA-Popular Pie.

The most popular pies in the US are cherry pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie, and blueberry pie. Make one if you’re looking for a risk-free recipe.

·       Make a No-Bake Pie.

A no-bake pie is prepared in 30 minutes or less. Make one if you don’t have enough time for baking.

·       Make a Themed Pie.

Try goblin pie for Halloween, turkey pie for Thanksgiving, and carrot pie for Easter. Choose the pie you should make based on the theme or occasion.

·       Make a Vegan Pie.

Have you gone vegetarian or vegan? Great! Make a vegan pie with all-organic no-animal-product ingredients.

The most popular vegan ingredients for pies are as follows:

Vegan Pie Ingredient US Popularity
Apple 14.37%
Squash 12.15%
Pumpkin 11.05%
Berries 10.82%


Decide the Next Pie to Bake with a Fun Quiz

Still wondering, “What pie should I make?” Take this baking quiz to find out.

The “Pie Picker Quiz” is a set of 20 questions that determine what pastry you should bake. It works based on your likings, time, and ingredients at hand.

If you’re more into devouring delicious pies, though, try “What Should I Eat?” It’s another fun foody test you’ll love.

Here’s how the Pie Quiz works:

Tell Us What Ingredients You Have.

You cannot decide what pie or tart to make without reviewing the ingredients. What pastry stuff do you already have at home? Are you okay with shopping for more or not? These questions help the Pie Quiz discover the pastry you should bake.

Let Us Know What Your Dream Pie Looks Like.

What should your favorite pie taste and look like? Sweet, sour, meaty, or creamy? The answer helps to choose the pie to make.

Choose the Types of Recipes You’re Happy with.

Some pies take only 30 minutes to make, some take much longer. Which one is your thing? A fancy or no-bake one? The Pie Quiz uses that info to come up with better pie suggestions.

See Which Pie You Should Make.

Once you answer all the 20 questions, the quiz suggests a list of pies you should make—and it gives you the recipes.

Moreover, the results include the following:

  • Award-winning pie recipes.
  • Pie-filling ideas.
  • And a bunch of unique recipes.

Sounds tasty? Hit the start button and discover the pastry to bake now. 🥧

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