Quiz: What Kind of Egg Are You? 🥚🍳

Ordinary people won’t get it, but hey, we know what kind of egg you are. This quiz breaks down your personality as an actual egg!

What Kind of Egg Are You

No one knows who came up with the idea first. Maybe it was a bored accountant staring at his boring scrambled eggs, thinking, “What if I was an egg?”

The mystery of its origins aside, this particular egg question—not the one involving which came first, egg or hen—is as existential as it gets. I mean, don’t you lay down on the bed at night wondering what type of egg you are? Of course, you don’t. But hear me out.

A new trend has been lurking underneath the internet’s silliest places: People are comparing their personalities with eggs, like, both hard and cooked ones.

So, as the responsible quiz people, we decided to help with that. The Egg Quiz on this page identifies your egg-ish type based on your traits, style, and physical characteristics.

Don’t worry; we’re experts at making weird tests. Previously, we assisted you guys in finding out what frog you are! So, yeah, this one should be easy.

For those too impatient for the results, we’ve also created a feature-based table that could expose your egg type. (See below.)

Egg Type Personification
Hard Boiled Short-tempered, aggressive, tough
Standard White Normie, predictable, sensitive
Organic Humble, hardworking, peaceful
Scrambled Confused, depressed, hopeless


Since it is just an egg test, take the results with a grain of salt. (Makes it a tad more delicious.) And remember that you are our favorite egg 🥚🍳 no matter what.

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