What Fruit Are You? 100% Fun Fruit Personality Quiz

Have you ever wondered what fruit you are? This amusing quiz matches your personality to one of the most popular fruits in the world. (And it’s freaking accurate!).

What Fruit Am I

A Fun Quiz to Reveal the Fruit within You

Not many people are like, “What fruit am I?” But you are certainly like that. This unexpected quiz has an answer to such a weird question, though. We analyze your characteristics to find your perfect fruity match.

If you have been around for a while, you are not strange to our unusual tests. You might already know about the What Food Am I Quiz, which exposes your persona based on your diet.

This one right here is a bit different, though. We want to uncover the type of person you are looking at the fruits you prefer and your overall opinions of them. So, it is going to be complicated—but we will make sure you have fun.

Find out what popular fruit you are.

The goal of the test is to answer your existential question, “Oh, what fruit am I?” So, all you need to do is respond to our 20 personality questions so we can decipher your character and match it to a banana, orange, or something. That is what you want, right?

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Jokes aside, the Fruit Personality Quiz actually analyzes your traits and behaviors. So, by the end of the test, you are going to find out why you matched that particular fruit and what it says about you. The accuracy of the results is going to shock you.

And share the funny results with your friends

Are you confident enough to let the world know what fruit you are? We believe you are. Thanks to the share buttons in the results, you can share them to your social media account(s) and brag about your apple, strawberry, or whatever persona.

Can Fruits Actually Reveal Your Personality?

Interestingly, fruits can affect your personality. According to a 2005 study, “adolescents who consumed more vegetables were more agreeable and more open to experience.” So, eating those morning apples and oranges can turn you into a happier person.

How to Know Which Fruit You Are (without a Test)

One way to find your personality fruit is to look at the following table. We categorized each of them based on the main characteristics so you can discover your match easily.

Personality Fruit
Banana Softie
Apple Confident
Orange Patient
Pear Determined
Mango Single-minded
Pineapple Self-reliant
Watermelon Outgoing


#1: Banana

Did you know that bananas are the most consumed fruits in the US? Well, being a yellowish fruit like that means you are an easygoing and loveable person. But you are also a softie. People would even think you are too gentle and timid.

One thing you do not want to do is google the symbolic meaning of banana. Let’s just say that you are a nice person and the fruit you confirm it.

#2: Apples

The forbidden one! If you are an apple, you are also extroverted, extravagant, and somewhat impulsive. Apples are known to have a temper—especially when things are intense. Plus, they are pretty outspoken. So, no one should expect you to give them fake compliments when their yellow hat looks like an alien’s genital and yet they feel “cute.”

Apple is the symbol of knowledge, immortality, temptation, and sin. That probably explains your naughty behaviors and perverted jokes.

#3: Strawberries

If your date was a weirdo who asked, “What fruit are you?” the best answer to give is, “Um, I’m a strawberry.” (Try to keep a serious face when saying it, though). Strawberries are known to be the sweetest creatures you will ever meet—besides your granny.

No wonder why strawberry is the symbol of Venus, the goddess of love. Simply put, everyone falls in love with you the moment you interact with them. And that is an excellent feature to have.

#4: Grapes

Oh, you are grapes, you naughty grapes. If your personality matches this innocent-looking fruit, you are a total baddie. What is wrong with grapes? You might ask. So, here is the thing. Humans have been using this fruit to produce wine since ancient times. And you all know what happens if you drink a couple of extra wines.

Your personality works the same way. On the outside, you are a polite, gentle, and normal person. But when it is dark outside, your true personality shows up, a real-deal outlaw.

According to Symbolsage.com, “Grape is the symbol of good things like abundance, fertility, and good luck, but it could also be on the other side of the spectrum, symbolizing suffering, debauchery, or bad luck.”

Why People Ask Things Like, “What Fruit Am I?”

For fun. Not all personality quizzes need to be as complicated as Enneagram Test. Sometimes, people want to know what fruit resembles their character or which bread is actually similar to them.

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