Quiz: Which Hunger Games Character Are You? 1 of 5 Match

Do you like to know which Hunger Games character you are? This quiz can tell you if you are Katniss, Gale, Peeta, or else. Answer 20 Panem-stuff questions to meet your match.

Hunger Games Quiz

The Only Hunger Games Quiz You Need to Find Your Match

We are here to answer fun questions like, “Which Hunger Games character am I?” And we do that as accurately as possible. By answering all the questions on the test, your personality is compared to that of all the main personas in the franchise, allowing us to reveal your perfect counterpart.

You may be familiar with our Squid Game Character Quiz, which is another popular survival-style test. Since both stories include killing for a better life, we think you would enjoy taking both.

However, the personality test on this page is unique in that it offers detailed and informative results and free character analysis.

Accurate Personality Matching

The goal of the questionary is to identify which of the Hunger Games franchise characters is similar to you. So, that would be the first thing you learn by taking the test. The cool thing is that the villains and antagonists of the books and movies are included in the results. So, you might end up matching a bad guy instead of the protagonist. (No hard feelings, though).

Offering Additional Character Info

The quiz discovers which Hunger Games character you are. But that is not all it does for you. The results contain some detailed and valuable information about your Panem universe persona. Here are things you are going to find out.

  • Occupation

Each character in the Hunger Games saga has one or more occupations. Take Peeta, for example. He has six occupations, Victor (74th Hunger Games), Tribute (75th Hunger Games), Baker, Soldier, Painter, and Special Counsel to President Snow.

Do you want to know what your occupation would be as an HG character? If yes, just start the quiz and get your results.

  • Weapon

Hunger Games characters use over 20 different weapons in the saga. Your choice of the weapon reveals valuable information about your personality. For example, introverts often prefer long-range guns, whereas extroverts like short- and mid-range armaments better.

Our quiz analyzes your responses to determine which of the Panem-specific weaponry matches you. (But keep in mind that it is not a Hunger Games Weapon Quiz by no means).

  • Fighting Style

The franchise revolves around a tournament that forces young people to kill each other. So, when it comes to identifying your Hunger Games character, we certainly want to expose your fighting style first. Would you be a brutal, merciless person? Or, like Katniss, would you prefer to take your own life instead of someone else’s?

  • The Chance of Winning a Hunger Games

Our Hunger Games Quiz is unique in that it estimates how likely would it be for your character to survive a tournament. It answers questions like, “Would I be a Victor?” To do so, we analyze your brutality level, mercilessness, and survivalist instincts. Spoiler: kindhearted people have little to no chance to become a victor. (Sorry).

Find Out Which Character You Are without a Test

Not every fan would ask for a Hunger Games Quiz to discover their match. So, here is a workaround for the lazy ones out there. Read the description of the three main personalities in the franchise and decide which one is similar to you.

Sidenote: As simple as it looks, the results of manually picking your Hunger Games character are never 100% accurate. So, we still encourage you to participate in the 20-question test for the best results possible.

Character Age
Katniss Everdeen 33
Gale Hawthorne 20
Peeta Mellark 33
Haymitch Abernathy 41-42
Cinna 30s
Primrose Everdeen 13-14
Alma Coin 50s


#1: Katniss Everdeen

Being the protagonist of the story, Katniss is a strong, stubborn, ambitious survivalist. She has a strong sense of right and wrong but is also able to think outside the box. When asked, “Which Hunger Games character are you?” many girls (and boys) would say I’m Katniss. That is because she is an amazing role model-like personality.

While she may seem like a cold person, Katniss is very emotional. It is just that she cannot express her feelings properly—due to her traumatic past.

#2: Gale Hawthorn

A loyal friend who is easy to anger but 100% reliable when it comes to hardships. Gale is Katniss’s best friend. He proves to be the most loyal character in the whole franchise by his heroic actions. However, he is a natural rebel. During the Rebellion, Gale is on the all-out attack side to guarantee victory despite the probability of high casualties. (That is while Katniss wanted to save as many people as possible).

People who share the same character with Gale are protective, caring, and giving. They go beyond expectations to keep their loved ones safe and sound.

#3: Peeta Mellark

One of the common answers you hear when asked, “Which Hunger Games character are you?” is I’m Peeta. He is everything you would wish a noble warrior be. Peeta is likable, charismatic, kind, and humble. Despite his manipulation skills, he never abuses his influence on people. He is also pretty clever and witty, assuming the best in everyone—unlike Katniss.

Or Else?

There are 10+ Hunger Games characters that you might be similar to. So, why don’t you take the full quiz to meet your perfect match? It only takes less than 5 minutes to answer all the questions and get an accurate result.

Why Fans Ask, “Which Hunger Games Character Are You?”

TRIBUTES (aka franchise fans) find it relatable to introduce yourself by telling others which character you are. That is the fastest way to figure out what type of person you are and how they can interact with you. That is why you might hear such questions in the franchise’s fandom.


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