What Color Should I Paint my Room? 2024 Trending Colors

Do you ask yourself, “What color should I paint my room?” This free home color picker quiz analyzes 6 expert-level factors to give you customized ideas.

What Color Should I Paint my Room

A Realistic Color Quiz That You Need in 2024

We already have an Interior Design Quiz that helps you find the right style for your house. But it does not include color palette ideas. The test on this page uses the latest principles and elements to reveal which shades, tones, or shadows match your room.

Find out what color you should paint your room.

The test consists of twenty practical questions about your house, floor plan, and expectations. Its goal is to help you decide on the color of your room.

Receive customized suggestions.

Unlike a Color Personality Test, which focuses on your characteristics to generate a result, this one works like a professionally designed paint-picking machine. It does consider your interests and ideas to finetune the results, though. But generally, the quiz customizes the suggestions based on your room’s function, vibe, size, light, and other interior design factors.

Get a matching color to your current palette.

Some parts of a house, such as its flooring, ceiling, or frames, might be expensive to change. So, we will suggest only colors that match the permanent sections of your design.

Factors that the Room Color Test Considers

Zahira Cury, a well-known interior designer and founder of D.Signer, says, “Colors evoke mood and emotions. So, you need to pick them carefully.” That is why the color picker quiz on this page considers almost every crucial component to offer the best paint for your room(s).


The first and foremost element is functionality. What are you going to use the room for? Is it your office, kid’s playroom, bedroom, or bathroom? The purpose of a space determines what color(s) it should be. For example, a kid’s room should include energetic and upbeat hues like yellow, orange, or even red. But using the very same shades for your bedroom could be the biggest mistake of your life.


For many, the big question is, “What color should I paint my room to make it look bigger?” The truth is that shades play a significant role in your space’s scale and size. Darker shades make a room smaller and cozy, while bright ones do the exact opposite.


The amount of light a room receives can control the color you choose for it. For example, a darker place needs lighter shades to make it more appealing, whereas an overly bright space can be toned down with darker shades.


Coloradopainting.com says, “Painting your house may cost you around $1,800 per average-sized room.” So, the Color Picker Quiz wants you to know that budgeting matters. A handful of questions in the test will try to figure out how much money you should spend on paint and why.

Current Design

Changing a house’s entire look and style is way too expensive to consider—unless you are on Forbes Fortune 500 or something. That is why our quiz does its best to suggest colors that match your existing palette to minimize your expenses.


Deciding on what color you should paint a room is not easy when you are unaware of the trends. Of course, you can always be an outlaw and create your path to it. However, it is good to have a glance at the list of the popular hues of the year to give you an idea of what works best.

If that sounds like too much work, trust the Room Color Picker Quiz. We analyzed all the trending shades to create the most pleasing palettes of all time.

4 Popular Ways to Decide What Color to Paint Your Room

Ashley, from Lowe’s Home Improvement, says, “All colors are related one way or another. Understanding their relations is the first step towards exploring creative colors for your project.”

While taking an online quiz is an excellent method to pick the right shades, you might also want to try these techniques. These systems only work using a color wheel, a simple pie-shaped chart of warm and cool shades.

#1: Monochromatic Schema. Choosing multiple values of the same hue.

One of the easiest, modern-ish ways of choosing the right color for a room is to go monochromatic. You select one of the shades in the color wheel and then use all or multiple options that exist in the same row. For example, you go with blue and employ all other tones and undertones in your design.

#2: Adjacent Palette. Two or more color wheel rows next to each other.

In this method, you choose your room paint by handpicking a group of attached shade rows. For example, you pick yellow and red, which are next to each other. Then, you employ several tones in the same lines to customize your space.

#3: Complementary Style. Two opposite lines in the color wheel.

When deciding what color to paint your room, one fun method is to embrace contrast. The complementary style allows you to combine two opposite sides of the hue wheel to create an eye-catching harmony.

#4: Triadic Pattern. 3 colors with the same distance from the center of the wheel.

You select one row. Then select another with, say, two lines away from the center, and then pick the other line with the very same distance. That’s it; your dream palette with vibrant colors will be ready to use.

Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Color for Your Room

We still recommend taking the quiz if you wonder what color you should paint your room. But regardless of the results, we also want you to remember these expert pieces of advice. These simple steps can save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars when renovating your house paint.

Always get a sample of the color(s) you pick.

The shades you see in the store might differ from those you end up with on your walls. All the affecting factors, such as lighting, size, and undertones, change when you use a shade in a new space. So, it is wise to ask for a sample before making any decisions.

Use an online paint visualizer tool or app.

You can find websites and applications that change the color of your room’s wall when you upload a picture. If you are too lazy to buy and try samples, consider using one of these online tools instead.

Calculate the paint you need in advance.

For some homeowners, the big question is how much paint to buy for their rooms. One way to get an accurate answer is to use online calculators. You enter the room’s measurements, and it tells you how much paint is sufficient. Another way is to give the sizes to your local retailer so they can provide you with the necessary paint.

Go neutral if you cannot decide.

A go-to combination for those who cannot decide is a white ceiling and trim plus neutral colors for the walls. If you do not know the right paint, just use that formula to avoid any unnecessary risk.

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