Quiz: What Bleach Character Are You? 2024 Updated

The Bleach character quiz reveals which Shinigami you are. Are you Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki, Kisuke Urahara, or else?

What Bleach Character Are You

The Bleach Character Quiz Explained

Comprised of twenty anime-inspired questions, the Bleach Character Quiz is a personality test that reveals which protagonist or antagonist you are. In other words, it identifies if you’re Ichigo, Rukia, Kisuke, Orihime, or someone else.

Bleach is a Shonen anime based on a titular manga by Tite Kubo. It tells the story of a young man who accidentally receives a Shinigami’s power and enters the Soul Society.

With the current quiz, you find out which of the show’s main characters shares the same personality as you.

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How to Know Which Bleach Character You Are

With over 60 characters, Bleach has a rich cast of memorable anime personalities. But that makes it challenging to find your perfect match among the Shinigami. Currently, the two optimal ways to discover your Bleach doppelganger are taking a personality test—like the one on this page—or comparing your MBTI type with the anime characters.

If you already know your MBTI, use the following table to see what Bleach character is similar to you.

Character MBTI
Orihime Inoue ESFJ
Ichigo Kurosaki ISFP
Rukia Kuchiki ISTJ
Kisuke Urahara INTP
Kenpachi Zaraki ESTP
Toshiro Hitsugaya ISTJ
Sosuke Aizen INTJ
Gin Ichimaru INTP
Byakuya Kuchiki ISTJ


Ichigo Kurosaki

As the anime’s protagonist, Ichigo is brave, loyal, and protective. He strives to do the right thing and fight against evil. But he also battles his inner demons. Ichigo is an ISFP character, a gentle caretaker who values relationships and friendships above all else.

Rukia Kuchiki

Personality-wise, Rukia is a caring, responsible, and considerate person. But she comes off as serious and introverted. What makes her a memorable Bleach character is her mature attitude and wise decisions. Rukia is an ISTJ, a responsible organizer who likes discipline and order.

Kisuke Urahara

Despite his mysterious side, Kisuke is a funny, laidback, and innovative character. He is also quite intelligent, helping out his friends with creative solutions. Kisuke is an INTP, a logical analyzer with the ability to think outside of the box.

Orihime Inoue

A sweet, giving, and optimistic girl, Orihime is a fan-favorite Bleach character. Personality-wise, she is cheerful and lively, making her a helpful friend in the gloomy world of anime. As an ESFJ, Orihime can be described as outgoing, loyal, organized, and tender-hearted.

Heads Up! You Might Match a Bleach Villain

Whether it’s Sosuke Aizen and his group called the Espada or Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tosen, your Bleach match might be one of the most notorious characters in anime history. So, before choosing an option, think twice.

Ready to Find Your Shinigami Self in the Soul Society?

Are you still wondering which Bleach character you are? If yes, waste no time and hit the start button. The quiz helps you find your Bleach counterpart based on your Shinigami potential.

Answer twenty entertaining questions and see if you’re Ichigo, Rukia, Kisuke, Orihime, or some other Bleach character.


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