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Don’t you wonder which golden ratio dog you are? This golden retriever quiz reveals if you are Hopper, Venkman, Guacamole, Chief Brody, Remoulade, or Nacho.

Which Golden Ratio Dog Are You

Who Are the Golden Ratio Dogs?

The “golden ratio dogs” are a squad of rescued golden retrievers fostered by GR Mom and GR Dad. Initially, the group consisted of five dogs: Hopper T, Venkman, Maggie, Jasmin, and Queso. But new members have been added to the family since the passing of some older dogs.

What Is the Golden Ratio Dog Quiz?

It’s a series of personality questions revealing which golden ratio dog you are. By the end of the test, you meet your golden retriever soulmate and discover why it’s your perfect match.

With the help of the Golden Ratio Dogs Wiki, we’ve categorized each squad member’s personality carefully, making it likelier for you to find your doggy counterpart.

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How to Know Which Golden Ratio Dog You Are?

Dogs have distinct personalities—just like humans—whether it’s a golden or Labrador retriever.

One way to find your look-alike in the golden ratio dog squad, therefore, is by getting to know their personalities.

Golden Ratio Dog Personality
Hopper T Level-headed
Venkman Empathetic
Maggie Supportive
Jasmin Considerate
Queso Calm
Nacho Playful
Guacamole Energetic



The following personality breakdowns might help with that.

#1. Hopper

A level-headed, athletic golden retriever, Hopper T is a certified therapy dog. She loves comforting others and helping them get through rough days.

#2. Venkman

Slightly silly, Venkman or Vink is a food-loving dog. Personality-wise, she is incredibly caring and empathetic, spending most of her life as a nurse or guardian.

#3. Nacho

A fun-loving puppy, Nacho is playful and energetic. He is also a bit clumsy and might cause minor troubles now and then.

#4. Jasmine

Jasmine, or Jasmeen, is a late golden ratio dog member. She used to be a thoughtful dog spending most of her time observing the world.

Other squad members and angel dogs.

As of the creation of Squad 2.7, the golden ratio dogs have had over 18 members. However, 12 dogs have passed away and joined the angel members so far.

The good thing about the golden ratio dog quiz is that it honors the angel dogs. So, you might match up with one of the beloved late puppies.

What to Do After the GR Dog Quiz?

You can do several things after taking the test to support the GR family. Here are three ideas:

  • Share the results with friends.

The results are fun to share with friends. But by doing so, you also help raise awareness about rescued dogs and foster families.

  • Follow GR Mom and Dad on social media.

Golden ratio dogs have an inviting online community. You can join the family by following the GR Mom and Dad on social media or becoming one of their patrons on Patreon. (Their handle is @thegoldenratio4 on most platforms).

  • Support The Golden Ratio Foundation.

Being awesome golden retriever parents, the GR Mom and Dad have also created a non-profit organization, THE GOLDEN RATIO FOUNDATION, to rescue seniors, dogs with special medical needs, and hospice cases.

Donating to their organization would save more dogs.

Ready to Meet the Golden Retriever in You?

You are now officially prepared to find out which golden ratio dog looks like you. Respond to the following fun questions for instant results.


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