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Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You?

Which 1989 Song Are You

Do you wonder which 1989 song you are? This Taylor Swift personality quiz reveals which of her hit tracks matches your characteristics.

The 1989 Quiz is a personality test inspired by Taylor Swift’s titular album with the goal of identifying the song that resembles you. Basically, the test compares your characteristics with those of the characters in Taylor’s lyrics to find a perfect counterpart.

For example, we all know that “Slut!” is all about rising above the bullies and being yourself. So, a bold, warrior-spirited Swifty would definitely get this song in their result. However, a reserved, shy, and depressed fan would probably get “Say Don’t Go.” (It’s all about the words and vibes in a song.)

In 2014, Taylor Swift released her fifth studio album called “1989.” Fast forward to October of 2023, as part of her re-recorded series, she unveiled a fresh rendition of this iconic hit.

Previously, we created a trivia test for Swifties, telling them how big of a fan they are based on a series of challenging questions. But to celebrate the release of 1989 Taylor’s Version, we decided to help you find your soul’s track with a genuine test.

Answer the 20 questions on this page to see which 1989 song you are.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • The quiz includes both the original and Taylor’s Version songs.
  • You might match one of the “From the Vault” tracks. (These include Slut!, Say Don’t Go, Now That We Don’t Talk, Suburban Legends, and Is It Over Now?)
  • The personality analysis you get in the end is based on lyrics.
  • The test uses the Deluxe editions of both classic and re-recorded versions.


QuizExpo does not own the images used in the test and intends no copyright infringement.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Heartbreaks. How do you get over them?
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 1
    • I just cry and let time heal my wounds

    • I usually ask for a close friend’s help

    • Unfortunately, I push the “rebound” button

    • No breakdowns. I just move on like a champ

  • 2
    Describe Taylor Swift in one word or two.
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 2
    • Angel

    • True artist

    • Sis

    • Inspiring Baddie

  • 3
    What did the 1989 album make you feel?
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 3
    • Broken

    • Nostalgic

    • Young

    • Old

  • 4
    What’s the most challenging part of love?
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 4
    • Trusting your lover

    • Finding the one

    • Settling down and commitment

    • Matching the vibes of someone else

  • 5
    Why did your last relationship end?
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 5
    • Cheating

    • It’s not ended

    • Trust issues

    • Complicated stuff

  • 6
    How do you react to social media bullying?
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 6
    • It affects me so bad. I can’t deal with it

    • I usually just ignore them bullies

    • I fire back and stand up for myself

    • I make those bullies regret their existence

  • 7
    Which one describes your dream relationship?
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 7
    • Romantic, classic, and trust-oriented

    • Firey, intense, and unique

    • Adventurous, breathtaking, challenging

    • Lustful, naughty, and bold

  • 8
    What type of people attract you the most?
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 8
    • Honest and nice

    • Good-looking and tall

    • Mysterious and confident

    • Rich and famous

  • 9
    What would you say about your first crush?
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 9
    • Still hurts

    • I genuinely liked them. *Sight*

    • Haha. It was the silliest thing ever

    • I don’t want to talk about it

  • 10
    What kind of student were you in high school?
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 10
    • Shy and quiet

    • Creative and nerdy

    • Funny and active

    • Naughty and rebellious

  • 11
    How’s your relationship with your parents?
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 11
    • Non-existent

    • Really good. I love them

    • Meh, it is what it is

    • Oh, boy. We hate each other

  • 12
    Why do you think Taylor Swift is such a special singer?
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 12
    • Her personality

    • Her life experiences

    • Her musical talent

    • Her relatable lyrics

  • 13
    How old were you when Taylor released the original 1989 album? (I mean, back in 2014.)
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 13
    • Probably 10 or younger

    • Around 13-16

    • Maybe 17-23

    • 24 or older

  • 14
    What type of lyrics are your jam?
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 14
    • Sad

    • Romantic

    • Motivational

    • Deep and bold

  • 15
    Which version of Taylor is your favorite?
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 15
    • Innocent girl

    • Lover girl

    • Queen of pop

    • Badass girl

  • 16
    How big of a Swifty are you? (10 means you’re the biggest fan.)
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 16
    • 10

    • 7-9

    • 3-6

    • 0-2

  • 17
    Love hurts. Do you agree?
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 17
    • Yes, every freaking time

    • I don’t know. It has hurt me for sure

    • Well, maybe. But it’s worth it

    • No, love is just a lie. You’re just hurting yourself

  • 18
    What is a must-have feature for your partner?
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 18
    • Kindheartedness

    • Romanticism

    • Style

    • Money and confidence

  • 19
    What type of love do you wish to experience?
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 19
    • Honest

    • Unconditional

    • Intense

    • Forbidden

  • 20
    Final question: How often do you listen to Taylor’s songs?
    Quiz: Which 1989 Song Are You? 20
    • Every day

    • Usually, when I’m alone

    • Mostly while I’m driving

    • It’s not that often. Once in a while, I guess

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