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How much time do you usually spend picking out your daily outfit?
  • a

    A minute or two

  • b

    Ten to fifteen minutes, I guess?

  • c

    At least an hour

  • d

    Two hours or even longer


Question 1: How much time do you usually spend picking out your daily outfit?

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If you want to know how fancy you are, take this sophistication and stylishness quiz. It scores your fanciness based on 20 subtle factors.

What Does It Mean to Be Fancy?

If you are elaborate with your style, manner, and taste, you’re a fancy person. Being fancy means you value sophistication and refinement in all aspects of your lifestyle, especially in the way you dress and treat others.

Of course, fancy can sometimes imply a negative connotation. When someone sarcastically calls you “fancy,” what they mean is you’re extra, showy, or lame.


Where Do You Land on the “Fancy” Spectrum?

Fanciness is one end of the mannerism and style spectrum, with the other end belonging to lameness. But what matters for now is where you land on the scale; are you a super-ghetto weirdo or a stylish fancy? Here’s how you can find out for yourself.


Do you have a lavish lifestyle? Are luxurious brands a casual must-have in your wardrobe? Have you been intentional with your mannerisms and etiquette? If yes, you’re a super-fancy person.


If you don’t care about fancy stuff and prefer to live a casual life, you’re a normie. While normie-ness might be a fancy person’s nightmare, it’s indeed nothing to be afraid of. Most of us, in fact, are functional normies who have more important things to do than overthink their style choices.


Lameness represents the complete opposite of fanciness. A lame individual not only fails to appreciate style but also consistently makes choices that go against it. Lame individuals tend to be lazy and disorganized and often have difficulty relating to others due to their almost anti-social demeanor.

5 Subtle Signs You’re a Fancy Person

While your style can give away your fanciness level, there are other subtle indications that may go over your head:

  • You value word choice. People might think you talk slowly, but you’re taking your time to form the best sentences possible.
  • You care about details. While everyone wants to focus on the big picture, you see the tiny details.
  • You don’t hide your soft spots. A subtle sign of sophistication is being honest with yourself, exposing both the soft and harsh aspects.
  • You are grateful. A fancy person is not an entitled narcissist. What they are is a thankful individual who takes nothing for granted.
  • You prefer quality over quantity. You don’t want “more,” you want “better.” This quality-seeking attitude is an undeniable sign you have an elaborate and refined taste.

This Quiz Exposes Your Fanciness Level

Would you like to assess your level of fanciness? Take this quiz on sophistication and elegance to discover where you stand. The quiz consists of basic behavioral questions, an analysis of your personal style, and an evaluation of your ethical values. Based on your responses, you will be assigned a fanciness score, with higher scores indicating a higher level of refinement.

By the way, it would be a good idea to try our other related quiz called “How Humble Are You?” after this. It determines if your stylishness is turning you into a cocky and arrogant person or not.

Now, hit the start button, and let us reveal how big of a fancy person you are.