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Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest

Are You a W or an L

This fun quiz is going to tell you if you are a W or an L, 100% honestly! Get ready and answer 20 simple questions to find out!

TikTok has a bizarre world. Content creators create one trending video after another, and there is a lot of thought behind the scenes of these seemingly funny videos.

Of course, on Tik Tok, most video creators try to make funny content, and it can be said that 90% of the time, it is like this. But it doesn’t matter! Because the world reacts very well to these videos, people have started not paying much attention to the politics behind these issues.

Using some abbreviations in Tiktok videos is one of the good ways that content producers communicate with their followers, and it has become a universal language for Tiktokers.

As time passes, the number of these slang increases day by day, and it can be said that it has become almost the most significant part of any textual content model of Tik Tok application. But do you know anything about this slang, especially L and W?

What does L and W mean on TikTok

As mentioned, slang and abbreviations are essential in Tik Tok. Because the general content of Tik Tok is related to video production, viewers are not interested in reading long texts and captions. For this reason, Tik Tok content producers use these slang and abbreviations.

This topic is not only trending in Tik Tok, but it is also trending and used in other mediums, such as sports and video games. One of these slang is the correct use of W and L. The W word means Win, and the L word means Losing.

Of course, in Tik Tok, this issue is not only used for winning and losing. These two letters mostly show the negative and positive charge of a subject.

For example, if you see good content on Tik Tok, you can comment with the letter W under the post, which will let the producer of the post’s content know that you liked his post.

But if you comment on the letter L, you have made him understand that you didn’t like his content and that you objected to that post in some way.

Even some Tiktokers ask their followers to comment on the letters W and L under their posts and somehow go with this trend.

It’s Not only about W and L

The use of L and W in the virtual space community came up a long time ago. Especially among the gamers who used these two words to consider the loser and the winner. For example, imagine that you are playing Call of Duty, and your team is winning. That’s when you’ve done a little rant for your opponent’s team by typing the letter W.

It means we are winning, and we beat your team. Or even if you’re talking to your friend and asking him if it’s a good idea to invest in Bitcoin? Your friend says no, it’s an L. This means investing in this cryptocurrency is wrong.

Back To Reality

Many things determine whether you are a winner or a loser in life. But you don’t necessarily have to be a winner or a loser for the rest of your life. You may be a complete loser right now, but the cards will turn in your favor in the future, and you will be a real winner.

Or you may be in a good position right now, and in the not-too-distant future, you’ll become a real loser like many other people you once thought you were far from.

There can be many reasons for you being a loser or a winner. You may be a winner because of your perfect financial situation but also be hated by many people.

W or an L quiz

It is better to be ready for the quiz. In this quiz, by answering 20 questions, we will tell you whether you are a loser or a winner.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Do you have pride?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 1
    • Yes, I am not always proud of all people, but I keep my pride

    • Not. I lose my pride very quickly and put myself in awful situations.

  • 2
    Do you value the friends you have?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 2
    • Yes. My friends are attentive to me, and I try to be careful of my friends

    • Not. I don't know how important it is to value others

  • 3
    Are you cheating on your partner?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 3
    • No, cheating is for cowards, and I would never do it

    • Yeah. There is a secret pleasure in betraying others that I love

  • 4
    Do you lie to other people?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 4
    • No, I never feel good about lying to other people

    • Yes, I will lie to people if I need to escape from a problem

  • 5
    Do you take advantage of people?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 5
    • no, This is not the right thing at all, and I will never abuse anyone

    • Yes. If I need to use people for the advancement of my work, I will do this

  • 6
    In your opinion, if your character was an animal, what animal would it be?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 6
    • Dog

    • Lion

  • 7
    Do you live alone?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 7
    • No, I still live with my family and am not an independent person

    • Yes, I am independent and live in my own house

  • 8
    Are you a talkative person?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 8
    • Yes, I talk a lot. I can't keep quiet for long

    • No, I don't talk much at all. In my opinion, the more fruitful a tree is, the more humble it is

  • 9
    Are you a morning person?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 9
    • Yes, I wake up very early in the morning so that I can focus and work on my daily tasks

    • No, I sleep late, and when I wake up, I've lost most of the day

  • 10
    Are you a responsible person?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 10
    • Yes, I always do the responsibilities I accept well, and I am responsible for my actions

    • Not much, I'm afraid of commitment, and I hardly do what I'm supposed to do.

  • 11
    Are you always invited to parties?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 11
    • Yes, I am a cool person, and I am always invited to my friends' parties

    • No, no one will ask me to the party. I feel that others do not like me.

  • 12
    Are you in a relationship?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 12
    • Yes, I am in a very successful relationship and love my partner very much

    • No, I'm not a relationship person, and I can't find a suitable partner in my life

  • 13
    Do you have a unique talent?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 13
    • Yes, I have an exceptional talent that not many people have

    • I don't have any unique talent, and I haven't sought to cultivate any talent in myself

  • 14
    Do you exercise?
    • Yes, I always try to have a healthy body and work on my health

    • No, I'm not in the mood for exercise, and I don't go to the gym much

  • 15
    Do you respect other people's opinions?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 14
    • Why not? I must be a reasonable person, and if someone says something good, I will listen to him

    • If his words contradict mine, I try not to pay attention to his words. My words are more important

  • 16
    How do you spend most of your time in a day?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 15
    • I always try to spend my time in the best possible way to get closer to my goal

    • I spend time with my friends or staring at my phone screen

  • 17
    Can you make good decisions in the face of problems?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 16
    • Yes, I try not to lose control of my life and always make the right decisions.

    • No, I can never make the right decision, and I always panic when faced with challenges

  • 18
    Do you have a good job?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 17
    • Yes, I am delighted with my job, and I am working in my favorite profession with a good salary

    • I am not satisfied with my job at all, and I cannot cope with doing this

  • 19
    Are you kind to everyone?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 18
    • Yes, I try to be nice to everyone, and I am kind to others as much as I can

    • No, I hardly communicate with others, and I try not to show my kindness to everyone

  • 20
    Do you have many friends?
    Quiz: Are You a W or an L? 100% Honest 19
    • Yes, I make good friends with everyone, and everyone likes me

    • No, I don't have many friends, and I will lose the friends I have very soon

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