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Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz

Are You a Good Girlfriend

Are you a good girlfriend? This relationship quiz reveals if you’re a perfect wife material or just a baddie. Let’s Analyze how you treat your partner!

Who Is a Good Girlfriend?

Not your appearance but your personality determines how likable you are in a relationship. You are a good girlfriend if you support your partner, allow them to express their emotions, and show your love for them while remaining independent and confident.

Good Girlfriend Bad Girlfriend
Supports her partner Is entitled and naggy
Is confident Has trust issues
Loves and respects herself Is disrespectful and aggressive
Is independent and proactive Is codependent and passive


Take a Quiz to Find Out if You’re a Good Girl or a Total Baddie

You want to be the best partner ever. Though, self-doubts like “Am I even lovely?” are unavoidable. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You’re about to take a quiz that objectively analyzes your actions to determine whether you’re a good or bad girlfriend.

The test consists of straightforward relationship and personality questions. And the goal is to figure out what kind of girlfriend you are by how you treat your partner.

5 Signs You Are the Perfect Girlfriend

Communication, independence, respect, support, and responsibility are the only five items on the perfect girlfriend checklist.

#1. You are not passive-aggressive.

If you don’t expect your lover to read your mind and communicate your problems, you’re an excellent partner. A good girlfriend/boyfriend prefers conversations over passive aggression.

#2. You are an independent woman.

You want to have your own interests, hobbies, and social activities so that your happiness is not solely reliant on your partner. Codependency can devastate a healthy relationship and turn you into a toxic person.

#3. You respect yourself as well as your partner.

Respectfulness is essential for being a good girlfriend or boyfriend. You must respect your partner and expect them to do the same for you. Crossing the lines when you’re mad won’t help you maintain a long-term relationship, no matter how apologetic you are afterward.

#4. You are a supportive girlfriend.

Life is already difficult. As a companion, a good partner assists you in dealing with its difficulties. So, if you’re not supportive of your boyfriend, you’re not the ideal girlfriend.

#5. You acknowledge your responsibilities.

An entitled girl who always thinks she’s right is not a desirable love interest. But if you accept your part in the problems and apologize when you’re wrong, you already know you’re a good girlfriend.

Things That Have NOTHING To Do with Being a Good Girlfriend

There are a lot of misconceptions about the idea of a perfect romantic partner. But you should know the following criteria don’t decide if you’re the right person for a relationship.

Super-model looks.

Yes, appearance is always an affecting factor when choosing your partner. But it has nothing to do with being a good or bad girlfriend. You are not supposed to look like a Hollywood star for your lover to rely on you. In fact, if looks are the only standard your partner cares about, you’re better off without them. (So, stop overthinking things like, “Am I cute?”).


Unlike in some media, girls don’t need to be passive, shy, and submissive to be good partners. Contrarily, confidence, individuality, and proactiveness make them a perfect fit for a thriving relationship.

Child-like innocence.

Many women have self-doubts like, “Why don’t guys like me? Is it because I’m a bad person?” In most societies, good girls are as guiltless as a child—and anyone else gets to be called the B-word. But you should know that it’s only outdated BS. You’re allowed to make mistakes and still be considered a good girlfriend so long as you care, learn, and grow.

How to Know if You Are Not a Good Girlfriend? What are the Signs?

The quiz helps you evaluate your role as a romantic partner. But how could you ensure you’re not a burden and your boyfriend is actually happy in your relationship?

If one or more of the following statements describe you, it’s time to reconsider your approach to romance. You’re probably not the perfect companion you wish to be.

You rely on your partner to make you happy.

Happiness is a byproduct of being in a healthy relationship. But it’s not your partner’s duty to make you feel better about everything in life. You two need to work together and help each other with that. If you think otherwise, you’re not a good girlfriend.

You want others to treat you like a princess.

A queen-like entitled girlfriend is not who you wish to spend the rest of your life with. It’s toxic to put yourself before others all the time. You need to contribute to your relationship and be there when your partner needs you. Otherwise, you’re doubling life’s challenges for your boyfriend or partner—because now they have to take care of you as well.

Note: We recommend taking our Daddy Issues Quiz to ensure you’re not an entitled princess.

You have commitment phobia.

Commitment issues keep high walls between the two of you in a relationship. A good girlfriend leaves enough room for trust to be built and is not afraid to be vulnerable. But if you hold yourself back and are too scared to commit, you’re simply not ready for a relationship.

Keep One Thing in Mind Before Taking the Quiz

You’re here to find out if you are a good girlfriend for your partner or not. But everything you see here is also applicable to your boyfriend/partner. Things that make you a nice, lovely girl for a relationship are the same attributes your partner should have.

Romance is a two-way road. You can’t expect one side to do all the hard work while the other is chillaxing. So, don’t go too harsh on yourself and stop overthinking. If you and your lover have mutual goals and are ready to learn and grow, nothing stops you from achieving true, ever-lasting love.

Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    What do you think should be your partner's priority?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 1
    • Our relationship as well as our personal lives

    • I want to be their priority, but I'd never force it on them

    • I think our relationship should be our priority

    • Me. I have to be their priority.

  • Question 2

    Why do you want to know if you are a good girlfriend?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 2
    • I want to ensure I'm a reliable partner.

    • I feel like I'm not good enough.

    • I want to ensure I'm not our relationship's problem.

    • I want to prove a point to my partner.

  • Question 3

    What makes you feel loved and appreciated?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 3
    • Respect and care

    • Compliments and hugs

    • Being taken care of

    • Gifts and luxurious dates

  • Question 4

    Do you love yourself? What do you think about self-love?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 4
    • Yes, I love and respect myself

    • I'm trying to learn self-love

    • I think it's not possible to love yourself

    • Self-love is a stupid idea when no one loves you

  • Question 5

    How easy is it to trust your partner and give them enough personal space?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 5
    • It's the easiest thing I do for my relationship

    • It's not that easy. But I'm trying my best.

    • It's pretty challenging.

    • It sounds impossible for me to trust others.

  • Question 6

    Of the following traits, which one do you think is crucial for being a desirable partner?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 6
    • Self-confidence

    • Agreeableness

    • Physical appeal

    • Financial success

  • Question 7

    What's your ideal lover like? How would you describe them?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 7
    • Someone who loves me for who I am

    • Someone who's helping me overcome life's challenges

    • Someone who closes their eyes on my imperfections

    • Someone who's able to take care of me and deserves me.

  • Question 8

    How do you act when you're mad at your partner?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 8
    • I try to talk to them calmly.

    • I spend some time alone before discussing the issue.

    • I become impulsive.

    • I yell and go crazy for a while

  • Question 9

    Do you think it's okay for lovers to spend some time alone and have their own hobbies?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 9
    • Yes, sure. That's a must.

    • I think so. But I'm not sure.

    • No, I want us to hang out all the time.

    • That's actually when your partner decides to cheat on you.

  • Question 10

    How often are you worried about your partner cheating on you when they're alone?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 10
    • Rarely or never.

    • Once in a while.

    • Pretty often.

    • I'm thinking about that all the time.

  • Question 11

    How easy is it for you to commit to a relationship?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 11
    • It's pretty easy.

    • Not easy. But I can deal with commitment.

    • I think I'm afraid of that.

    • I suck at commitment.

  • Question 12

    Do you have any trust issues? Do you find it challenging to trust your partner(s)?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 12
    • No, not really. I trust my partner with my heart.

    • It's not the easiest thing. But I do trust my partner.

    • I want to trust my partner. But they're not helping me with that.

    • I don't trust anyone.

  • Question 13

    "You don't have to look like a super-model to be a good girlfriend." Do you agree?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 13
    • Yes, I totally agree.

    • I think so. But I'm not sure.

    • That's a fancy lie.

    • Men want super-models. Period.

  • Question 14

    What do you do when your partner has a bad day and is sad?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 14
    • I listen to them and be there for them.

    • I stress out but try to be helpful.

    • It usually affects my mood, and we fight.

    • I mind my own business until they feel fine again.

  • Question 15

    Which one describes your anger better?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 15
    • Controlled and mild

    • Loud but controlled

    • Impulsive and irrational

    • Loud and uncontrolled

  • Question 16

    "If they love you, they can guess what's upsetting you." Do you agree?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 16
    • No, your partner is not a psychic

    • I don't think it's true.

    • Yes, that is a beautiful quote.

    • If you have to explain your feelings, you're not in love.

  • Question 17

    How would you feel if your partner dumped you?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 17
    • I'd feel sad, but I'd eventually move on.

    • I think I'd be fine, but I might need my friends/family's support.

    • I'd feel broken and betrayed

    • I'd never be the same person again

  • Question 18

    Do you seek your partner's validation all the time?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 18
    • No, why would I?

    • I'm trying not to.

    • Yes, it feels good.

    • Yes, my partner should make me feel better about myself.

  • Question 19

    Which one describes your social life outside your romantic relationship?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 19
    • I have an active social life

    • I'm trying to work on my social life

    • I don't have a social life outside my relationship

    • We don't need a social life as long as we have each other.

  • Question 20

    Final question; do you think jealousy is a sign of love?

    Are You a Good Girlfriend? 100% Honest Quiz 20
    • No, it's actually a red flag.

    • I used to think it is. But not anymore.

    • Yes, jealousy is a love language.

    • If your partner is not jealous of you, they don't love you.

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