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This Alignment Test Reveals Your True Character. 100% Valid

Alignment Test

This accurate Alignment Test will reveal your real personality with some simple questions. Are you good, neutral, or evil? chaotic, or lawful?

Have you ever thought that if it were possible to become an angel or evil, you would choose to be an angel with the right and difficult decisions or evil with great power and easy choices?

It might happen to all of us that in some situations, we have to choose between good things for everyone or the best thing just for ourselves! This alignment test will help you figure out who decides for you in sensitive situations, Good or Evil?! Many movies like “Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina” have been made on this subject, or their story continues based on a person’s decision to become a good or evil character

This alignment test is a tool to figure out your Intrinsic identity, which doesn’t mean that you are limiting yourself. Still, it develops your character and can help you make the right decision at certain times.

The test has two types: moral and ethical; each one of them has three positions. Good, neutral, and evil are three types of morals. Good characters usually care about the welfare of others. Still, evil is often trying to harm others, and Neutrals care more about themselves.

Ethics also has chaotic, neutral, and lawful. Lawful characters usually follow the social rules, and Neutral people follow only rules that they find convenient or necessary. And chaotic people always try to change or ruin the rules!

In this alignment test, there are several special categories, which include: neutral good, neutral evil, chaotic good, chaotic evil, lawful neutral, neutral, chaotic neutral, lawful evil, or lawful good.

D&D Alignment Test

As you might know, Dungeons & Dragons is an old fantasy role-playing game that defines different characters with a compass. It will decide every player’s strength, wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, and Charisma and classifies them into different races and classes.

Players must choose between two options, one as the character of “law vs. Chaos” and the other as “Good vs. Evil.” This d&d alignment test also does the same job and helps you find your race. So if you want to know about your d&d character, don’t waste any more time and take this test!

Moral Alignment Test

The moral alignment test is usually for those who don’t know much about the d&d, but they need to discover their moral character. However, like in real life, these are just guidelines and not rules that you have to abide by. You may have the characteristics of one or more alignments, and this depends on the different conditions that we will lead you to in this test. The most important thing about it; is how the moral alignment test will mix up the scenarios with good, evil, and lawful stories and the way you will face them.

Political Alignment Test

Most of the d&d players like the political intrigue of the game’s characters and would like to include politics in their roles. Lawful or Chaotic are usually about the power of law and order, which can be seen in all the characters’ roles.

Also, Good and Evil have this sense of politics in them. So if you are interested in the dungeons and dragons game, you might like to know which type of political role you are. Still, without having an appropriate evaluation system, it’s hard to find your best character. This alignment test will help you to figure it out real quick!

The alignment chart test will explain all your point of view!

The alignment chart test is based on the d&d game that works as a 3*3 chart with one axis of lawful, neutral, chaotic, and another axis with good, neutral, and evil that gives 9 possible results. In this alignment test, you will have the opportunity to find your place in this exciting chart of the d&d game and have your character! So stay tuned and take this test!

Character Alignment Test

Today, it’s fairly obvious that everyone likes to know about the Moral characteristics of themselves and others. Are you excited about it too? Cause if you do, the character alignment test will tell you everything you want to know about your personality and walk you through all kinds of situations to specify your choices. Are you ready to find out where you align? Ok then, Let’s do this!


How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    You came home late at night and your mother is very upset about this. Do you tell her where you were?
    This Alignment Test Reveals Your True Character. 100% Valid 1
    • If telling the truth hurts my mother, I will not say

    • If she takes my freedom, I will lie to her

    • Yes, I tell her the truth

    • If she wants to hurt me, I won't tell the truth

    • No, I'm lying, so that I can stay out of the next time

    • I say that if I want to, and I lie easily if I don't want to

    • Yes, I say where I was and I calm my mother

    • If she asks calmly, yes I will say her where I was

    • I tell her where I was but I do not tell the details correctly

  • 2
    We all have goals in life and strive to achieve them. How would you like to reach your goals?
    This Alignment Test Reveals Your True Character. 100% Valid 2
    • I try my best and and I do not listen to anyone

    • I can achieve my goals with violence

    • I do whatever is good for me and I do not harm anyone

    • I move in the right direction to achieve my goals

    • To achieve my goals, I can lie, cheat and be evil

    • I use every power to achieve my goals and I easily reach my goal by abusing people

    • I do my best to achieve my goal without violating anyone's rights

    • I do everything, good or bad

    • I use force and betrayal to achieve my goals

  • 3
    You see your neighbor stealing from your house when you get home in the night. What will you do?
    This Alignment Test Reveals Your True Character. 100% Valid 3
    • I act in my own way because I am better than the law

    • I may punish him without the intervention of the law

    • I will give it to the law if I make sure the law is on my side

    • I quickly hand him over to the police

    • I won't hurt him if the law operates according to my will, and I will surrender to the law.

    • I can cooperate with him in future projects

    • I trust the law and send him to prison to rehabilitate him

    • It doesn't matter. One day, I will steal from him, too.

    • Within the rules, I kill him

  • 4
    What makes you angry and dangerous?
    This Alignment Test Reveals Your True Character. 100% Valid 4
    • Treason

    • Restriction by law

    • Disturbing the balance between good and bad

    • Violation of people's rights

    • Rule of law and social order

    • Just damn law

    • Lack of well-organized and strong government

    • Breaking a promise

    • Breaking the law

  • 5
    Which of the following is your favorite actor or character?
    This Alignment Test Reveals Your True Character. 100% Valid 5
    • Han Solo (Star Wars)

    • Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

    • Tom Bombadil (Lord of the Rings)

    • Captain James T. Kirk (Star Trek)

    • Peter Pettigrew (Harry Potter),

    • The Joker

    • Superman

    • Judge Dredd

    • Magneto

  • 6
    What is the principle for you in life?
    This Alignment Test Reveals Your True Character. 100% Valid 6
    • Freedom and independence

    • Individualism

    • Everything exists as part of the whole and balance is important

    • Life and the assurance of other creatures' rights

    • Money, wealth and fame

    • Nothing

    • Fair law

    • Social order

    • Tradition, loyalty, and order

  • 7
    Your friend must move immediately to another apartment. Will you help him/her ?
    This Alignment Test Reveals Your True Character. 100% Valid 7
    • Yes, Sure

    • If my work is not limited, yes, I can help

    • If I can do some shopping along the way, yes, I will help

    • Yes, if I do not have other important work to do

    • No, because he/she is a weak person who can not manage his/her own affairs

    • No, that's none of my business.

    • Yeah, if my boss let me

    • If he moves legally, yes

    • Yes, I will help with the reward

  • 8
    If you want to start a romantic relationship, what kind of relationship would you choose?
    This Alignment Test Reveals Your True Character. 100% Valid 8
    • Flexible relationship with a romantic partner

    • I usually do not start serious and romantic relationships

    • I cannot commit to a person

    • I am an emotional person and I want a true relationship

    • I like multiple relationships

    • I love multiple and romantic relationships

    • I want a lifelong commitment to a romantic partner

    • I want to marry

    • I need an emotional person

  • 9
    Today your family members ask you to go on a picnic with them. Will you go?
    This Alignment Test Reveals Your True Character. 100% Valid 9
    • No, I do not like to go anywhere with my family

    • No, I like to go somewhere alone and with my friends

    • If I do not have an important work, I will go with them

    • I don't know if I'm in the mood I'll go

    • I value them, but I do not want to be with them

    • No, I will not go

    • Yes, I will definitely go

    • Yes, family is very important to me

    • I do not know

  • 10
    How do you usually behave in your daily life?
    This Alignment Test Reveals Your True Character. 100% Valid 10
    • I do whatever I want, and it doesn't matter what others expect me to do

    • I behave according to my whims and desires

    • I do what I think is good

    • I behave like good people

    • I usually tend to do bad things

    • I behave only on greed, hatred and evil

    • I act the way people expect a good person

    • I behave within the context of law and tradition

    • I do whatever I want, regardless of whether I hurt anyone or not

  • 11
    Let's say you like to listen to loud music at home, but your neighbor gets angry. What's your reaction?
    This Alignment Test Reveals Your True Character. 100% Valid 11
    • I understand them and try not to make noise

    • It does not matter, I like it this way

    • If they are good people, I will turn down the music

    • I never bother them

    • I make the music louder than ever

    • I'm doing anything to get them out of here

    • I respect them

    • Their well-being is more important to me, I act according to what they say

    • This is my home and I act the way I want

  • 12
    Which of the following causes you to have a guilty conscience?
    This Alignment Test Reveals Your True Character. 100% Valid 12
    • Hurting innocent persons

    • Following a law for personal gain

    • Not helping a friend

    • Theft and robbery

    • Helping good people

    • Altruistic behavior

    • Failing to show respect to lawful good governments

    • Breaking my word to my superior.

    • Failure to use the law to harm

  • 13
    What is your favorite Game?
    • Palladium

    • Road of Paradox (Vampire)

    • Neutral (Warhammer)

    • Good (Warhammer)

    • Dark Side (Star Wars)

    • Despicable (Alternity)

    • Road of Heaven (Vampire)

    • Just and Honorable (Alternity)

    • Evil (Warhammer)

  • 14
    How are you usually described in society?
    This Alignment Test Reveals Your True Character. 100% Valid 13
    • helpful, kind and free-sprited

    • individualistic and unreliable

    • self-reliant and judgmental

    • sensitive and friendly

    • cruel and immoral

    • heartless

    • honorable and trustworthy

    • reliable and responsible

    • tyrannical and domineering

  • 15
    You promised your partner's friends that you would invite them to dinner. Do you keep your promise?
    This Alignment Test Reveals Your True Character. 100% Valid 14
    • Yes, if they are not evil

    • yes. if it serves my interests

    • Yes, if meeting them would benefit me

    • Yes, if they are respectable people

    • No, I do not have to keep my word

    • No, if I'm not feeling well

    • If I give a word, I will definitely keep it

    • Yes, If I have nothing to do

    • I did not promise

  • 16
    If you go back in time or want to go into the future, which of the following jobs would you choose?
    This Alignment Test Reveals Your True Character. 100% Valid 15
    • Musician

    • Web or Software Developer

    • Physician

    • Public Safety

    • Surgeon

    • Lawyer

    • Nurse

    • Real estate agent

    • Economists

  • 17
    What is the most ideal government for you?
    This Alignment Test Reveals Your True Character. 100% Valid 16
    • An minimalist state supporting a social order

    • Anarchy supporting social order

    • Any social order that balances the needs of the state and the individual

    • Any social order that rewards altruism and punishes extreme egoism

    • Any social order that rewards extreme egoism and punishes altruism.

    • A minimalist state that rewards radical egoism and punishes sacrifics

    • An authoritarian state with codified legislation that promotes a social order

    • An authoritarian government

    • A lawful state that rewards evil and punishes altruism

  • 18
    You and your friends are playing a strategic game. Which strategy do you dislike in the game?
    This Alignment Test Reveals Your True Character. 100% Valid 17
    • Desecrating the body of an enemy

    • Surrendering

    • Convicted of criminality

    • Dirty fighting

    • Taking an arrow or hit for someone else

    • Allowing the enemy to attack first

    • Gloating over a victory

    • Refusing a fair contest

    • Accused of crime (innocent or not)

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