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Let s start with a bang: What s your favorite snack? 5

  • All things sweet

  • Something healthy

  • Snacks are overrated

  • Something sour or salty


Question: Let s start with a bang: What s your favorite snack?

Quiz: Quiz: Which Grumpus Are You? 2023 Bugsnax Update

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Would you like to know which Grumpus you are? Take this Bugsnax quiz to meet your Snacktooth Island persona. Are you Filbo, Elizabert, Chandlo, or else?

Bugsnax Personality Quiz, Explained

The Bugsnax Quiz is a personality analysis tool that determines which Grumpus character from the titular video game you resemble. Bugsnax is a 2020 adventure video game by the Young Horses studio revolving around the mysteries of Snaktooth Island and the search for a missing Grumpus.

With this quiz, fans of the game can discover their own Grumpus counterpart (aka their in-game doppelganger) based on their traits and choices.

When I first played Bugsnax on PS4, I was blown away by how much I could relate to the characters in this crazy world. Specifically, Filbo totally clicked with me. So, after finishing the game, I thought, “Why not create my own Bugsnax Character Quiz to help others find their own comfort one?” (Hope you enjoy it.)

Which Grumpus Are You

Since all Grumpuses have unique personalities, it should be easy for players to pick their lookalikes among them. What you need to consider is Grumpus’s likes, dislikes, and temperament. Sounds complicated? Use the following descriptions to see which Bugsnax Grumpus you are.

Filbo Fiddlepie (ESFJ)

Filbo, an optimistic character, is described as friendly, supportive, and generous. He genuinely cares about his fellow villagers and strives to ensure their safety and happiness. If you match Filbo, you’re likely a supportive leader whom others can rely on during challenging times.

Chandlo Funkbun (ESFP)

A simple-minded jock, Chandlo is a fitness enthusiast with a heart of gold. He is helpful, motivating, and disciplined, inspiring other Grumpuses to live a healthy life. Those who match Chandlo in the Grumpus Quiz are often chill people with a relatable vibe.

Snorpy Fizzlebean (INTP)

Personality-wise, Snorpy is an eccentric, awkward, and low-key genius character. If you match this character, you might also want to take our other quiz called Am I Weird? Because, hey, that’s not a “standard” counterpart.

By the way, I’ve also compiled a list of  MBTI types that might help you figure out which one you are:

Bugsnax Character MBTI
Gramble Gigglefunny INFP
Wambus Troubleham ISTJ
Beffica Winklesnoot ENFJ
Wiggle Wigglebottom ESFP
Flooty Fizzlebean INTJ
Clumby Clumbernut ISTJ


Discover Your Persona—And Your Favorite Bugsnack!

Okay, enough prep talk. You’re now ready to see which Grumpus has the most identical personality to yours. I tried to keep the questions thematic, so there’s also a bit of nostalgia in the quiz.

I would also recommend Bugsnax fans take our “Animal Crossing Quiz” because of the two games’ relatable vibes.

With that out of the way, let’s hop on the test and figure out which character you are!


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