Whose Type Are You? This Personality Quiz Reveals

Ever wondered who you attract? That’s the question we’re here to answer with this personality quiz. Whose type are you?

Whose Type Are You

💡 What to Expect: The Whose Type Are You Quiz is a self-assessment that unveils what personality types are drawn to you, taking into account your style, attitude, and relationship goals.

We already had this super popular “Who Will I Marry?” test that could reveal your future lover’s persona. But when my sister’s friend kept venting like, “I seriously don’t know whose type I am,” I knew I had to step in. My plan? Create a personality quiz that helps people uncover what types of individuals they’re attracting. In other words, the Whose Type Am I Quiz!

You may already know your type. You fancy tall boys with daddy vibes or tiny tsundere girls with an attitude. Fine. But who would put YOU on their wish list? That’s the dilemma I’m here to solve on this page. In just fifteen questions, I can identify the type of personality you’re unconsciously attracting. And no, this isn’t the Am I Attractive Test. We’ve already done that. This is the “Who Will Have a Crush on Me” type of test.

If you’re ready to meet your potential Stan, go ahead and hit that start button now. While you wait, I’ll be cooking up some magic in the background to reveal your true simp type with guaranteed accuracy.

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