Which UFC Fighter Are You? 2024 Updated

The UFC Fighter Quiz identifies the MMA Champion in you based on your reactions, emotions, and devotions.

Which UFC Fighter Are You

TKO Group Holding just hit a major milestone with UFC 300! For all you mixed martial arts fans out there, it’s the perfect time to ponder: “Which UFC fighter am I?” Sounds odd, I know. But We’ve got the answer to that!

In fifteen questions, the UFC Fighter Quiz reveals which iconic MMA champion aligns with your style. Are you like Conor McGregor in boldness, reminiscent of Jon Jones in ruthlessness, or akin to Anderson Silva in tactical prowess? Take the test to unveil the answer.

Navigating through over 600 fighters hailing from 73 countries in the UFC can be quite the challenge. To help with that, we’ve pinpointed the top athletes with the most relatable personalities to assist you in discovering the warrior within yourself more effortlessly.

Before diving into the UFC Quiz, here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • The test features female UFC fighters, too.
  • You could end up matched with retired fighters.
  • The results are kept up-to-date with the latest stats of MMA fighters.

Are you prepared to step into the octagon? Get ready to tackle some martial arts-inspired questions and discover which cage warrior persona you embody.

Here’s a bonus: One of these UFC fighters could be your match based on your MBTI.

UFC Fighter MBTI
Conor McGregor ESTP
Khabib Nurmagomedov ISTJ
Anderson Silva ISFP
Israel Adesanya ENTP
Jon Jones ESTP
Chuck Liddell ESTP
Georges St-Pierre ISTJ



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