Which Riverdale Character Are You? Which 1 of 6 Characters?

Which Riverdale character are you? This Riverdale quiz is going to reveal your true character with 20 simple personality questions.

Which Riverdale Character Are You

This Quiz Accurately Discovers Your Riverdale Character

Fans have always been like, “which Riverdale character am I?” So, here is the tool to get the ultimate answer. We analyzed all of the popular students, parents, and teachers of the show to come up with the most accurate Riverdale quiz. And now, all you have to do is responding twenty fun personality questions to discover your Archie universe counterpart.

Which Riverdale Character Are You?

The Which Riverdale Character Are You quiz is based on the personality of the main cast. Here is a sneak peek of the characteristics we use to match your persona with the CW’s adventurous students.

You Are Archibald ‘Archie’ Andrews if…

Played by KJ Apa, Archie is a masculine person who is also very emotional. Your Riverdale alter-ego is similar to Archibald if you are a kind-hearted, honest, and caring person who is ready to sacrifice his life for his loved ones.

You Are Forsythe Jughead Jones if…

Actor Cole Sprouse did a good job portraying a young and enthusiastic wannabe writer. Your Riverdale soulmate is FJ if you have hidden talents, you are arty, and you know how to remain objective even when things are pretty damn complicated.

You Are Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Cooper if…

Lili Reinhart is one of the crucial Riverdale casts who made Betty stand out. Your character is similar to Cooper’s family’s famous daughter if you are a straight-A student who suffers from anger issues now and then. Betty is an intelligent person who has shown strength and courage to step up throughout the show.

You Are Veronica Ledge if…

Being an elegant, charismatic, and confident person, Veronica (played by Camila Mendes) is a popular Riverdale character. Your persona matches hers if you share the same characteristics, such as being goal-oriented, powerful, sarcastic, and ambitious.

Take the “Which Riverdale Character Are You” Quiz for a Detailed Result

Discovering your Archie comics’ live-action counterpart is not as easy as it might look. You could relate to one actor, believing that they are your soulmate. However, the CW’s show includes deep personalities with many unpredictable aspects. So, the best way to find your perfect Riverdale match is to take the Which Riverdale Character Are You quiz.

Five Facts About Riverdale Characters Not Many Fans Know

Before you dive deep into the Riverdale High School students test, here are some fun facts we wanted to share. (Old fans might not get surprised, but new ones need to hear these).

Note: the following facts were introduced by the CW’s Riverdale cast back in 2018—in an interview with Wired.

Fact #1: Cole Sprouse’s Star Sign Does Not Match His Archie Universe Role

When asked what your star sign is, Cole remained silent for a moment. However, his costar, Casey Cott, preceded to say, “Leo, your star sign is Leo, right?” And the cool actor nodded in agreement. In the show, Forsythe Jones’s star sign is Aquarius.

Fact #2: Madelaine Petsch is an Actual Ginger

In 2018, one of the most searched queries about the show was, “Is Madelaine Petsch actually ginger?” And in her interview with Wired, she responded to the question in a super-cool way, like, “NATURALLY, BABE. YOU KNOW IT.”

Fact #3: Lili Reinhart is a Singer

Fans wanted to know if Lili is “legitly” singing in the musical episodes. Turns out the talented actor IS a real singer that could astonish you with her voice—and none of the vocals in the show are fake.

Fact #4: Cassy Cott Does Not Have a Snapchat Account

He is as cute and lovely as Kevin in the show. That is why fans wanted to discover his Snapchat! However, he disappointed them, saying, “I don’t have a Snapchat account.” Maybe next time, girls.

Fact #5: Vanessa Morgan is NOT a Vegan

Ever since Toni Topaz showed up in the second season, fans wanted to know more about her actor. One of the main questions, however, was that if she is a vegan or not. Venessa says, “I’m not a vegan, but I’m a pescatarian.”

Things to Know About the Riverdale Quiz

You are about to take the ULTIMATE Which Riverdale Character Are You quiz. And here is some stuff you should know about the test.

It is NOT all about the main cast!

Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica are the most important students in the CW show. However, our Riverdale character quiz includes more personalities. So, you might match with other people, such as Toni, Kevin, etc.

The test reveals which Riverdale family you belong to.

There are six key families in the show, Keller, Blossom, Andrews, Coopers, Lodge, and Jones. Taking the Which Riverdale, Character Are You quiz links you to one of these families—based on your personality.

It works for all genders.

Some fans are like, “which Riverdale girl character am I?” However, the test on this page considers all genders not to need other questionaries.

The results reveal your Riverdale boyfriend/girlfriend, too.

Want to know which Riverdale character is your boyfriend or girlfriend? We tell you that by the end of the quiz.

Discovering Your Riverdale Character by Star Sign

You do not have to take the Which Riverdale Character Are You quiz to come up with your soulmate. Of course, that is the most accurate way to discover your counterpart. However, here is the quickest method some fans use to find their perfect Riverdale match.

Riverdale Character Star Sign
Kevin Keller Sagittarius
Cheryl Blossom Aries
Archie Andrews Scorpio
Jughead Jones Aquarius
Betty Cooper Leo
Toni Topaz Pisces



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