Which Office Character Are You? +25 Office Characters Quiz

Which Office character are you? This 100% personality-oriented quiz will tell you. Answer 20 questions and find out who you are in the Dunder Mifflin universe.

Which Office Character Are You

The Office Quiz Is a Personality Test

The ‘Which Office Character Are You’ test is based on your personality type. You have to imagine you are a Dunder Mifflin employee, facing everyday challenges of the work environment. The goal is to expose your traits in a hypothetical workplace. That is how the algorithms decide which The Office character you are.

It Is Not a Trivia

You can already find The Office Trivia Quiz on QuizExpo. However, the test on this page is not about how much you know about this show. So, there is no right or wrong answer. The goal is to determine which character from The Office matches your personality.


Taking the Office quiz is simple. First, click on the green “Start Quiz” button on top of the page. It leads you to the first multiple-choice question. You should select the answer that makes more sense to you or you relate to. Press the green “Next” button after choosing your answer, and keep going until you get to the last question. The results will pop up right after you answer the final query.

Keep in mind that you should not try to guess what your favorite character “would do.” You should think about what you would do in that particular situation.

What Your Office Character Reveals About You

You might wonder which Office character are you for fun. However, the result offers some insight into what type of person you are in real life. Here are several things the test reveals about you.

Personality Type

Are you an INFJ or ESTJ? Is your personality type similar to leaders? What are your most significant characteristics? These are all sorts of questions the Office quiz answers. Your result includes some details about the type of your character and your individualities.

Your Career

People had different jobs in the Dunder Mifflin. Michael was a manager, Pam was a receptionist, and Dwight was Regional Manager Assistant. Their and personas played a significant role in their career. So, by taking the Which Office Character Are You quiz, you might uncover information about your career as well. For instance, if you are as serious as Dwight, you are good at task management. Or if you are kind and social like Pam, you are likely to succeed in operative jobs.

Your Relationships

What is your dating taste like? How do you manage your relationship challenges? What do your partners find attractive about you? These are questions that the Office quiz answers.

Things to Do Next

You receive a piece of customized advice at the end of the Office character test. Its point is to show the grey-dark sides of yours so you can change them. Remember, your traits form who you are—and that impacts your life. So, it is helpful to learn how to adjust your personality to make it your success factor.

3 Things to Know Before Taking the Office Personality Quiz

1- It Includes the Most Popular Characters

The original TV show has over 28 main characters. However, the QuizExpo test includes the most loved ones. Some of the results are Dwight Schrute, Michael Scott, Pam Beesly, and Jim Halpert.

2- The Questions Are About the Office Environment

All the events of the test take place in an imaginary Dunder Mifflin-like setting.

3- The Results Are Private

No one can see the outcome of the quiz but you. However, there is a share button at the end of the result page so you can show your friends which Office character you are.

Other Ways to Tell Which Office Character Are You

Think about your office crush

Science says that we are attracted to people that are similar to us. So, your Office crush is probably the most comparable person to you.

Let Others Decide

A fun way to find out which the Office character you are is to ask others. An excellent idea would be creating a social media poll where your followers are the judge.

Take a personality quiz and compare the results

The following table shows the MBTI of the main characters of the show. You can compare your type to them to see who is possibly your soulmate or lost twin—if you will.


The Office Character Type of Personality (MBTI)
Dwight Schrute ESTJ: The Executive
Angela Martin ISTJ: The Logistician
Kelly Kapoor ESFJ: The Consul
Ryan Howard ESTP: The Entrepreneur
Kevin Malone ISFP: The Adventurer
Holly Flax INFP: The Mediator
Michael Scott ENFP: The Campaigner
Jan Levinson ENTJ: The Commander
Phyllis Vance ISFJ: The Defender
Stanly Hudson ISTP: The Virtuoso
Oscar Martinez INTJ: The Strategist
Andy Bernard ESFP: The Entertainer
Nellie Bertram ENFJ: The Protagonist
Creed Bratton INTP: The Logician
Pam Beesly INFJ: The Advocate
Jim Halpert ENTP: The Debater

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