Which Ninja Kamui Character Are You?

If you want to find out which Ninja Kamui character you are, this personality quiz will match you. Are you Higan, Mari, Mike, Zai, or else?

Which Ninja Kamui Character Are You

💡 What to Expect: The Ninja Kamui Personality Quiz helps you find out which character from the anime matches your characteristics.

🎥 Ninja Kamui Excerpt: Higan, a ninja who got exiled, is out for payback on his old clan because they brutally killed his wife, Mari, and son, Ren, for him breaking away from them.

I’ve been a fan of Sanpei Shirato’s Kamui series for a while now. So when I heard about Ninja Kamui, I naturally couldn’t resist comparing the two. But after binge-watching the first thirteen episodes of Adult Swim’s original Ninja anime, I have to admit, there’s a fresh angle here that’s really appealing. And honestly, I’m enjoying Ninja Kamui, whether it’s connected to Sanpei’s work or not. So, to express my love for this thrillingly violent revenge story, I’ve cooked up an idea for a personality test: Which Ninja Kamui Character Are You?

Here’s how the test works: I gathered a database of all the MBTI types of Ninja Kamui characters. This helps me draw an accurate comparison between your personality and those of the exiled or active ninjas in the anime series. Then, I crafted a list of fifteen questions inspired by Ninja Kamui that will reveal whether you’d choose to escape the Clan or take a Zai-ish approach and eliminate the escapees instead. (It’s quite a wild spectrum to explore, but it adds to the excitement.)

The following table shows the MBTIs of the main cast, just as a sneak peek of what’s awaiting you:

Character MBTI
Higan (Joe Logan) ISTP
Mari (Sara Logan) ENFJ
Mike Moriss ESTJ
Emma Samandra ISTP


Are you ready to uncover your Ninja alter ego? Take the Ninja Kamui Personality Quiz now. In less than five minutes, I’ll help you discover the character you resemble in real life—with surprisingly high accuracy.

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