Quiz: Which Blue Lock Character Are You? 2024 Updated

If you are a superfan of sports animes, you may want to know which Blue Lock character you are. Are you Yoichi Isagi, Meguru Bachira, Rensuke, or else?

Which Blue Lock Character Are You

Hey there, anime lovers! Today, we’re diving into the world of Blue Lock, a phenomenal soccer-themed manga series that has been capturing the hearts of fans since its debut in 2018. The story, written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yusuke Nomura, focuses on Japan’s quest to win the World Cup by creating a revolutionary training program called “Blue Lock.” The program aims to nurture Japan’s next generation of soccer superstars by fostering fierce competition and polishing their individual skills. Want to learn even more about Blue Lock? Check out the Blue Lock Fandom page for all the juicy details!

The Main Characters and Their Personalities

Isagi Yoichi

Isagi Yoichi is the protagonist of Blue Lock and a super-talented forward. He’s got a strong sense of justice and is always striving to improve. His determination and never-give-up attitude are truly inspiring! With his unique ability to predict the future movements of players, he’s a force to be reckoned with on the field.


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Nagi Seishiro

Nagi Seishiro is a highly skilled midfielder with a deep understanding of soccer. He’s cool, collected, and always thinks things through before moving. While he may seem aloof at times, he’s quite friendly and values teamwork.


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Chigiri Rensuke

Chigiri Rensuke is a lightning-fast winger who can leave opponents in the dust with his incredible speed. He’s energetic, competitive, and always eager to learn new techniques to up his game. Chigiri is also a very supportive teammate and is always there to cheer on his friends.


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Bachira Itoshi

Bachira Itoshi, aka “The King’s Assassin,” is a deadly forward known for his precision and ability to score goals at crucial moments. He’s confident, ambitious, and strongly desires to be the best. Though he can be ruthless on the field, Bachira is also a loyal friend and a natural leader.


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Niko Ichijo

Niko Ichijo is a passionate goalkeeper with unmatched reflexes and an unwavering commitment to protecting his team’s goal. He’s friendly, outgoing, and has an infectious enthusiasm that can lift his teammates’ spirits. Niko is also incredibly wise and can quickly adapt to different situations on the field.


Character MBTI Type
Isagi Yoichi INFP
Nagi Seishiro INTJ
Chigiri Rensuke ESFP
Bachira Itoshi ENTJ
Niko Ichijo ENFP

Did You Know?

Blue Lock was inspired by real-world soccer training methods

That’s right! The intense training program depicted in Blue Lock was actually inspired by real-world soccer training methods used by professional teams around the globe. The creators drew upon their knowledge of the sport to bring a sense of realism to the manga.

The manga’s creators are huge soccer fans

It’s no surprise that the creators of Blue Lock, Muneyuki Kaneshiro, and Yusuke Nomura, are massive soccer fans themselves. Their love for the sport shines through in the vivid details and accurate portrayals of soccer techniques throughout the series.

Blue Lock has received multiple award nominations

Since its debut, Blue Lock has been nominated for several prestigious manga awards, including the Kodansha Manga Award and the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize. The series has gained widespread recognition for its captivating story, engaging characters, and impressive artwork, making it a standout manga among sports fans and casual readers alike.

The series has been adapted into an anime

Due to its immense popularity, Blue Lock has been adapted into an anime series, allowing fans to enjoy the action-packed story in a new way. With stunning animation and a talented voice cast, the Blue Lock anime has garnered even more fans and solidified its place in sports anime.

Ready to Know Which Blue Lock Character You Are?

Now that you’ve learned about Blue Lock and its fascinating characters, you must be itching to find out which one you like most, right? That’s where our blue lock quiz comes in! Take the quiz and discover your Blue Lock alter ego. Who knows? You might just be the next soccer superstar in the making!


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