Which Avenger Are You? Which 1 of 10 Main Characters?

Which Avenger are you? This ultimate Avengers Quiz is going to answer it. Just answer 20 simple personality questions to find out your character.

Which Avenger Are You

This Quiz Reveals Which Avenger You Are

By answering 20 questions, you have the chance to discover the Avenger within you. The questionary matches your personality with the closest superhero character in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

Unlike other quizzes, you have to follow a narrative and make decisions as you are already a mutant hero. Your responses are compared to the actions and behaviors of the Avenger members to reveal your match.

But There Is a Catch

The test on this page is based on the initial Avenger team introduced in the comic books. So, it is the best questionary for real MCU fans. It does not include some members that were in the cinematic versions, such as Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Black Panther. However, it reveals if Fury would select you for the first-ever punisher squad or not. Matching one of the superheroes on this quiz means you have the potential to form the Avenger—and not to join them.

Which Original Avenger Are You?

By the end of the MCU test, you are matched with one of the following superheroes.

  • Iron-Man
  • The Hulk
  • The Wasp
  • Thor
  • Ant-Man

These heroes created the initial team led by Fury. Other mutants and Marvel characters joined the team afterward. However, the said five remained the core of the Avenger throughout the comic books’ events.

What if You Are Not an Avenger? (Are You a Villain?)

You might be curious to know which avenger you are. However, our test has more to offer. You may be matched with some of the most dangerous villains of the Marvel Universe instead of the superheroes. Your intentions expose your real personality. And that is what the Avengers test is looking for, your deepest thoughts and beliefs.

Is It any Different from the Original Marvel Quiz?

You can take the Marvel quiz in under 5 minutes. It is a simple questionary introduced back in 2015—right before the Age of Ultron movie was out. However, QuizExpo’s analytical exam differs from the said test in many ways. Here are the main differences.

The original test is too old

No one has updated the Marvel Avenger test since 2015. It still says, “the movie is in theaters on May 1.” That shows Marvel forgot to add something new to the quiz in the past five to six years. However, our Avenger personality test is up-to-date and fresh for 2021 fans. It does not offer any outdated information—other than the initial comic books’ facts.

We analyze your personality—not interests

The questionary on Marvel.com asks about your interests. For instance, it wants to know what your favorite weapon is. We believe that is not a proper way to analyze a superhero’s character. Your desires influence your personality—but they do not form it. That is why the Which Avenger Are You test on this page focuses on your deed rather than anything else.

The Marvel quiz is not about the original team

The 2015 MCU questionary is based on the first two Avenger movies. So, it only includes Iron-Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, The Hulk, Captain America, Fury, and Thor. That is not according to what the first comic books of Stan Lee offered. However, you can find out which of the earliest squad member is your soulmate by taking the quiz on this page.

We give you answers—not percentages

Another difference between MCU and QuizExpo questionaries is the way they show results. While Marvel provides you with a match percentage, we give you a solid answer. It is fun to know how much you are identical to superheroes. However, that does not answer the big question, “Which Avenger are you?” By taking the quiz on this page, you are assured of receiving only the best match regarding your personality.

Discover Your Avenger Soulmate Without a Test

Taking the S.H.I.E.L.D. or Avengers quiz is not the only way to find your soulmate. You can identify your MCU avatar by yourself—if you do not trust online questionaries. Here are three methods you could identify your superhero twin without answering a single question.

Method #1: Personality

Each Marvel character has their specific personality. Knowing who they are and how you react to the world around them is an excellent way to find your match. Below you see a personality type table to help with that. It includes the most iconic traits each Avenger member is known for, so you can discover the one similar to you.

Member Personality
Iron-Man Eccentric, brilliant, charismatic
The Hulk Mild-mannered, mysterious, shy
The Wasp Focused, determined, snarky,
Ant-Man Rogue, funny, moral-oriented,
Thor Conceited, arrogant, stubborn, kind


Method #2: Abilities

You are not a superhero if you have no special ability. So, one of the main factors to find your MCU soulmate is your skills. Of course, you should not have superpowers to match an Avenger member. However, you need some of the capabilities of your favorite fighter to look like them. Below is a table of the Avenger team members’ most iconic abilities so you can find your match easier.

Member Abilities/Skills
Iron-Man Strategist, moderator, wise
The Hulk Analyst, predictor, cautious
The Wasp Go-getter, courageous, warrior
Ant-Man Smart, risk-taker
Thor Brave, fighter, leader


Method #3: Backstory

Things you go through in your life from your personality. The same thing is true for superheroes and the Avengers. All of them have backstories that reveal what turned them into who they are now. Knowing their stories is an excellent way to find out which Avenger you are. One of the best places to read all the members’ backstories is the Avengers Fandom website at marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com.

Search for the name of your favorite member and read everything about their pre-and post-Avengers adventures. Your soulmate is the one that you relate to their backstory the most.



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