When Will I Die? Can You Live to +90? This Quiz Will Reveal

This quiz can reveal the answer to the “When Will I Die?”. Just answer these simple questions and find out your death time. Can you live to 90 and more?

when will I die

When will I Die Quiz?

Life is beautiful, and all people have aspirations and expectations of life. Some people enjoy living a healthy lifestyle, and others deprive themselves of this blessing. Others have the chance to die of natural death; others die of unforeseeable accidents and illnesses.

We all have a little fear of death, so sometimes we may ask ourselves, when will I die? It is a typical question because we all have dreams and goals in our lives, and we want to live life. Today, thanks to advanced web technology, you will find a predicted answer to your question. But how? If you’re searching for ‘when I die,’ you’ll find different results on the internet, such as the ‘when will I die quiz.’

Well, how does this quiz work?

Search the internet and open one of the results. You will see a series of questions regarding your lifestyle. As you know, a person’s lifestyle has a direct relationship with family background and bad habits. These habits also affect your health, and they destine the approximate time of your death.

If you follow a healthy lifestyle and do not have a specific disease, you have the chance to live for years. Therefore, in the “When am I die” quiz, you have to answer particular questions about, for example, activity time, diet, habits, and so on. Make sure you answer these questions carefully based on your habits and priorities to get precise results.

However, remember that these kinds of tests are fun and never be influenced by the result, so just have fun with your friends. Here are some examples of questions:

  • You have guests and your guests’ children ruin your home. What will your reaction be?
  • Think you have an important exam tomorrow. Tell us how you feel.
  • Imagine you are at a party, and cigarette smoke is everywhere. What is your reaction?
  • How many hours of sleep will you feel good?
  • Do you have a background of genetic disease in your family?

Another most sought-after topic is ‘How will we die.’ This topic is more interesting than when they die because they are curious about the cause of their death. But this is something that nobody can comment on and predict.

The fate of people is different, and this is an unknown thing. But here, too, there are exciting resources such as online tests. But this time, the type of questions will be slightly different from the previous case. For example, here, in addition to questions about your habits, some of your interests will also be asked—interests such as choosing the type of travel equipment, driving and doing dangerous sports. The results in these types of quizzes will be exciting and different.

For example, it may say that you die of a stroke or an accident. But we emphasize again that these quizzes are a hobby, and their result should never affect your mood because they have no scientific confirmation.

When will I Die Based on Astrology?

Let’s talk about the relationship between astrology and the time and cause of death. It can be exciting, and astrologers’ predictions about the time of one’s death are based on planetary positions, Dasha, and Sub-Dasha periods.

Many people go to astrologers to find out the cause and time of their death, but why? Well, the answer is obvious they want to prevent their death. For example, if an astrologer tells them that the cause of death is cancer, they will try to have a healthier lifestyle.

Unfortunately, humans do not want to believe that this life is mortal and act as if they will never die. Astronomers sometimes avoid telling the time and place of human death for some reason, and sometimes they simply say so. Astrologers can predict the time and cause of death by looking at all the planets’ locations with the Sun in the Dasha natal chart. Here is an example of these planets and their relationship to the cause of death:

Uranus represents unpredictable and strange deaths and includes all events. But it focuses more on surgery and accident.

Venus is a symbol of passing without suffering, like dying in sleep.

Mars is a symbol of rapid, sudden, and violent death. In this case, astronomers say you will die by shooting or stabbing. This can be scary for people.

Neptune is a symbol of water and says you will probably die in an accident in the water.

Unlike Mars, Jupiter is a symbol of gradual death. And this can only be due to cancer or tumors.

Pluto is usually associated with sudden death and trauma.

Also, the zodiac signs indicate the manner of passing away. For instance:

Cancer represents falling from a height.

Virgo shows electricity, heat, and fire.

Scorpio usually indicates food and drug poisoning.

Pisces usually indicate death through alcohol and sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS.

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