Discover Your Summer Anthem: Which Hit Song Defines You?

We believe that there’s a summer song that represents your soul; you just need to take this summertime hit quiz to discover it.

What Summer Hit Song Are You

💡 What to Expect: Find out which summer song has your vibes with a fun and energetic personality quiz.

⛱️ Which Summer Song Are You? We all have that one song we think is the ultimate summer jam, even if everyone else disagrees. But that’s a debate for another time. Right now, we’re curious about which of Rolling Stone’s all-time best summer hits matches your personality. We’ve analyzed all the classic summertime tracks and created a fun quiz to see which one aligns with your vibe. We look at your style and summer spirit, comparing them to the beats, rhythms, and lyrics of these iconic songs.

You could be a depressive Lana Del Rey song like Summertime Sadness or a laid-back summer tune like California Girls by the Beach Boys. But no matter which song you match with, the results are sure to brighten your day. You might even discover a new favorite song for this summer, one that truly resonates with who you are. And hey, why not share this quiz with your friends? You can create a summer playlist based on everyone’s personalities.

You know what’s an even better idea? After discovering your summer hit doppelganger, try our trending quiz to see if you have TikTok music taste. It’s a fun (and slightly cruel) test that will show if you’re a trend-hopper.

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