What Movie Genre Are You? 🎥 Let’s Match Your Personality

Horror, romance, comedy, or sci-fi? Which movie genre matches your personality? Take a quiz to find out.

What Movie Genre Are You

💡What to Expect: The Move Genre Personality Quiz decides which film category matches your style and characteristics.

Have you ever wondered which movie genre matches your personality to a T? Take our fun quiz to find out!

Sure, you might have tackled the My Favorite Movie Quiz, but have you delved into discovering your ultimate movie genre match? We’ve put together a super-accurate personality quiz that pairs each MBTI type with a film genre.

With over a hundred movie genres out there, including subgenres and new emerging categories, we’ve honed in on pinpointing your ideal match. Before putting together this quiz, we carefully linked the main movie genres with specific personality traits.

Take a peek at the table below for a taste of what awaits you in the Movie Genre Quiz:


Genre Personality Type
Action ESTP
Adventure ISFP
Animation ENFP
Biographical INFJ
Comedy ESFP
Crime INTJ
Documentary INTP
Drama INFP
Fantasy ENFJ
Horror ISTJ
Musical ESFJ
Mystery ISTP
Romance ISFJ
Thriller ENTJ
Western ESTP


Your Personality and Preferred Movie Genre Are Linked

In a study by study by Osgood et al. (2015), they found a direct link between people’s gender, their Big Five personality traits, and their preferred movie genres. According to their research, extroverts often gravitate towards comedies and romances, while agreeable individuals are more inclined towards documentaries. Those with a strong sense of conscientiousness tend to favor romance, and those who are highly open are likely to enjoy sci-fi. Interestingly, individuals with high neuroticism aren’t particularly fond of sci-fi films.

Not to get too nerdy here, but the findings of the aforementioned study have inspired us to create this Movie Genre Personality Test.

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