Quiz: What Lil Peep Song Am I? 2024 Updated

Hey, do you ask yourself, “What Lil Peep song am I?” Take this emo rap quiz to find out if you are Star Shopping, Benz Truck, Falling Down, or another Peep song.

What Lil Peep Song Am I

Lil Peep Song Quiz Explained

It’s a 20-question personality test inspired by Gustav Elijah’s (Lil Peep) songs with the goal of matching your character to his lyrics.

The quiz follows the same theme as the late SoundCloud rapper’s music: Depression, anxiety, loneliness, and even relationship struggles.

You are matched with a song that describes the type of person you are deep inside.


Lil Peep Songs Listeners
Star Shopping 339,991
Falling Down 326,014
Save That Shit 294,450
Beamerboy 218,680
Benz Truck 212,148
Awful Things 192,512
Witchblades 179,070


Which Lil Peep Hit Carries Your Soul?

Fans want to know which song they are because Peep left a piece of his soul in every single one of them.

Gustav, the late Swedish-American rapper, singer, and songwriter, was known for his emotion-driven, relatable music and lyrics. So, fans asking things like, “Which Lil Peep song am I?” is more of a dive into the darker parts of their soul than anything solely done for fun.

Taking the quiz on this page gets you one step closer to rediscovering your emotional wounds, facing your sadness, and appreciating who you are through Lil Peep’s music.

Know You’re Song; Join the Cult

To know which Peep song you are is to join the cult.

The quiz is designed and curated by actual Lil Peep Cult members and fans from all around the world, continuing his legacy. So, the results are accurate, relatable, and, more importantly, respectful.

What Is the “What Lil Peep Song Am I Challenge” on TikTok?

In 2022, TikTok users posted videos with hashtags like #LilPeepSong, #PeepTok, and #PeepCult, sharing what song they are out of all the late rapper/singer’s hits.

The hashtags have millions of views, and fans still post their quiz results as a tribute to the beloved musician.

To join the challenge, first, you need to take the ‘Which Lil Peep Song Are You Quiz,’ then share a screenshot of the result with the song playing in the background.

Before the Lil Peep song challenge, another trend called “Which Lana Del Rey song are you?” was on every music lover’s For You Page.

Featured Albums in the Quiz

This Lil Peep song personality test features the best tracks from his studio albums, mixtapes, and EPs. Come Over When You’re Sober (1 & 2), Everybody’s Everything, Crybaby, and Hellboy, just to name a few.


If you’re dealing with depression or have suicidal thoughts, please call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988. And remember, Lil Peep said he makes music to save people’s lives.

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