Quiz: Which Phobia Do I Have? Find Your Fear 100% Accurately

This quiz will help you find out what phobia you may have. It analyzes you for Trypophobia, Claustrophobia, Acrophobia, and 6 other common phobias.

Which Phobia Do I Have

We are afraid of many things in the world, and the concept of fear is a riddle to humanity today. There is no logical explanation for what happens inside us that makes us fear things.

But with the studies and thanks to sciences, we have some idea about the reason behind our fear of ours. Some of them are called Phobia, the scientific name of our worries.

In this quiz, we are taking on your fear to see what you’re most afraid of or, to be more precise, which one you have.

Discovering Your Inner Fears

Fear is a complex thing. You could be afraid of an ant but not scared if a giant dragon comes your way. But one of the things that are so common in people is the fear of not knowing the threat or, putting it in a better way, Cosmic fear.

When you don’t know a thing and are alien to it, you could feel the worst fear you have ever experienced. That’s why many movies are even created in this genre when the protagonists don’t know what kind of scary thoughts is hunting them.

You can have a fear about anything. Many people have scary thoughts about various things, and you are most likely to belong in this category. But it should not always be about complicated stuff and doesn’t need to be significant.

Now, if you constantly ask yourself what my weird phobia is, you better stick with this quiz, and you’ll find out.

Determining Phobia

When the scary thoughts of something become constant, it is known as a phobia. It is a type of anxiety disorder (source). Like some people have a fear of heights, and they can’t stand being in a very tall building, and they get sick if they look down at the facility. There are some other common scary thoughts like Trypophobia or even claustrophobia.

Phobia is not just about fearing something; it’s about the unreasonable reaction you could have when you’re afraid of something. This reaction could be anything; you could even laugh about a phobia you have as a normal reaction.

There are some rare phobias that we’ll tell you about later on. But living in a society with lots of problems evolving around it could bring on some common phobias like anxiety, which are more common.

Some phobias can become a scary thought in us when we are a child. Some accidents are too hard to handle for a child, and that will become a constant phobia that will lead you to have a fear of something, even when you are an adult.

Genetic Reason

There are people with medical conditions that they can’t do anything about this. Some traumatic brain injuries are the kind that mostly has scary thoughts, and even though they are on medical treatment, they can’t seem to get over the phobias.

Phobias at higher levels could do some severe damage, like schizophrenia. This will lead people to have hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia. Healing this kind of mental illness cannot be done very quickly.

So you have to be careful about your phobias. You have to treat them very soon, consult with some experts in this field, get the medication you need, and put yourself through the journey to leave your phobias behind.

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