Quiz: Should I Text Him? Let’s Analyze 20 Factors to Find Out

You are confused and wondering, “should I text him?” Whether it’s your ex or the guy you just met, we have the answer. Take this expert-level quiz to find out.

Should I Text Him

Should I Text Him? (Quick Answer)

It depends. No one can tell you if it is right to send him a message. However, you should NOT do so if he is either toxic, manipulative, or abusive. Start or continue a text conversation when you are assured about the consequences.

Messaging and analyzing the other party’s replies is one way to find out if he likes you. But such purposes might not be healthy to fire up a convo. You always need to make sure that “communication” is the main goal, and he is also open to it.

Take a Quiz to Find Out

The test on this page answers questions like “should you text him right now?” We created a set of 20 questions that reveal if sending your crush, ex, or even boyfriend is a good idea or not. Here is what the questionary does for you:

  • Validating the reasons why you want to text him.
  • Estimating and analyzing things that could go wrong if you do so.
  • Offering the healthiest way of sending him a message.

Note: We designed the test for anyone interested in males. So, it is gender-neutral.

How to Make Sure if You Should Text Him

Trusting your gut is not usually the best texting advice. No matter what your purpose is, you do not want to ruin the results with a silly message. So, how can you make sure about the right time to touch the send button?

· The Easy Way

Trial-and-error is probably the simplest method to identify the best texting time or technique. But you know that it has its after-effects. You should be prepared for ignorance, being blocked, or even ghosted.

· The Hard Way

The complicated way to know if you should text him or not is by analyzing the situation. It is time- and energy-consuming. And you might never become 100% sure about the next move. However, it is also less risky and more reliable.

Taking our quiz is one way to evaluate the circumstances and decide accordingly.

Common Reasons Why People Ask, “Should I Text Him?”

It’s neither all about an ex nor a crush. People have different reasons to look for texting advice. Here are the four most universal causes that confuse individuals about sending a message.

1. Making the first move.

The generic question is, “Should I text him first?” It is usually difficult to figure out if you need to be the initial texter or wait.

2. Being excited about the first date.

What to do after the date? Should I send him a thank you message? Do I have to wait for him to do so? People often find it confusing what needs to be done during the early get-togethers.

3. Not knowing what to do after the first sex.

Getting intimate with someone you just met might result in complicacy. You might wonder, “Should I text him the next day?” Or “Should play it cool and move on as nothing has happened?”

4. Getting back to your ex.

People tend to do weird things after a breakup. They might send their ex a message while drunk or try to get back with them. So, for many, the big question is, “Is it okay if I text my ex-boyfriend?”

Sidenote: Our quiz covers all the above scenarios and has an answer for all.

When Is It Safe to Text Him?

There are moments where you do not need to overthink your move. Yes, messaging him CAN be safe and require no strategic conflict. Below you see examples of circumstances where written communication is a good idea.

None of You Wants to Play Games

Ignoring, ghosting, or leaving the other party on reading are all toxic behaviors. So, if your crush, boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend does such things, rethink your actions. However, if he takes your messages seriously (without playing games), texting could help both of you set things rolling—maybe again.

You Have Not Been in the Blue (Or Left on Reading)

“Being is the blue” is when you are the only texter, and his replies are as short as possible. If that is the case, it is best to avoid any further attempts because he is telling you that he is not interested in you. But if your crush, bf, or ex takes the time to write back detailed messages, you are good to go.

He Did Not Block You or threatened to Do So

This one might sound obvious. But some actually continue pushing a conversation even after they get blocked or banned. So, it is only safe to send him a text or SMS when you are assured he is into talking to you—or at least wants to hear you out.

How to Stop Overthinking Texting Him

Most of the time, the rush of emotions is not because of the message you are about to send. It is about you and how you feel about yourself. Sometimes, you overthink texting him because you are not confident about what you want to say or why you want to start a convo. So, clarifying your intentions would eventually stop the overthinking process.

Ask yourself the following questions before texting him:

  • Why do I want to talk to him?
  • What will I do if he does not reply?
  • Do I want him to prove a point to me?
  • Is he trying to avoid me?
  • Am I the only one who texts?
  • Am I used to his ignorance?

If you know the answer to the above questions, you are ready to send that message without the need for a “Should I Text Him Quiz.” But if you don’t, it is best to stop overthinking because texting is already not an option.

Take the Quiz: Be Your Own Relationship Expert

You are now ready to discover what the best move is. Your feelings and thoughts determine if you should text him or not. All you have to do is answer our questions. It takes less than five minutes of your time. But you are guaranteed to get a reliable and expert-level answer. (Let’s go!).

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