Should I Shave My Head? This Quiz Has 100% Honest Answer

Are you wondering, “should I shave my head?” Take this test to find out if you should get a buzz cut or not. Just answer 20 personality and lifestyle questions.

Should I Shave My Head

Should I Shave My Head? Take the Quiz to Find Out

We created a test based on things you should consider before buzzing your hair. The questions on this page help you get your head around the idea and make a better decision. If a question like should I shave my head is creeping around your head, you need this quiz.

It sounds like a straightforward question. But in reality, many people (especially women) regret their decision. Shaving your hair is a personal preference. But it affects your daily life. So, you might want to make sure buzzing it will only make you feel better. And that is why we think you need our quiz!

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The Quickest Way to Discover if You Should Have a Buzz Cut

Katrin Berndt, certified life & relationship coach, created a questionnaire for women who ask her should I shave my head. She buzzed her hair in 2019, documenting all the processes for her YouTube channel. But Katrin’s set of questions is now considered as one of the quickest ways to know if you should buzz your hair or not.

To use her method, read the following questions, and answer with yes or no.

  1. Do YOU want to shave your head?
  2. Do you have a clear reason why you should shave your head?
  3. Do you have an emotional bond to your hair?
  4. Do you usually struggle with regretting your bad decisions?
  5. Is styling your hair one of your priorities?
  6. Would you shave your hair if you were living on a stranded island?
  7. Would you feel bad about the possible negative comments of others?

If you answered 5 or more of the above questions with a YES, you should shave your head. If not, you might give yourself some time to figure out what you want to do.

Pros and Cons of Shaving Your Head (by Women Who Actually Has Done It)

Lots of people want to know the pros and cons of shaving your head as a woman. That is because our society imposes stricter stereotypical rules when it comes to femininity and beauty. So, women are likely to feel more stressed when doing outrageous things like getting a buzz cut.

That is why we looked into real-world cases of women who shaved their hair, seeking their views and pieces of advice. Below you find some of the advantages and disadvantages of going bald as a lady!

Pro: Less Time- and Money-Consuming Stuff

One of the undertreated positive sides of having a shaved head is having more time and money! According to people like Sorelle Amore, it reduces the time you need to get ready. Plus, it allows you to skip buying hair care products, saving a couple of bucks each month.

According to Statista, about 30% of the UK population claims to buy at least one hair care product in a month. So, the frequency of purchasing such stuff is high. And going bald would be a budget-friendly decision.

Con: It Takes too Long for It to Grow Back

Should I shave my head? Well, not if you are not a patient person. It is going to take a while for your hair to grow back. So, it is best to avoid a buzz cut if you do not like to live with a short haircut for a long time.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the average hair growth for women is ½ inch in 30 days. So, one year after shaving your head, you will only have 14.4 inches of hair.

Pro: It Reveals Your Real Features

Should I shave my hair? Yes, because it uncovers your iconic features. Whether it is your eyes, jawline, lips, neck, etc., going bald emphasizes your natural beauty.

Con: You Have Less Styling Options

Should I shave my head? Not if you are all about dressing your hair. Let’s face reality; there are not many hairstyles that you could try when you have a buzz cut. So, do not do it if you cannot let go of creative styles and all that.

Sorelle Amore on Why You Should Shave Your Hair

Sorelle is a YouTuber with almost a million subscribers. She is a traveler, photographer, and content creator who went bald back in 2016. In one of her videos about this experience, she explains why you should do it, too. Here are some of the highlights of her speech.

· Stop overthinking should I shave my head. Just do it.

The young YouTuber says, “if you are watching this video, it means you are already thinking about shaving your head. So, just do it.” Sorelle believes that is an empowering experience that anyone interested should have.

· It is refreshing and orgasmic!

“Showering, for example, is one of the greatest things you are going to experience,” says the brave YouTuber. “It feels so good. It is almost orgasmic!” she adds to her description of living without hair. And that is why Sorelle suggests you get a similar haircut—ASAP.

· It helps you stand out.

She also believes that you should not hesitate if this what makes you feel better about yourself. “You are going to stand out because there are not many bald women out there.” So, Sorelle wants you to stop overthinking things like should I shave my head and just do it to gain a unique appearance.

Zaity on Things You Should Know Before Getting a Buzz Cut

Here are some more tips by another well-known YouTuber and TV writer in case you cannot stop asking, “should I shave my head?”

· You have to cut your hair every couple of weeks.

Zaity says, “I did not know you should retouch your hair every couple of weeks.” She shaved her hair in 2018, creating a video series about the whole experience. It is good to learn how to retouch your head if you do not want to visit a barber every couple of weeks.

· No, you will not look like a boy.

What if I get misgendered after buzzing my hair? Should I shave my head despite how I might look like? Well, Zaity claims to have the same questions in mind before going for it. But in her video where she talks about the aftermath of her decision, she says, “No, you will not look like a boy because your femininity is not in your hair.”

· Yes, you might be upset right after you shaved your hair.

“I cried right after shaving my hair.” That is how Zaity describes her feelings immediately after the huge change she went through. But she also adds that you should let it sink in because it is normal to feel that way. It will eventually grow into self-love and a confidence boost if you give yourself enough time.

Final Thoughts; Read if You Are Still Like, “Should I Shave My Head?”

No matter what you do to your haircut and style, do not forget that it is your body, your life, and your decision. So, do not let others and their useless opinions hold you back from living out your dream life. Do what makes you feel better and change your appearance the way you want because hey, YOLO! (You only live once).

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