Quiz: Should I Cut My Hair Short? 100% Reliable

If you want to have a big hairstyle change and ask, “Should I cut my hair short?” this quiz analyzes your face shape, facial features, style, and body to help.

Should I Cut My Hair Short

Who Should Cut Their Hair Short?

If your face shape is oblong, heart, or oval, you should cut your hair short. The goal with feminine haircuts is to create an oval face shape. You should NOT cut your hair short if your face shape is diamond, round, or square.

Face Shape Best Cut
Oval Chin-length short
Oblong Shoulder-length or shorter
Heart Lob (straight with side flip)
Diamond Shoulder-length with bangs
Round Choppy and textured
Square Long and layered


Take a Quiz to Find Out if You Should Cut It Short

The age-old question of “What haircut should I get?” has always been one of our struggles. With all the technologies we have, it’s still one of the biggest challenges to decide if you should cut your hair short, let it grow like Rapunzel, or just shave it altogether. But the struggle is over!

The quiz on this page offers you 20 simple style questions to discover what cut suits you once and for all. It’s designed by experts with the principles and trends in mind. Most other online tests throw random results at you after asking irrelevant questions. But that’s not how we do it here.

Here’s what to know:

The test analyzes your facial features.

Finding the best haircut is complicated. You need to know your hair type and the visual weight of your facial features before making any decisions. The short or long hair quiz helps you figure out all those things without needing an expert. Your responses help us create your accurate profile and suggest the best hairstyles accordingly.

It compares the cut to your style.

You must think about your preferred style before even questioning, “Should I cut my hair short?” For example, getting a Bob doesn’t sound like a good idea if you like ponytails. The test includes questions about your current style and preferences to ensure you’d like the results.

It lets you see if the short haircut suits your lifestyle.

One of the underrated factors in choosing hairstyles is your daily life. For instance, a polished bob is an excellent choice for a single mom. But if you love working out and going to the gym, shoulder-length hair is probably a better idea—because you can tie it up, so it’s not all over your face.

The quiz helps you review your routine to ensure cutting your hair short won’t cause any unnecessary problems.

It allows you to choose your new haircut with no regrets.

Many people are like, “should I cut my hair short, or will I regret it?” But the quiz helps you get over your fears and decide with confidence. After a thorough analysis, you’re unlikely to regret your new hairstyle if you choose it.

Things to Ask Before, “Should I Cut My Hair Short?”

When it comes to things like what color you should dye your hair, there’s always a U-turn to return to your previous style. But things are different with getting a Bob cut or cutting your hair super-short.

So, here are a couple of crucial questions by Silvia Reis (AKA Ellebangs) to ask yourself before making up your mind. Silvia is a professional colorist and hairstylist with over 800K subscribers on YouTube.

–           How do I normally wear/style my hair?

Don’t assume that your preferences will automatically change after cutting your hair short. It’s best to pick a length that suits your current style and won’t force you to change it.

–           Can I predict what it will look like after the cut?

It’s good to use pins to create a fake short haircut look before actually getting it. This way, you know how a Bob—or other short cuts—would look on you.

–           How long do I spend styling my current hair?

Contrary to popular beliefs, a shorter hair doesn’t necessarily mean a shorter care and styling routine. So, if your only goal for cutting your hair short is to save some time, don’t. Reconsider your decision and go for it only if you think it’d make you feel better.

–           Is my hair texture good for a short cut?

Thick, dense, and curly hairs are easier to style when longer. So, you need to consider the texture before deciding the optimal length. A shorter cut might make it challenging to deal with your hair.

5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Shorter Haircut

There are five criteria to take into account before getting a Bob. Here’s what to know about each:

#1. Face Shape.

Of the six face shapes, oval, heart, and oblong suit a short haircut. Having a slimmer lower jaw is an optimal shape for Bobs, Pixies, and even Side-swept.

#2. Visual Wight of Facial Features.

The more prominent a facial feature is, the heavier its visual weight. So, if your eyes or nose are the focal points of your face, getting a chin-length cut can add to your beauty. However, if you’re more confident about the lower part of your face (lips and chin), a long haircut is a better idea.

#3. The shape of the Head.

High hairline and flat cranial top usually don’t suit shorter styles. But having a round head is the opposite. If you have a flat cranial and still want to cut your hair short, go with fluffer shapes.

#4. Hair Texture.

Type 1 (straight hair) has the best texture for a short haircut. However, Type 2 (wavy), 3 (curly), and 4 (coily) should be pickier about their cut.

#5. Body Type.

If you’re a short person, cutting your hair short can make you look taller. Plus, a petite body type often suits a Bob or Pixie. But the same thing cannot be said for thick, tall individuals.

The John Frieda Method: The Easiest Way to Decide if You Should Get a Bob

Measure the length between your ear and chin with a ruler in front of a mirror. If it’s less than 2.23 inches, a short haircut will look good on you. If it’s above 2.25 inches, you might want to keep your hair long.

The method was created by John Frieda, a British celebrity hairstylist and founder of hair salon and hair product businesses. Despite being a straightforward technique, many don’t agree with the mentioned measurements. However, it’s currently the fastest and simplest way of making up your mind about getting a Bob.

Want Something More Accurate? Take the Short or Long Hair Quiz

The anxiety that comes with getting a short haircut is often more than getting bangs or making smaller adjustments to your hair. That’s why you need a professional-level quiz capable of assessing your facial features, body, style, and preferences. Our test works like a world-class hairstylist to predict if sort hair would look good on you or you’re better off without it.

Just give it a try. You won’t regret it.

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