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How do you feel about the Plastics?
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    I have mixed feelings

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    I hate them

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    I found the ridiculous and miserable

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    I admire them


Question 1: How do you feel about the Plastics?

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This revamped Mean Girls Quiz reveals which character from the show you match in real life. Is it Cady, Janis, Regina, Karen, Gretchen, or someone else?

With Plastic Is Forever gracing the theaters, I felt the urge to dive back into my high school favorite. But this time, I decided to turn it into a fun game for all the Mean Girls—and mean boys—out there.

Introducing the Mean Girls Quiz, my little contribution to the beloved fandom that’s been cheering for this movie since 2004! Take this quiz to discover which Mean Girl vibes with you—and why. (It’s something I’ve personally pondered for ages.)

No need for long intros, let’s jump right in and explore how this quiz works.

TL;DR? Just hit the start button, answer fifteen questions, and unveil which North Shore High School student matches your style.

Mean Girls Quiz: A Collision of Two Generations

Back in 2004, when I first saw Mean Girls, I was just a curious 14-year-old checking out the lives of those high schoolers on screen. But now, watching it again through Tina Fey’s fresh perspective in Plastic Is Forever, I’m an adolescent trying to connect with the drama of today’s teens. And you know what? Both movies still hit the spot for me.

In this revamped Mean Girls Test, I take you on a similar journey inspired by both OG and modern versions of the North Shore girls and boys.

The quiz comprises 15 questions that try to figure out what kind of teen you are as a character in Mean Girls movies.

Whether you’re a Gen-Zer or a Millennial, you will find something relatable in this one. Promise. It’s the collision point for two generations.

How the Mean Girls Quiz Works

I’ve handpicked the top characters from both the 2004 and 2024 films. (And yeah, I intentionally left out the 2011 TV special because, let’s be real, it was the quirkiest thing ever.) But wait, there’s more! I’ve even gathered their MBTIs to give your results that extra polish. So, in a nutshell, you’re about to take a Mean Girls MBTI test.

Here’s a sample of my MBTI database. (It might help you find your perfect match sooner.)

Character MBTI
Cady Heron ISFJ
Regina George ESTJ
Janis ISFP
Aaron Samuels ISFP
Damian Hubbard ENFP


Some Mean Girls Characters That You Might Be

For me, Damian has always been a relatable figure. But sometimes, I wonder if he’s truly my kindred spirit or just my go-to comfort character. Now, let’s dive into your options: Cady, Janis, and (cue plot twist) Regina. Take a look at the descriptions below and see if you can spot which one resonates with you the most in real life.

Cady Heron

Beginning as a clumsy, shy, and introverted high schooler, Cady gradually uncovers a more ambitious side of herself as she tries to fit in with the Plastics. Despite this, she remains a kind-hearted girl who deeply cares about her loved ones and easily feels guilty for any trouble they face.

By the way, you should definitely take our other quiz called “Am I Mean?” (It would be a very thematic choice.)

Janis Ian

Janis is the epitome of an independent woman, fearless, bold, and unapologetically herself. She stands out from the crowd, refusing to conform to the pressures of peer influence that push girls to mimic the Plastics in behavior and appearance.

Regina George

Regina exudes confidence, allure, and a strong feminine energy. Yet, beneath her exterior lies a manipulative and controlling nature, often exploiting those close to her to fulfill her own desires. Despite her outward bravado, Regina harbors inner insecurities that drive her to adopt a harsh and sometimes cruel demeanor.

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Which Mean Girl Are You? Time to Find Out

Are you ready to meet your North Shore High School persona? I’ve got 15 questions for you that determine if you’re one of the Plastics or other students.

The Mean Girls Quiz will analyze you as a high school student and reveal if your personality matches that of Cady, Janis, Regina, Damian, Aaron, or other iconic characters from the franchise.

So… for the love of plastics! Let’s go.