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What is your zodiac sign?
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    Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn

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    Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius

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    Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces

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    Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius


Question 1: What is your zodiac sign?

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The Marauders Sun Moon Star Sign Quiz reveals your big three, aka rising signs or ascendants, as Lily, James, Remus, Peter, Sirius, and Severus.

The Big Three Quiz for Marauders Era

Comprised of 15 questions, the Marauders Sun, Star, and Moon Sign quiz is a Harry Potter Astrology Test. It determines your big three, also known as the ascendants, based on your persona compared to those of James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, Peter, and Severus.

I came up with the idea for this quiz the other day as I was mindlessly scrolling on TikTok. I constantly pumped into these videos of HP fans sharing their results from three different tests that seemingly revealed their zodiac profile as a Marauder. But why not combine all those quizzes into one? Yep, that’s what I did.

With the Marauders Astrology Quiz, you find out the following facts about your persona:

Your Marauder Sun Sign

A Sun Sign is the person’s essence or ego based on the position of the sun at the time of their birth. For instance, because of his loyalty, bravery, and fierce determination, Sirius Black’s Sun Sign is Aries. Take the test to see which Marauder’s ego matches yours.

Your Marauder Star Sign

Rising Star Sign exposes your outer demeanor, the impression you make on others. For example, Remus Lupin’s Star Sign was Virgo because he always seemed like a stoic and calm boy. By taking the test, you will find out your rising sign.

Your Marauder Moon Sign

In astrology, the Moon Sign represents your emotions and instincts. Take James Potter as an example. He was caring and deeply devoted to his loved ones, which signals a Moon Sign like Aries or Cancer.

The Actual Ascendants of the Marauders

Use the following table to understand the ascendants of the Marauders.

Marauder Sun Sign Star Sign Moon Sign
James Potter Aries Leo Sagittarius
Lily Evans Leo Scorpio Pisces
Severus Snape Capricorn Scorpio Cancer
Sirius Black Sagittarius Libra Aquarius
Remus Lupin Pisces Cancer Taurus
Peter Pettigrew Gemini Virgo Scorpio


What Is the Marauders Astrology Quiz on TikTok?

A new trend on TikTok involves Potterheads sharing their Sun, Moon, and Star Signs as Marauders Era characters. For this, they take three different tests—known as the big three—to create a profile of their ego, emotion, and expression.

The test on this page, the Marauders Sun Moon Star Sign Quiz, is the three-in-one version of this trend. Instead of taking separate quizzes, you can find all your ascendants in one place—and with high accuracy.

Discover All Your Signs in One Marauders Test

For those of you still wondering what your rising signs are as Marauders, I’ve got you! My personality quiz considers everything from your Harry Potter House to your zodiac sign to find the answer.

You can also try my other HP-devoted test called “Which Harry Potter Character Are You?” after this. It will help you better understand your Marauders Astrology Results.

Okay, Potterheads, are you ready to meet your rising sign? Let’s figure out which Marauder you are as a Sun, Moon, and Star Sign.


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