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What kind of TV shows do you often watch?
  • a

    Critically acclaimed shows

  • b

    I watch shows that my friends recommend

  • c

    Anything binge-worthy, I like mindless entertainment

  • d

    Trendy shows and buzzworthy series


Question 1: What kind of TV shows do you often watch?

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Do you have good or bad taste in TV? Take this television preference test to analyze your watch list with brutally honest results.

Analyze Your TV Preferences with a Quiz

The TV Show Taste Quiz is a 20-question preference analyzer that reveals if the content you consume is relatable, respectable, and cool.

The goal is to dig into what you’re likes and dislikes, so we can figure out what kind of vibe you give off and how other people might interpret your favorite shows.

If you’re unsure about the quality of your TV preferences, take this test. In just a few minutes, we’ll let you know how much pride you can take in your Netflix watch list.

Signs Your Taste in TV is Actually Great

Generally, you have good taste in TV if you try out new stuff, are open to criticism, can remain unbiased despite the social media hype, and have strong opinions about the shows you like. But here are all evident indicators of an elegant preference:

  • People ask for your recommendations. One obvious sign of having good taste in TV is getting lots of recommendation requests. If people want to watch what you watch, your taste is a-okay. 👌🏻
  • Your taste in TV is diverse. People with bad TV taste have a limited pool of choices. But if you can appreciate enjoyable shows with different genres, you’re a savvy TV lover.
  • You give unpopular shows a chance. You know you’ve got good taste when you’re not swayed by all the hype in the media. Classy people pick their favorite shows based on what they actually like instead of what everyone else is talking about.
  • You know exactly why you like a TV show. Having strong opinions and being confident in your taste is a good sign. It indicates that your entertainment preferences reflect their personality, and you’re not a casual normie.
  • You’re almost a TV historian. Knowing a lot about famous screenings, actors, and lore is a solid sign of good taste.
  • Your inner critique is objective. Being a non-biased audience is a prerequisite to having good TV preferences.

Does It Matter to Have Good Taste in TV?

Just like your taste in music, your TV preferences are personal and shouldn’t be judged by others. The only potential issue could arise in romantic relationships where both partners may have different viewing habits. But even in that case, those people can figure out ways to respect and appreciate each other’s taste with no emotional damage or unnecessary argument.

Quick Tip: Try out our compatibility test to see if your and your partner’s TV tastes match.

Find Out How Relatable Your TV Preferences Are

Are you ready for a TV-critique-level personality test? The following questions identify if your taste in television shows is good or bad by analyzing your choices and habits.

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Anyways, let’s analyze your taste in TV with 20 entertaining questions.