Could I Be a Model? This 100% Honest Quiz Reveals

Do you happen to ask, “Could I be a model?” Here’s a scout simulator that can predict your modeling career opportunities. Are you the next Gigi Hadid? Let’s find out.

Could I Be a Model

A Genuine Modeling Scout Simulator

A scout is a person who looks for talents. They are the most reliable person to answer questions like, could you be a model? So, we created a quiz to simulate their job. The goal is to see if a genuine modeling agent would sing you.

To do so, you have to provide us with honest information about your look, background, and modeling knowledge. (More on this below).

Quick note: The results are not tied to your attractiveness. If you wonder how good-looking you are, please, take our other quiz called am I Beautiful Test?

Find out if you have a model face.

Most prospect models want to know if their face fits the industry standards. The test analyzes your facial features to come up with a reliable answer to that. It categorizes your look into one of the following groups.

  • Strong face

Think of Natasha Poly, Lina Zhang, and Alla Kostromicheva. These are models with strong faces. You fit this category if you have a bold and sharp facial structure. Strong looks are popular in the fashion industry, and it is likely for such models to get signed.

  • Commercial face

A commercial look is a type of beauty that everyone understands. So, it is another word for popular faces. Having such an appearance means you could be an IG or freelance model. Commercial faces are also in demand in Asian countries—and they even get to do high-fashion shows.

Emily DiDonato, Elsa Hosk, and Ashley Graham are examples of such a look.

  • Strange face

Not everyone needs to have a pretty face to be a model. People like Kelly Mittendorf or Winnie Harlow have already proved that. Faces that we are not used to seeing in everyday life are in demand among all modeling agencies.

  • Babyface

Natalia Vodianova. Gemma Ward, Mika Schneider, Devon Aoki, and Lindsey Wixson. These are some examples of babyface models. You could be a successful model if you fit in this category—especially in Asian countries.

  • Classic face

The type of beauty that works in all eras and is ideal in most cultures is called classic. If your look has these features, and you wonder ‘Could I be a model?’ the answer is definitely YES.

See if your measurements fit the industry standards.

You cannot find a definite manuscript of the right modeling measurements. However, there are some standards in the fashion industry that might affect your modeling career. The quiz considers all those qualities to deliver the most accurate results possible—just like a genuine scout.

Understand what type of modeling suits your look.

Catwalk modeling is not your only career option. You can showcase your appearance and use your talents in similar areas, such as commercial acting or photoshoots for lifestyle prints. The question should not be limited to ‘Could I be a model?” You might also want to know what type of model you could be.

How Does the Modeling Quiz Simulate the Scouting Process?

The test has four primary stages of discovering prospect stars. We start by analyzing your look. Then continue to gather as much information as possible to come up with reliable results.

Here is what you need to know about this modeling agent simulation quiz.

Step #1: Inspecting your physical features.

During the first stage of the test, you need to answer questions about your face, type of your body, height, weight, and all that.

Every professional agent would tell you, “Modeling is not about being pretty or beautiful.” However, your appearance plays a significant role in your possible career. So, when you ask, “Could I be a model?” the first thing we want to know is how you look.

Step #2: Checking your background.

A professional modeling scout would want to know everything about your industry experiences. Even a friendly and amateur photoshoot matters. So, the second phase of the quiz will focus on how much you have been into actual modeling stuff.

Step #3: Discussing your goals and views.

It is important to know what you want out of this career. Lots of people enter the industry with wrong or unachievable goals. So, we want to make sure that is not the case with you. The test discusses your views and extracts your opinions about the fashion business as well.

Step #4: Deciding if you could be a model or not.

The last part of the quiz is where the magic happens. After analyzing all your responses, we answer your big question, “Could I be a model?” And you will receive a detailed result.

Things to Know Before Taking the Modeling Quiz

The premise of the test is to reveal if you will be a model or not. However, there are certain things we would like you to know before setting things off.

Industry standards are changing.

Here is what a professional scout says about the recent changes. “Modeling is always changing. It has been in this evolving process for the last 20 to 30 years. And it is finally getting where it is accepting of everyone. All heights, all sizes, all measurements, all looks, and all ages as well.”

If a regular person would ask, “Can I be a model?” a couple of years ago, the answer would most likely be no. However, in recent years, and with all the movements towards normalizing regular appearances, the chances of becoming a model are much higher.

Runway modeling is not the only opportunity you have.

Do not limit your dreams and goals to catwalks. The fashion industry is much larger. And there are other valuable opportunities for you as well. You may not be able to become a high-fashion model due to all the strict standards. But that does not mean you could not be a model!


Now, take the test and let us know what the results were like in the comments.

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