Attack on Titan Quiz. 15/20 Trivia Questions Challenge

If you are a super fan of trivia quizzes, this Attack on Titan Quiz will be challenging for you. Answer +15 questions and prove that you are a real fan of AOT.

Attack on Titan Quiz

What is Attack on Titan Quiz

This is no place for rookies. Only the true Attack on Titan lovers can pass these mighty titans. But before we get down to business, let us have a look at this beautiful masterpiece and take a trip into its fantastic world.

Introduction About AOT

Attack on Titan (AOT) is an Anime (Japanese animation), started in 2013. Despite the nasty comments of haters, probably fans of another anime, it became famous and popular sooner than expected worldwide. Soon, young teenagers from other countries knew anime because of Attack on Titan. At first, it seems like any other show, with a simple story. But trust me, Attack on Titan never stops to surprise you. This is something that all of the japan should be proud of.


As mentioned before, the story begins like most similar shows but so much more shocking. The first episode will ultimately convince you that this is different from any other series you have seen in your life.

For many years, titans were the greatest enemy of humanity. No one knew how they were made or where they came from. Then, humans created massive and tall walls to protect themselves and to survive. Since then, humans have lived peacefully within the walls, in different sections. But now, a titan has broken the barriers, and the lives of humans have changed once more. It’s all confusing at first, and it continues that way till the end. You can see how strange it is even in our Attack on Titan quiz.

In the beginning, the anime has three main characters. Eren, Armin and Mikasa. Three friends live happily in Shiganshina District, but their lives transform into pain and suffering in the blink of an eye. They will soon realize that they are fated to stay together and avenge the titans for their brutal crimes. If you want to know which character is close to your personality, we suggest taking the “Which Attack on Titan character are you” quiz.

Eren, who plays the most critical part in the story, now has even more reasons to hate the titans. So, he joins the army to kill these scary creatures. And, of course, his friends join him in this journey.

As we go forward, we meet other characters, and we find them all wonderful and full of mystery. Their arguments are as lovely as their friendships.

You will imagine the story continues this way. Just another war against monsters. Another boring show. But the story goes deeper and much more complicated. The friendships turn out to be betrayals. People show their true faces, and you will see that the true enemies are not the titans. They are much worse than that.

A new form of art

Sometimes, people don’t like anime because of its graphics and think it is made for children. But now, thanks to the incredible advancements in technology, they have fantastic quality, and Attack on Titan is not an exception. The level of detail is astonishing, especially in fight scenes. It might have some problems, but altogether, it is truly a piece of art among the new generation.


Fighting the devils is not the only aspect of this great work. It also shows the corruption of the government. Also, we can see the economic difference all over its world. (S) later, you will find that these are just lies. The real lies, however, began many years ago and have been kept hidden from the people.

You can see some people like priests. They believe that God created the walls to protect humans. But soon, you will realize that these are only distractions, fictions created by men to alter reality.

As I understood, people don’t show any interest in God. They seem to have no beliefs. Maybe the reason is no one encourages them to worship a specific god.

A perfect choice

At last, if you are looking for a perfect series, and you like violence and bloodshed mixed with love and drama, you should definitely consider Attack on Titan for your free time. If you have already seen this perfect masterpiece, let us see how much you know on Attack on Titan quiz. Don’t be afraid. These titans are harmless. Let’s go.

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