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A random stranger called your name. How do you react?
  • a

    I’d ignore them at all cost

  • b

    I’d smile and walk away

  • c

    I'd pretend to know them and keep the convo going

  • d

    I would ask them who they are right away


Question 1: A random stranger called your name. How do you react?

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Are you a Cowboy, Fairy, Angel, or Knight? Take this TikTok-trending CFAK Quiz to discover your true persona and archetype.

What Is the CFAK Quiz?

The CFAK Quiz is a two-question viral personality test that stands for Cowboy, Fairy, Angel, and Knight. The test operates on the concept of first-reaction categorization, indicating that your initial response to specific situations can unveil your personality type.

The original test’s questions are as follows:

  • Are you the type of person to read the manual before you use it?
  • What is your initial reaction if someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night?

If you answered yes to both questions, you’re a Knight. If you answered no to both questions, you’re a Fairy. If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, you’re an Angel. And if you answered no to the first question and yes to the second, you’re a Cowboy.

Type Question #1 Question #2
Fairy No No
Knight Yes Yes
Angel Yes No
Cowboy No Yes


How to Take the Cowboy Fairy Angel Knight Quiz?

On this page, you can take the reformed version of the CFAK Test. It has more questions, in-depth analyses, and higher match accuracy. However, for those of you looking to take the original quiz, you should head to Felecia Freely’s Substack page.

Note that Felecia’s test has no automated results. So, technically, you will need to figure out which persona you have based on the above table.

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Who Came Up with the Cowboy, Fairy, Angel, Knight Idea?

Felecia For The Win, also known as Felecia Freely, is the creator of the CFAK Quiz. As a psychology enthusiast, Felecia developed the test based on general knowledge about human reactions. She acknowledges that the test falls under the category of pseudo-psychology and suggests approaching it with a degree of caution.

What’s Up with the CFAK Personality Test on TikTok?

Felecia’s viral TikTok post has popularized the Cowboy Fairy Angel Knight Quiz, which has now become a trend. Users are sharing their personality types based on this minimalistic test, which uncovers their true nature in just two simple steps.

In the past, a similar test called the Soldier Poet or King Test experienced a similar fate, with TikTok users flooding the app with their results. However, the main distinction is that the CFAK Quiz requires much less time to complete. This may explain why it has garnered such rapid popularity and captured the hearts of Gen-Zers.

Try This CFAK Quiz (with a Twist)

Are you itching to share with your TikTok buddies whether you’re a Cowboy, a Fairy, a Knight, or an Angel? No worries, I’ve got your back.

With my detailed version of the CFAK Test, you will discover your archetype with a bit more accuracy, although it might not be as quick as Felecia’s test, TBH.

Also, before you dive in, make sure to check out Felecia’s social media accounts (@FeleciaFor TheWin) and join her newsletter for more of these fun goodies.

Alright, let’s unveil your mythical-ish self with a tad more than two personality questions.


Please note that while the CFAK Test takes inspiration from Felecia Freely’s work, it does not include any copyrighted materials, and all rights to the original questionnaire are solely reserved for her.