Am I Autistic? This 100% Reliable Quiz Helps You Find Out

Are you worried about your kid being an autistic individual, or do you ask, Am I Autistic? This 100% reliable autism test helps you find an academic answer.

Am I Autistic

Mom, Dad, Am I Autistic?

People with ASD need support. It’s vital to identify them and provide them with the help they need. The Am I Autistic quiz contains questions about your child—from their perspective. So, you’ll be answering questions as if your kid is asking them. For instance, one question might be, “Do I have many friends?”

That’s why it’s called the “Am I Autistic Test.”

Everything You Should Know About the Test

Taking a test to diagnose ASD is the first step. No online quiz can provide you with accurate results. However, a reliable questionary gives you a rough idea of what you’re facing.

Here are the three things to have in mind before going through an online examination.

1. It’s Designed for Parents, But Anyone Can Take It

Experts suggest that the best diagnosis is the one that is based on observation. That’s why parents are the most reliable recourses to gather information. If they feel something is wrong with their children, then further investigation is necessary. That’s why the Autism Spectrum Test focuses on parents.

However, adults who doubt they might have ASD can also take it. The questions are first-person. So, you can either answer them about yourself or your kid.

2. The Questions Are Based on DSM-5 Instructions

DSM-5 is like the bible in psychology. Most countries use it as the primary resource to diagnose mental illnesses and disorders. QuizExpo’s Autism Identifier Test is according to the DSM-5 book.

All the questions are asked after reviewing the symptoms and criteria that the book describes. So, you can be sure that there are no irrelevant or myth-based queries included in the quiz.

Plus, the questions are ASD-friendly. That is, they don’t include any sensitive or offensive subjects. Unlike some other online tests, QuizExpo’s examination doesn’t contain any unfeeling clinical terms to describe or label people with this disorder. (See below for more information).

3. The Results Are Honest

The only accurate diagnosis is the one issued by a trained medic. So, no online autism test results in a precise analysis. However, the QuizExpo quiz provides you with the most truthful results. It would not label you as an autistic or non-autistic person. But it will provide you with scientific data on where you stand on the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The results also contain useful information about what to do next. For instance, if you or your child is likely to have ASD, you’ll get a list of the organizations that can help you.

4. No Personal Information Is Required to Take the Quiz

Unlike other tests, QuizExpo is not asking for your name, email address, or any other type of personal information. Plus, the results are private, and only you can see them. However, you have the option to share them with others.

Note: We do NOT store your data.

How Does the Am I Autistic Quiz Work?

The Autism Spectrum Disorder test works according to the DSM-5 description. The book says five categories should be examined when diagnosing someone with such a condition. The questions expose you or your kid’s behavior in four of the five categories. The fifth category is best to be inspected in a clinical environment. That’s why the test includes only four criteria.

Below you can find out how each category affects the Am I Autistic quiz results.

Category A: Social Behaviors & Non-Verbal Clues

Being socially awkward doesn’t mean someone has ASD. However, according to the DSM-5 instructions, people with the such disorder find it hard to interact with others socially. So, they might struggle to make new friends or sustain friendships.

Some of the queries in the QuizExpo assessment focus on social behaviors.

If you’re taking this quiz as a parent, make sure to observe your child’s everyday actions. If possible, observe them playing with other kids. Let them interact with others (e.g., your relatives or teachers). And inspect how they relate to others.

Non-verbal clues matter when diagnosing someone with autism. So, some of the questions expose how you or your child deal with them. For instance, it might be difficult for your kid to use facial expressions correctly. Some patients might laugh when they’re nervous or smile when hearing something sad. Moreover, they cannot easily read others’ body language or non-verbal signals.

Category B: Obsessions & Sensitivity Level

People with ASD vary when it comes to obsession or sensitivity level. Some obsess over a particular subject for the rest of their life. Some others change the topics that interest them. And others never obsess over anything at all.

The same is true about the sensitivity levels. So, there is no particular line to categorize patients. However, the Am I Autistic quiz questions reveal where you land on the spectrum.

Category C: The Origin of the Symptoms

You cannot acquire the symptoms and become autistic. The signs should root in your childhood. So, losing the ability to communicate with others due to an accident won’t make you Autistic. However, there’s a chance you encounter the indications when you’re an adult. Some ASD patients’ parents ignore the warning signs. And the disorder remains quiet until a trauma occurs or life’s conditions suddenly change.

So, some questions try to find out the roots of the symptoms.

Category D: The Effect of the Symptoms

The last category includes questions about you or your child’s daily life. Are the symptoms stopping you from finding a job? Is your child unable to make new friends and spend time with others? Et cetera.

The DSM-5 instructions claim that you cannot diagnose someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder unless the symptoms affect their life badly. So, if you live your daily life, you don’t struggle with social norms, and no one finds you different; you’re not autistic.

So, several questions focus on revealing the possible effects of ASD signs on your life.

Other Ways to Get a Diagnosis

Taking an Am I Autistic quiz is not the only way to get a diagnosis. Below, you can find four different ways to get a professional in the US to make a diagnosis for you or your child.

· Medical Diagnosis

You can ask a developmental pediatrician to observe your child’s behavior to develop an accurate analysis.

· DSM-5 Categories

You can read the five categories of autism diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition. If you or your kid match most of the book’s descriptions, then it’s a good idea to consult a trained medic.

· School Evaluation

In the US, you can ask for an evaluation by asking your child’s school’s officials. They will ask for your official permission to start the assessment process. If you disagree with the results, you can ask for an independent evaluation procedure.

Avoid These 4 Mistakes After Taking the Am I Autistic Quiz

Do not Panic

ASD is a controllable disorder. Don’t panic if the results claim you or someone you love might have autism. All you have to do is to consult an expert and ask for their help. You can easily continue your everyday life even if diagnosed with such a disorder.

Do not Assume the Results to be Accurate

An Am I Autistic quiz is not accurate. The results are meant to analyze the possibilities.

Do not Hide the Results

It’s not a good idea to ignore the possibility of having ASD. That’s because the earlier you start the treatment, the better results you get. So, do not hide the outcomes of the examinations.

Do not Restrict Your Social Life

There’s nothing wrong with people who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. So, don’t lock yourself in. You can learn how to interact with others and have an everyday life like everybody else. Don’t be afraid of who you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the female autism test different?

No, it’s no different. While ASD is four times more often in boys, the symptoms are similar in both genders. So, the

Am I autistic or just shy?

Not having proper social skills doesn’t make you an autistic person. So, make sure to take the test to find out if you’re shy or autistic.

Does the result show where I land on the autism spectrum?

Yes, the QuizExpo quiz provides results that predict your possible position in the spectrum.

Can the test show the possibility of borderline autism in adults?

No, it cannot. Only a doctor/psychologist can make a diagnosis when it comes to borderline ASD in adults.


QuizExpo strictly suggests consulting a professional medic if you’re likely to have a mental disorder. The questions and results in this quiz are not meant to be used as a diagnosis. And the goal is to offer a rough idea of the possibilities. Please contact us if you find any questions or results to be sensitive, offensive, or unpleasant.

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