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It’s Friday night. What’s the plan? 5

  • Eat, relax, sleep.

  • Binge-watching.

  • Binge-eating, drinking, or clubbing.

  • No plans.


Question: It’s Friday night. What’s the plan?

Quiz: Quiz: Are You a Princess, Slut, or Loser? 100% Fun

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Is the ‘Princess, Slut, Loser’ challenge all over your FYP? See which one you are with this brutal quiz.

The Princess, Slut, Loser Challenge Except We’re Brutal

Made up of twenty controversial questions, the Princess Slut Loser Quiz is a personality analyzer. It exposes if you’re a lovely duchess, a mean beeotch, or a miserable failure.

Persona Feature Stereotype
Princess Overly nice Karen
Slut Overly naughty Stacy
Loser Overly Moody Becky


Currently trending on TikTok, the Princess, Slut, Loser Test is similar to the Soldier, Poet King Quiz. But it’s way more brutal. You’re guaranteed to face your cringe, extra, and lame sides no matter what.

BTW, if you’re into weird TikTok-trend quizzes, try Breeding Difficulty Test. (It determines if you’re a gold-digger-ish slut, a pick-me-up freak, or a fake hard-to-get.)

Are You the Cutie, the Baddie, or the Nonentity?

The big question on the quiz is, “What are you? The princess, the slut, or the loser?”

Not sure what they mean? Here’s a guide:

  • The Princess is the low-key pick-me with an “I’m nice” attitude.
  • The Slut is the extra beeotch with a tendency to stick their tongue out—especially when there’s a camera around.
  • The Loser is the always-depressed, moody friend who ends every text with LOL, no matter the topic. (This particular beeotch tends to overthink “Am I a loser?” all the time.)

What’s the Deal with TikTok’s “Princess, Slut, Loser” Thing?

TikTok’s Princess Slut Loser challenge started around December 2022, when a Twitter user (Twink Enjoyers Anonymous) tweeted that “The three genders are literally princess, slut, loser.

The tweet sparked a movement on social media, with others posting images of pop culture characters that match the description.

Soon after the trend, TikTokers started posting their own images—mixed with Baby Tate’s “Hey, Mickey!”—to prove that “the three genders” idea checks out. And that’s also how the Princess Slut Loser Quiz became a thing.

There’s a Catch: You Might be a Normie!

The rules are simple: Play the nice beeotch on this quiz, and get sorted as a normie. If you don’t want that to happen, be yourself. Let the princess, slut, or loser in you speak up. And don’t go for the common-sense answers—unless you’re actually a boring normie.

Ready to Become a Certified Princess, Slut, or Loser?

The time has come. With the following questions, you get to find out which of the “three genders” is dominant in you; is it the princess, the slut, or the loser?

Let’s expose the true [b-word] in you. 👄💄



The Princess Slut Loser Quiz is just an entertaining personality test. It’s not meant to label or shame the participants. So, please, take the results lightly.